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  1. In the last three years I’ve been in the need of therapy twice, one for major surgery on my left shoulder. On both occasions I have had the good fortune to be involved with therapists at Therapeutic Associates. They have been very good at listening, explaining what needs to be done in the near term and long term, and getting into the anatomy in question, which I really enjoyed doing. It is important to stress that the therapist can’t do it all; you have to do your “homework.” I still incorporate some of their stretching and strengthening exercises into my daily routine. It’s a tribute to them. Don’t get me wrong, we did have a lot of laughs along the way.
    I also have to salute the front desk. They do everything with a smile, yes, you can tell under the masks! They are efficient and always willing to help you when needed.
    In short, in the end you will walk out your therapy having accomplished a great deal in moving forward.

  2. I’ve had physical therapy at Bethany Therapeutic Associates for different problems and with different therapists over the past 3 years and have been very satisfied with the treatments and their outcomes. The friendly staff at the front desk was easily contacted, and made it easy to set up appointments and verify insurance. They were always happy to answer questions. The therapists were very personable, listened to me carefully, and tailored the exercises to my progress and abilities as the visits continued. After going over each exercise with me, I was provided with a printed sheet showing images, details, and frequency. I also had access to videos showing individual exercises. My most recent therapist was Connor, with whom I had one in-person visit and the rest virtual. All of them were excellent sessions, moving me toward a successful conclusion, which includes continuing exercises to maintain flexibility and muscle strength.

  3. So very grateful for the wonderful expertise and care I experienced from working with Laura for an agonizing lower back condition. I had been suffering for about 3 months before beginning my therapy sessions. There was a point at which I did not know if life would ever be pain free again as my symptoms were so severely entrenched. Laura provided the guidance I needed always with patience and kindness while assuring me that I would recover. I held onto that hope while diligently following thru with the exercises she provided and sure enough I am today happily on my way toward full healing. Thank you so very much for providing a life line to me and for such a positive and uplifting experience in your clinic. Eternally grateful.

  4. I’m in my late 30’s and have had physical therapy about 4 different times in my life for differing ailments (shoulder pre and post surgery, plantar fasciitis, and now post ankle surgery), each time going to different companies and therapists.

    My foot surgeon recommended these folks at Bethany and I’m so glad he did!
    Everyone here is just wonderful! The front desk, especially Amanda, is so friendly and welcoming and always seems happy to see me. The assistant crew are also so pleasant and helpful with my exercises. They also have a cool app to tell you your exercise program rather than a print out – which they also have you want that too. 🙂

    My therapist Connor is just outstanding. I started PT with him apprehensively in general due to being soon out of surgery and also worried that I would be embarrassed about my ‘normal’ level of fitness and activity – which has been very low. I was honest about this with him during my eval which helped us understand each other and our mutual goals. Throughout working with him for the past few months, he has quickly become one of my favorite people I’ve ever worked with. He is kind, funny, joyful, and so good at what he does. We are always on the same page when it comes to the treatment plan for the day and he pushes me in a caring way to do better, and in a way that doesn’t make me feel shameful.

    TAI is lucky to have Connor and this crew at Bethany and I am lucky in return to have them as my therapy team.

  5. I have received physical therapy at the Bethany Therapeutic Associates facility for two separate issues within the past year. Therefore, I’ve spent many hours at this location. I have been extremely pleased with the care I’ve received and the overall experience on both occasions. The employees at Bethany Therapeutic Associates are extremely professional, knowledgeable and very kind. Everyone, including the Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Aides and the front desk staff made me feel very welcome and cared for. Each and every time I arrived, I was greeted by name with a warm smile and good conversation. The staff treated me like family and I observed them doing this with their other clients as well.
    I was treated by several Physical Therapists during my visits but mostly worked with Stephanie Spindler. Stephanie is amazing! When I began therapy for the second issue, my husband had recently been diagnosed with cancer and I was struggling both physically and emotionally. The PT services that Stephanie provided were wonderful. Stephanie always listened to my thoughts, concerns and questions and adjusted my care as needed. Her services were extremely helpful and ultimately led to resolving my physical issues. Stephanie also offered emotional support and compassion which I truly appreciated. I learned that she has treated many men with the same cancer diagnosis as my husbands. Stephanie provided me with a great deal of information and even shared studies that offer useful information to consider when dealing with this type of cancer. I looked forward to my visits with Stephanie as she always treated me with kindness while helping me improve my overall health. I will definitely choose Stephanie for any personal PT needs in the future and recommend her to my family and friends.
    I also worked closely with several Physical Therapist Aides including Sean, Daniel and Amanda. They too were amazing. They were very professional and also gave that warm and welcoming vibe. And, after learning of my husband’s diagnosis, they always took a moment to ask about him and how he was doing. This really meant a lot to me.
    In closing, the services provided by Stephanie Spindler and the rest of the staff at Bethany Therapeutic Associates is exceptional! They go above and beyond and I would highly recommend them.

