Patient Stories

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  1. I’ve been a loyal patient of Cedar Hills PT – and specifically of co-director Kelly – off and on for years. As I’ve aged, a love for hiking and outdoor photography combined with a career that requires hours of sedentary computer time has produced a number of issues ranging from sprained ankles and foot neuropathy to lower back pain and an inflamed shoulder and elbow condition. But I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for PT treatment because with Kelly, I know I’m going to get positive healing results. I explicitly trust the PT experience and knowledge that Kelly and her staff bring to bear on getting me back to a healthy active status as quickly as possible. Kelly is top-notch and a tribute to her profession. Thanks Kelly for being my partner in health and wellness. You totally ROCK!

  2. I’ve been through extensive Physical therapy for my neck issue for over a year now. I’m writing to mention that Jennifer Tostenrud is one of the best professionals I’ve come across in the field. She knows exactly what she’s doing, is thorough and has alleviated pain that so many therapists were unable to do. Kudos to her knowledge, experience and just how amazing she is.

    I’m recommending this clinic specifically Jennifer to everyone I speak to!

    Thank you Jennifer!!

    -Jay H.

  3. I went to see Kelly as a referral from Tony Rocklin. He thought she might be the missing piece to my recovery puzzle. And she was!
    Kelly did a thorough diagnosis of my running style. She recommended a shoe insert, a temporary orthotic and a very disciplined return to running regimen. I have followed it and kept in touch with her for questions and support.
    Indeed, Kelly has been a godsend, the missing link to my being able to return to competitive running and staying pain free. Thank you Kelly!