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  1. Amy literally changed my life. I have a long history of chronic dance-related injuries and was always frustrated with other PTs and doctors who told me to just stop dancing. Amy empathized with my experience and designed a program that helped strengthen what I needed to dance more efficiently and with less pain. My mobility and flexibility have skyrocketed and my pain is virtually nonexistent. With Amy’s help I achieved some lofty dance-related goals while picking up cycling and running along the way. Some of my dance friends have seen her and had similar (amazing) experiences.

    If you’re a dancer and you’re tired of being told that the only solution to your pain/injury/problem is to stop dancing, look no further. Amy will help you figure it out. Seriously, changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough.

  2. Wow, what a great experience! Tony’s team is the best! I was a bit nervous after back surgery, but Tony and Aulbrey designed a program that was very caring and stressed patient comfort. They set up a plan that began with relearning motion and mobility, then progressed thoughtfully to strength training. Great experience and I feel so much better! Highly recommend!

  3. Aulbrey! Brought me back from Hopeless to Hope full She is the best Therapist. I walk with pain. My quality of life has improved through hare care. I have made amazing Improvements. I couldn’t have done it as well without “ALUBREY” Help. She is WARM, FRIENDLY, KIND and KNOWLEDGEABLE. I tried Physical Therapy elsewhere with different Therapist I didn’t get better at All. I walked into Downtown Portland Therapeutic Associates with PAIN walked out feeling saved. I could not have done it as well without Aulbrey. She is highly trained she talked about everything in need, Explained my Homework to do between Therapy sessions. She knows exactly what she’s doing. April 12, 2017 Aulbrey and Tony they worked hard on me That night After four Years The first time I sleep on my left side. It is miracle to me. I don’t have a word to use More Than “THANK YOU “So mach. The place is very modern, clean and best equipment. The front desk super friendly and welcoming. I gave them A+ wonder full people. I give Therapeutic Associats Downtown Portland 100 Stars. I Highly Recommend Aulbrey and Tony.

  4. Second time visiting Tony.
    In 2012 I got massage somewhere else after that All my body was hurting and sore for a week, it got worst so I went to my Doctor, she gave me Ibuprofen noting change. I went again the same thing I ibuprofen after 3rd time visit my Dr, at that time I made my decision to see Tony . I did He doesn’t waste time he knows what going on . He asking me what my Dr.side I told him I am on I ibuprofen almost a month but it is getting worst. He called to my Dr. Office That day I went back to my Doctor. That day was my day Tony saved my life. I could not have bee happier with my diction I mead to see Tony. That day she referred me to Rheumatoid arthritis and bon specialist sure enough I was diagnosed with RA. Since then I am under Dr. Care. My RA is Ander control. But my left hip, feet hurt, I cant walk without pain, I can’t sleep on my left side. I tried Physical Therapy, Acupuncture Therapy, and Orthopedic specialist. Physical Therapy several times it didn’t work my last visit to physical therapy old me my last options injection or surgery. one day before my appointment to see my Dr. Tony clicked in my mind I explain to my Dr. my experience with tony. I got Referral when I walked to Therapeutic Associates downtown Portland I was in pain and Helpless. But I have confidence on Tony. I don’t know where to begin He is A LEADER! He is knowledgeable; Compassionate, amazing and The most kind friendly person I never met Tony made a world of difference. MY LIFE is BACK. No Pain No Surgery After four Years I am free I can sleep on my left side ,I can walk. Thank You Tony and Aulbrey with to off you worked hared my life is BACK!!!.

  5. In 2006 or 2007 I had experienced chronic neck pain for a long time. My Doctor at that time referred me to Therapeutic Associate Downtown Portland. The first time I met Tony Roklin, he made me feel like I was his most important customer. I was in pain. Working with Tony changed my life. Since then I don’t have any neck problems at all. Thank you for the encouragement and support. You’re the best!!

  6. I had experienced chronic neck pain since 2009, which had significantly worsened for about 6 months before working with Jessica Smith-Blockley, PT. I was experiencing severe neck pain, headaches, and numbness/tingling in both of my hands. It was impacting my ability to work, and I had difficulty maintaining a regular exercise routine. I had been to see other PT’s, an Orthopaedic Surgeon, massage therapy and had received a spinal steroid shot. I was even seeking a consultation for spinal fusion surgery. Nothing helped. It all made me feel worse because nobody could tell me what was wrong or how to help. I had worked with Jessica previously so made an appointment to see her.

    Jessica took a holistic approach to my care by teaching me about neuropathic pain. We focused on identifying contributing factors that were keeping my pain elevated. My treatments re-incorporated regular light cardiovascular exercise as well as postural strengthening as my treatment progressed. I worked with an ergonomic specialist to assess my work station set-up. We also worked on meditation and breathing techniques to help reduce stress. As I experienced less neck pain, the education and holistic approach helped me start feeling empowered that I could do something about it. I could sit for longer periods of time at work without pain, and I was able to start exercising more regularly.

    Working with Jessica changed my life! I walked into the Downtown Portland clinic in tears-walked out feeling saved. I would recommend physical therapy to someone dealing with chronic pain. My experience was that you don’t feel crazy or helpless. I was given the education and tools to use to manage my pain, and an understanding of how the lifestyle change recommendations help to decrease the pain.