  6. A handful of years ago I had three babies at once. I’d figured I sacrificed my body for something greater. Staying as fit as I could, I knew I’d entered into a new territory as a mother of three; no abs, some hip issues, etc. Chloe crushed that entire mindset. She taught me how to conquer any challenges my body might have. She’s corrected my posture, terminated my hip pain, and taught me brilliant core exercises that I use daily. I now enter back into the world healthier than before having babies. Confident and excited for my fit future!!! THANK YOU CHLOE!!!

  7. Stephanie was absolutely the best. She was professional, disarming, and very informative. All of the staff has been friendly and helpful. Awesome place.

  8. Following my reverse shoulder replacement surgery, a procedure and recovery period that was lengthier and more challenging than standard shoulder replacement surgery, I went to Therapeutic Associates’ Bethany facility for therapy. My main therapist was Stephanie and she was incredible; however, I also had a few sessions with Rebecca and Connor and worked with assistants Shawn and Daniel – – the entire TA-Bethany team was great! As my primary therapist, Stephanie was all I could have hoped for in terms of being thoroughly invested in helping me achieve an optimal outcome, and I would recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation to anyone requiring physical therapy. In addition to having outstanding educational credentials and expertise, Stephanie is a “hoot” to work with!

  9. I have been to Therapeutic Associates Bethany for a few different challenges, with wonderful experiences each time. I worked with Jessica and Stephanie on prenatal lower back/sciatic pain as well as preparing a plan for natural childbirth. Then I came back postpartum for recovery from both a diastasis symphysis pubis and diastasis recti.

    They helped me be successful in my prenatal journey, then helped me get back on my feet after. Within just a few short months, I am now back to a normal level of physical fitness for my active lifestyle. I highly recommend them for anything related to pelvic floor health!

  10. Everyone in your office shows kindness and compassion from walking into the office to walking out. Great team!

  11. My primary physician recommended physical therapy for my pelvic floor related to some incontinence I had been experiencing. I had gone to PT at another Therapeutic Associates location and had great results but they did not treat for my issue but recommended Bethany. Not many P.T.’s are trained in pelvic floor work but Jessica and Carol have been great. The results of the work they have done not only treated my incontinence issue but addressed how it was connected to stomach pain issues. But most of all, their treatment has given me back my ability to enjoy pain free intimacy with my spouse. I never thought I could experience that joy again. Gynecologists would just tell us that “it’s all age related” followed by a prescription for HRT. Well, I didn’t want to go that direction for many reasons. I was left with little direction until Jessica and Carol started treating me. I (we) really can’t express my (our) gratitude enough. So many , too many, years of pain has ended.

    Just a reminder, I started PT for incontinence but came out a triple winner; rare stomach pain, no incontinence, pain free intimacy.

    Now, it is important to remember that we are a team working together. I back-slid on some of my exercises and some symptoms “somewhat” returned. NEVER again. I have to continue to diligently do my part in order for this team to be successful, and I will. Jessica and Carol have worked tirelessly putting my plan together and I’m grateful. Thank you so much.

