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Your New VIRTUAL Fitness Program

Are you constantly reaggravating old aches and pains when you try to workout? Do you get a couple weeks into a workout program and lose momentum or feel you aren’t getting very much out of it? Do you feel like you never know what you should do for exercise and how to progress to get stronger and more FIT?

Your own Bethany physical therapists are here to create a workout routine specific to your exact goals and needs. Each month you stay in the PT FIT program you will be given a FULL hour to consult in person or via video with one of our PT’s to adjust your program, check your movement patterns, and ensure your exercise routine is safe and effective for you!! Additionally, you will receive weekly accountability emails (and unlimited email access throughout the month for Q&A) from our PT’s to make sure you are on track.

Your consultation will be performed via phone or video conference, and will include:

  • 1 hour with a licensed physical therapist
  • Outline of goals and preferred activities
  • Review of any past injury history
  • Assessment of current available equipment
  • Review of previous exercise history
  • Creation of the perfect monthly exercise routine
  • Unlimited email access to your physical therapist

Pricing: $250 for the first month and $100/mo. after.*

*prices go up to $300 for the first month and $150/mo. starting July 1, 2020.

If you want help formulating an exercise plan that won’t cause increased aches and pains, will help you get stronger in your specific areas of weakness, and allow you to meet your FITness goals please fill out the survey below to give us specific information about you so we can help you move forward on your FITness journey.

PT FIT Client Testimonials

“I have just finished my first month of PT FIT using only the workout equipment provided in the Bethany PT exercise box. In the past, I have had many injuries and weak links that have not allowed me to successfully get through a workout program without setbacks.

Exercise classes, pilates, yoga, and barre classes were never specific enough to my needs due to my past injuries and medical complexities. With PT FIT I have just had the best month of pain free working out in my life! I knew PT was always a good option for me but whenever I discharged after getting fixed up I was never able to maintain my progress. With PT FIT the personalization and weekly check ins have allowed me to continue to progress and modify any problem areas on a frequent enough basis to keep me on track. I am hopeful for the first time in a long time that I will be able to continue making progress and physical fitness growth!!! Thanks Bethany PT and PT FIT!!!!”

“I am two weeks into my PT FIT monthly workout routine which I signed up for due to my gym being closed and it has been amazing! I like to have a variety of exercise that includes machines and weightlifting in my exercise routine. I had basically accepted that I wouldn’t be able to get nearly this good of a workout without being able to go to the gym since I don’t have any expensive or heavy workout equipment at home. But two weeks into this PT FIT program I can tell you without a doubt I have been able to get more of a workout than I ever was able to get at the gym!!

I am so excited to stick with this program and integrate the PT FIT expertise into my workouts when I can go back to the gym! If they can create this great of a home workout routine with minimal equipment, I can’t wait to see what they put together with a full gym at their disposal. Thanks Bethany PT!!”

“I have just started my first month of PT FIT and I can tell already the guidance they provide is going to be what I need to keep me fit and healthy!!!

The hour consultation I received right away was so in depth and detailed it made me feel very confident that no matter what I was going to be able to find a way to have a perfect workout routine! I know there is always ups and downs with motivation for working out for me personally and I am excited to have the weekly accountability calls/emails PT FIT provides to keep me on track with my fitness goals!!!”