Birthing Preference Plans


Birthing preference plans…your way. It’s about a healthy baby…and a healthy YOU!

Here at Bethany Physical Therapy, we understand that it is more than just having a healthy baby with your delivery. You want a good experience and a plan that will focus on your body during pregnancy, delivery, and beyond. We want to help you get your body back. Birthing preference plans are designed by our pelvic floor physical therapist. She is one of the 150 Nationally Certified Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioners and will give you a detailed preference plan that your Doula, Midwife, and Ob/gyn can utilize to give you the most successful and positive delivery experience.
Pregnancy Birthing PositionsBirthing Preference Plans are perfect for:

  • First time moms
  • Moms looking to have a successful vaginal birth after cesarean
  • Moms looking to avoid re-injury to the pelvic floor
  • Moms living with a current diagnosis of pelvic floor dysfunction, low back pain, or other musculoskeletal issues

Your plan will include:

  • A thorough understanding of how to protect any injuries or painful areas of your body (low back, tailbone, shoulder, etc.) during labor and delivery
  • Knowledge of successful laboring/pushing techniques that protect the pelvic floor muscles
  • Confidence in your laboring confidant’s coaching skills
  • Comprehensive communication of your preference plan to your medical team so that you can reference it during your delivery
  • A detailed understanding of your pelvic floor’s most relaxed positions to decrease your chance of complications postpartum. We utilize biofeedback to tell you the lowest resting tone of your muscles to promote a more successful delivery – individualized to you.

Your Comprehensive Birthing Plan Includes:

  • 3 separate 60 minute visits with one of our birthing plan specialists to establish your birthing preference plan and determine your optimal positions to increase a successful and natural delivery

Meet our specialists:

Stephanie Hartman
Physical Therapist

Stephanie focuses on individualized care for every patient, making sure to factor in the complex and unique needs of everyday life that differ from person to person. Stephanie has a passion for both learning and educating and is currently pursuing further certification and specialization in both manual therapy and women’s health.

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