  12. I adore this clinic and all of the personnel! I have been through extensive treatments for pelvic floor, IT, plantar, spine stabilization, and lots of other drama over the last few years. This round, I spent months reworking movement patterns with Michael starting in October 2015 to correct some anterior tilt. He was patient, kind, encouraging, creative, and extremely knowledgable. He was always willing to “negotiate” the activities I wanted to do with where I was in the rehab process and tailor the PT exercises to suit me and my real life. He never shamed me when I wasn’t 100% compliant, just encouraged me to keep at it.

    I was in a fairly serious auto accident in May 2016, and I truly believe if I hadn’t had my experience with Michael, I would be in tremendous pain and still dealing with immobility today. I hope, in the best way, that I don’t need to see Michael again soon, but I know I have a team with a great leader if something should happen. Thanks to Arie for always taking good care of me and having such a tender, genuine concern for all TAI patients!!

  13. Therapeutic Associates Bethany Physical Therapy was recommended to me as an option to address some dyspareunia, or pelvic pain, I was experiencing. The pain began after the birth of my first child, and I foolishly believed that after the birth of my second child, the issue would resolve itself. I finally, and reluctantly, decided to give physical therapy a try after a couple years of pain.

    Four sessions later, I have honestly had an incredible experience with Jessica and her team. The drastic improvement in my symptoms has substantially improved my quality of life. Through my experience, I’ve also become more informed and better equipped with skills to address my symptoms, and even to prevent a relapse in the future with the birth of successive children. I cannot compliment enough Jessica’s expertise, character, or the value of the therapy she has provided me.

    – Trisha

  14. If you can forgive the lack of a picture (I’m not very photogenic), I’d like to give a glowing review of my experience with Rebecca Franceschi. I’ve had positive experiences with several physical therapists in my life, but I can’t think of any that exceed Rebecca in intelligence, motivation, effectiveness, and knowledge. She took me from not being able to walk 40 steps without pain to walking over 4 miles pain free in less than 3 months. At the beginning, I feared that I would end up needing at least cortisone shots in my spine or maybe even surgery; but it seems that I’ve gotten lucky (again) and been rescued from disability with only stretching and core strengthening. Thanks Rebecca!

  15. Had a wonderful experience with Rebecca last summer and this past January. Started experiencing sciatica pain last spring, which she helped me manage with customized PT last summer. Then, when I underwent surgery to resolve the disc issues underlying that pain, she put together a personalized long-term plan for me, which I followed through with upon returning to the East Coast for school. Free access to facility’s gym when taking PT also helped me a lot to stay on track. Great PT and individual attention to each person’s situation.

  16. My Wife has been recovering for several months after several operations and 5 months in the ICU. Upon discharge from the Hospital the Doctor insisted we find physical therapy services to aide in her recovery. Initially we needed weekly PT services for 12 weeks, 3 times per week. The Staff at Bethany Physical Therapy took time to understand our needs and met them completely in a professional manner. The first day, my wife was so weak I had to carry her in my arms into the studio. After intensive physical therapy coupled with weekly massage (provided by another business), my wife has now left her wheelchair and walker behind and is walking free. These results speak for themselves. I would recommend the physical therapy services at Bethany Physical Therapy (Anna, Kim, Jason, and Kyle I am talking to You) without hesitation.

    – John S.

  17. This clinic has saved my life. Literally! I was dealing with post-pregnancy issues that were extremely painful (anal fissure, long history of vaginal pain, pelvic floor spasms). I had to get surgery for some of these issues and the surgery only made my situation a million times worse. Second and third opinions from doctors were all futile, since they all suggested repeating the surgery!! That’s when I thought of trying physical therapy — even though none of the doctors ever suggested it (probably unconventional to get physical therapy for the kind of problem I had).

    Jessica Dorrington is a miracle worker! She took such a caring and thoughtful and patient approach, that I started feeling better in a few weeks. I had suffered excruciating pain on a daily basis for more than a year. After just a few weeks with them, I felt such a significant improvement. I was going in thrice a week, and sometimes when I couldn’t squeeze in a third appointment, Jess would come in at 5:30 am (a half hour before the clinic opens) just so I could get in for the third appointment in that week– that’s how much she cared! Not only did she physically help me, she is a great listener, and that was a big part of the therapy I needed.