    – Jennifer List, Patient

  7. I went to Tony with a case of Achilles Tendenosis. I had been hurting off and on for years. Tony put together an aggressive ASTYM and stretching program for me. With his team of professionals providing humorous encouragement, I have been able to return to competitive running pain free. It sounds quicker and easier than it was but I could not have done it without Tony and his team. I didn’t know that being in and out of pain could be so much fun!
    Thank you for the encouragement and support!

  8. I want to extend a special “thank you” to Tony Rocklin, who was a fantastic physical therapist. THANK YOU TONY. P.S. I survived Coast Guard Boot Camp with no knee issues.

    Thank you for your quality health care services. I hope to be running (healthily) for years to come.

    Katri L.

  9. I lived in Portland, Oregon before moving to the Boston area and was fortunate enough to get great relief from my back pain due to Tony Rocklin’s PT expertise. I was suffering from back / sciatic nerve problems due to a sports-related injury back in 2001-2002. He spent approximately three weeks, and not only did he help with my pain, he demonstrated in his PT area of the gym as well as with weights in the gym how to better manage this somewhat chronic issue.

    Here it is 2012 and I still do these exercises 3-5 times a week and I have no back problems. I have stayed active swimming, hiking, biking and running and am closer to 60 than 50 years old at this point.

    Thanks Tony. I happened on your website and wanted to give my testimony, albeit ten years belated.

    -Bill Belcher

  10. I had developed foot pain about a year before I began physical therapy. After going to a podiatrist who barely listened to me & put me in a boot cast for almost 2 months with no results, I felt incredibly defeated.

    I met Tony at my work during that time, & after the boot didn’t work, I limped my way into his office & began a treatment that did work. He helped me heal through various physical therapy methods & emotional support.

    Tony made me feel like I was his most important customer every time I came in. I felt truly listened to & never rushed. He gave me pep talks to lift my spirits when I was feeling down & defeated (my condition takes a long time to heal from, with lots of ups and downs) & always had new ideas & methods for treating me in the best way possible.

    Now that I am healed (hooray!) I had time to reflect on what a good experience I had there. Chase, his right hand man & scheduler of appointments was also incredibly helpful & so very friendly. These guys are the best & I highly recommend them if you are in need of physical therapy.
    Also, they validate for a Parking Garage that is about a block away so you don’t have to deal with annoying downtown parking!

    -Alyssa E.

  11. I am a yoga teacher who had both knees replaced in August 2011.

    As my physical therapist, Sanatan Golden’s understanding of the mechanics of the body and creative approach to my individual needs were outstanding. He clearly explained what to do and answered my questions. He was open to my suggestions and skillfully guided me when I was somewhat resistant. My progress was fast and thorough. I highly recommend Sanatan for anyone seeking a personable, caring, and broadly experienced therapist.

    -Carolyn Boch

  12. I went to see Sanatan Golden at Therapeutic Associates Downtown for a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder. He did a fantastic job getting to the root of the injury, not only to treat the symptoms of the injury, but to strengthen my weak spots to prevent injury in the future. Even my regular physician was impressed at his knowledge. The results were a thorough diagnosis that enabled Sanatan to devise a program with very detailed and evolving exercises that brought me back to better than 100%. His help and support were fantastic and I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

    -Walter Cahall

  13. I’m doing better all the time. My toes still swell, but no pain and most of my strength in that foot has returned. Thank you again for all your help with my issues. Your help made all the difference in the world. I wish I would have come to you several months earlier!

    -Karen Mardesich

  14. Without Tony Rocklin’s help, I don’t think I could have run the Boston Marathon in a time five minutes faster than I ran it five years ago (3:26:12). I went to Tony about five weeks before Boston with a strained soleus. I couldn’t run at all. He assured me he could get me to the starting line. Boy, did he. And this wasn’t the first time he came through for me. I’m 57, and with his occasional help, I plan to keep running for a long time.

    -Bill Gallagher

  15. I’m so thankful for the kind and attentive assistance I received from my Physical Therapist, Catie Kohler, during my sessions at the downtown clinic. After suffering from lower back pain for several years I became very discouraged about my physical condition, but Catie helped me turn it all around in such a short time (just two months)! I’m now able to work at my desk job and enjoy my regular weekend activities PAIN FREE, and I couldn’t be more excited! My husband and I are also looking forward to our summer sailing adventures and I can’t wait to get out on the water again feeling stronger and more energized than ever!

    I know I’ll be able to strengthen and maintain my lower back health for many years to come with the training and advice I received, and I would recommend Therapeutic Associates to everyone!

    Thanks again to the wonderful staff at the downtown clinic for being such a positive influence!

    Very sincerely,

    Aubrey Mandus

  16. Hi Tony,

    Just wanted to send you a quick email with an update on how I’m doing. I just finished my second 10-mile run/walk over the weekend and feel great! I’ve worked up to an 8 min/1 min run/walk on my 7-mile run, but put myself back down to 4 min/1 min for the 10-miles (just in case). I’ve been slowly increasing my weights in the lift class I take. I haven’t had any back pain greater than just a little twinge when I move up to the next level. I’m signed up to do the Half Marathon in Eugene on May 1st, so keeping my fingers crossed all continues to go well.

    Thank you so much for all your help getting me back to running. I know I couldn’t have done it without you (because we both know I sure did try!). Next time I won’t wait so long. Thanks again.

    Angela G.

  17. The next Mr. Motivator!!

    -Isobel Harvey