Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. My experience with your facility was very satisfactory. Especially Peter Dills as my therapist helped me a lot. 1. I got rid of my cane. 2. My ankle issue (OCD) was rid of pain with the right exercises. 3. Knee pain and hip pain too is much less. Last but not the least I can walk 2-4 blocks depending on weather. Overall I have gained confidence in my mobility and hope to continue with the exercises. THANK YOU PETER.

  2. I came to see Pete for education about chronic pain. He taught me so much! I learned the importance of regular aerobic exercise at a very easy-to-do heart rate! I learned how the brain can over-react in chronic pain and how to deal with that. Pete and the team are amazing!

  3. I woke up Christmas morning 2016 with severe Sciatica and excruciating pain. Had a month of PT with minimal results. Then came to Dr. Peter Dills in April of 2017 when he predicted he could make life worth living by the end of May and I was certain that was not a possiblity but agreed to try. From the very beginning of his treatment I began to have some hope. I am now walking around like a mad woman and know how to treat episodes of pain and all thanks to Dr. Dills expertise. I am now approaching my 98th birthday and would gladly recommend Dr. Dill’s treatment to anyone suffering severe back, leg and foot pain. There is a bonus as well, he is a really pleasant person which makes you very willing to follow his instructions even when some of them are less than fun but well worth the effort.

  4. I can’t say enough about Pete Dills, PT, DPT and director of East Portland Physical Therapy. Initially Pete helped me when I experienced a bout of Benign Positional Vertigo. When I fractured my shoulder several months later, he not only provided the necessary physical therapy but he gave me the confidence I needed in doing my exercises and gradually returning to the motions of everyday living. Pete was my coach and teacher. He educated me about bones, joints, muscles and reiterated the connection between mind and body and its amazing ability to heal. And when I started to experience issues with my other wrist/arm/shoulder due to over-compensation, he provided therapy, exercises and taught me about nerves. I feel so good about what I’ve achieved and am confident with the exercises and advice Pete sent me off with when he released me last week. I completely trust Pete and highly recommend him…. I must add that Pete’s staff is a great group and were a pleasure to get to know and work with. They have your back too!

  5. I have always been very skeptical of physical therapy. My doctor kept telling me to go and I wouldn’t. Finally my arm and back pain became so severe, I thought I’ve got nothing to lose. Boy was I proven wrong! They helped me tremendously! I am doing things now that I have not been able to do in 2 years. I highly recommend this place. Pete and all the staff are great! Thank you so much for helping me.

  6. I just completed a round of physical therapy at Therapeutic Associates to help reduce the pain from a back injury. I made great strides in my recovery thanks to Pete Dills, the Director, and the rest of the team. The assistance I received in the office and the home exercises made a big difference in my recovery. I highly recommend Therapeutic Associates.

  7. Peter Dills is a very knowledgeable and caring physical therapist. He has helped me with 3 different joints which were painful to move. He customized and demonstrated how to properly do the exercises for maximum relief. Pete is not judgmental in his dealings with clients and accepts them where they are and where they hope to be. I am now pain free and and will continue doing more physical therapy activities to stay that way.
    I highly recommend Pete for all your physical therapy needs.

  8. Last February I had a total shoulder replacement. This March I had a total knee replacement. Both times I came to the East Portland clinic because of Pete. In both cases I have totally recovered. I’m released to return to work and back to the gym. By August I will be back to 70 pushups and after my workout I head to the pool for a mile swim. Total thank you to Pete and his care and professionalism.
    I will be 70 in August.