    Since then, I have seen other therapists here (Rebecca, Katie, Caitlin) for neck issues and also got in my mom-in-law who was visiting from India and got a painful tennis elbow. They were always quick to accommodate us and very helpful and patient.

    And yeah, the front desk staff is the best I have ever come across. They are always smiling, always remember you by name, and always do the best they can to fit in appointments into your schedule. One of the best clinical experiences of my life!!

    – Nidhi

  18. I went to Therapeutic Associates, Bethany PT for a knee injury. I saw Jason, Michael, and Caitlin. They were very helpful in treating my knee injury by showing me various exercises to strengthen my knee and all of the leg muscles that support the knee. They had me do many of the exercises at the clinic and gave me helpful handouts to take home which showed me how to do the exercises both at home and at my gym. They gave me plenty of helpful advice. They are very polite and the entire staff is very polite and helpful as well. They have a very good front office coordinator, Kimberly, who is very kind and very good at managing any concerns a patient may have while they visit Bethany Physical Therapy. The clinic has different types of exercise equipment and physical therapy tools that you can purchase if the staff thinks you may need them. The clinic is clean and nicely decorated. The clinic offers coffee, tea, and water if a patient prefers any of these. The clinic has an informative website a patient can log onto, which keeps previous and current patients up-to-date with tips and other information to assist patients with their PT needs.

    An additional benefit to visiting Bethany PT is its location. There are a variety of small stores and businesses, restaurants, a grocery store, a drugstore, and a small Washington County Public Library all within walking distance of the clinic if you want to use them. This is an excellent PT clinic to visit if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded living and traffic and have your PT needs met within a quaint and peaceful, family-like atmosphere.

    – Josephine H.

  19. I was rear-ended in a car accident. There was a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. Therapeutic Associates in Bethany took great care to find and fix my problem areas. Jason is the best! He showed me so many exercises that help me even now. The people here are motivated to help you get well. Friendly and caring. I’ve used this location for a different problem before, and was more than happy to choose them again!

    Thank you Jason and all!

    Lou Ann Parrott

  20. Jason is awesome! I came in for an Achilles’ tendon injury and was encouraged by this wonderful, kind-hearted, energetic young man who always had a smile on his face. Jason’s enthusiasm to help people heal helped me push through the pain to a point where I can do my exercises routinely without discomfort. I am eternally grateful to you Jason, and to everyone at Therapeutic Associates PT for my care.


  21. I am an avid long-distance runner. After running the Portland Marathon, I had awful knee pain that no amount of rest solved. My quality of life suffered greatly, because running is such a large part of who I am. Jason was a great physical therapist. He listened to what I wanted and gave me exercises specifically for my challenge. He also made me feel comfortable doing some awkward/embarrassing exercises. After seeing him I have been consistently running over 30 miles a week with no knee pain, have been taking better care of my body, and have increased my distance speed.


  22. I had a total knee replacement and chose Therapeutic Associates Bethany Physical Therapy, as it was recommended to me through a friend and was very convenient to my home. I met with Kyle prior to my surgery and he was very helpful in answering questions and giving me some exercises to do prior to surgery, which helped. My rehab after surgery was a bit of a challenge, but both Kyle and Caityln were very patient with me and made sure I was doing all the right things to get my knee back in shape. Tyler, Jen, and Reed were also fantastic in helping with my exercise routine to keep me on the right track as Kyle had wanted me to do.

    The other thing that was most helpful for me was the extra time Anna and Kim spent with me to help with all the insurance questions, which can be rather daunting, and set up all my appointments to make it easy for me to come in. Needless to say, after a while I felt like Norm pulling up a stool at Cheers; the friendly, professional treatment was very much appreciated. Should I need any PT in the future, I’d have no problem calling on my PT pit crew at Therapeutic Associates Bethany Physical Therapy.

    Thanks Gang for all your great help,

  23. I’d like to compliment Jessica on her excellent advice for my two frozen shoulders. The healing process took a year for the first one and only nine months for the second one, since I understood how not to create further injury. It is now 6 years later and I have had no further problems, mostly due to her educating me on how to correctly use and exercise those joints. Thanks, Jess. You were spot on!


  24. I am a 77 year old male. I am not only old, I am grouchy and hard to please. I have been a client of Bethany PT on a more or less steady basis for nine years. Jessica and her team have devoted many hours in efforts to relieve pain and rehabilitate joints and muscles. It is my distinct pleasure to compliment and recommend Jessica and her team to both physicians and potential clients. I consider Jess and certain other members of the Bethany PT staff to be personal friends and I am proud to recognize them as such.

    – Billy Bob Williams

  25. Finding new knee pain and leg pain hasn’t been fun the last few months. Thinking I was going to die, or never walk again waiting for the month to pass to get in to see specialists came to a stop when Lisa Finster of Bethany put her magic to work. After her first massage, I was so shocked! I’ve gone from Pain 8/9 to Pain 2/3, and I am so appreciative!!

    Saw the orthopedic Dr. yesterday, who said, “Sorry you’re too young for surgery, we’ll just manage pain.” I pretty much said, “No problem Doc! I got it covered!”

    Lisa is amazing!


  26. I suffered from sciatica pain for a few months and when I was referred by my gp to bethany physical therapy, I was so happy with the excellent service provided by each and every member I came across, from receptionist to massage therapist to physical therapist. I had a successful recovery within two months and was totally relieved of the pain. This helped me a lot, and I’m sure many thousands of others will hugely benefit from their service. I really want to thank Katie and Jessica for their patience and helping me to recover back to normal. I am ever so grateful! Now I don’t have the pain anymore! They have the greatest service I’ve seen in any practice ever, that is neat and organized, with good facilities for patients, and a convenient location right in the heart of Bethany, close to shops and local amenities! I highly recommend and sure will be coming back to them if I have any future problems!

    – Lalitha

  27. In 2006 I started seeing Jessica for a challenge with my back. At this point I was beginning my journey to complete my first marathon, and with Jessica’s amazing knowledge and fortitude, she helped me cross the finish line of marathon number one. Since then I have completed six more marathons and have continued to see Jessica and her amazing team of physical therapists for other ailments I have acquired along the way.

    Thanks Jess…you are the best

  28. Bethany Physical Therapy is the best! They have helped rehab my shoulder and my knee, my son’s knee, my daughter’s ankle, and another daughter’s knee – so we’ve been there a lot! They are so good at figuring out exactly what the problem is and make it better! Thank you for all you’ve done for us!

  29. Dear Jessica,

    I just want to thank you for everything you have done for me. I am so grateful that I was blessed to have you to help me through all of my problems. You are an amazing physical therapist and I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am for all you have done. I can tell you really care, and that is the difference between a good and a great person!


  30. Jessica Dorrington furnished excellent rehabilitative care for a number of my injuries and conditions over the course of several years. Jessica’s hands-on work provided pain relief and she clearly communicated the exercise instructions. Her encouragement helped me stick with my rehab program so I could recover mobility and strength. The fact that I now teach three yoga classes a week at our local community center and a yoga studio on the North Oregon Coast is directly attributable to the professional treatment, support, and guidance I received from Jessica and her competent staff.

  31. I was training on my bicycle for my longest ride to date; the Reach The Beach that takes us from Portland to the Oregon coast (Pacific City). As I trained, I would notice on longer rides that I would suffer various physiological symptoms ranging from aches and pains to numbness in my fingers and feet. At the advice of my trainer, I visited Bethany Physical Therapy for a Bike Fit. It was probably the best thing I have done for my riding. Jessica worked with my bike and me and adjusted numerous things on my bike. When I got out for a test ride, it felt like I had just bought a new bike. The whole feel and the power being exerted on the bike changed completely; I was able to ride faster, my cadence improved, and my comfort on the bike was greatly improved.

    I rode on May 21st on the RTB and completed the RTB from the Newberg start to Cape Kiwanda. I felt great throughout and at the end. If you have been contemplating a bike fit, my advice is to stop contemplating and just go get it done. It is the best investment you can do to improve your riding along with training. If you are wondering where, Jessica and her staff get my vote.

    – Mahendra Ramachandran