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  1. I highly recommend this place if you need physical therapy! They did an amazing job helping me recover from my car accident. I could barely walk the first time I walked through the door. After 4-6 weeks, I am back to walking normal. Their staff are amazingly awesome and very patient with you. They don’t over work you and will suggest the right exercises for you. I am graduating and will use what they taught me and continue to work on it in a regular gym.

  2. I am very grateful to Angela Gracia for all that she has done for me.
    Because of her and everyone else on this team, I am feeling so much better!
    Thank you for caring for me through my healing journey. Because of you, I am not in so much pain anymore.

  3. Angela was incredible to work with as well as the rest of the staff. I progressed slower than I thought I would, but Angela was able to come up with a routine that helped!

  4. I have been inflicted with a Connective tissue disease and tendonitis in a large muscle in my left leg. I was in a lot of pain and limping when I came to Physical Therapy. The staff worked with me in a very professional manner. Their expertise and knowledge gave me a treatment plan that I could use for the rest of my life. At the end of 2 months, I no longer limp, I have had a lot more strength return to my legs, and the pain is down by 80%. The staff are friendly and care about their patients. This particular office has been the best of all the PT businesses that I have gone to for therapy. I will be glad to return if ever needed.

  5. Thank you to John, Angela, Jessie, Sean, and staff at Therapeutic Associates-Gresham. After my MVA 4 months ago – I could barely lift any weights, reach, or even sit longer than 5 minutes without back, neck, and shoulder pain. Combined with massage, you have really helped me with my range of motion and reduction of pain. My nerve pain in my neck is resolved, and it was after an adjustment with John that I finally experienced what it was like to live without back pain! I am very satisfied with my treatment and would highly recommend you to anyone needing PT. My symptoms are now minimal and I am almost back to how I was before the MVA. All exercises for home are incredibly helpful – I will miss the PT sessions.

  6. John and his staff did an amazing job helping me get back to do what I love to do! Play golf!! I had shoulder surgery on Jan 15th. I was told by my doctor it would be 4 to 6 months before I could get back out on the course. With some awesome treatment and hard work, I was back on the course in just over 2 months! Although the surgery wasn’t as serious as expected, I was thrilled with the treatment and care by John and his staff. Megan was a huge help. She was so encouraging throughout the process and challenged me to continue to work hard. I would absolutely recommend Therapeutic Associates to anyone in need of some PT. Thanks John, you guys were amazing!!

    Kevin Nilson

  7. June 20, 2012

    Sorry about no picture, but I really wanted to write about my appreciation for John and what he does for people at Therapeutic Associates. I have been to 3 other Physical Therapists. I like John the best and appreciate and value his expertise.

    John is very knowledgeable, very thorough, very skilled, and I like his gentle but assertive approach. John provided treatment that I have received in the past from chiropractors. He has checked my spine and my poster, made physical adjustments, given message, provided printed stretches for me to do on my own, and provided equipment that I can use at home at a very reasonable price.

    I have observed 2 interns from 2 different colleges working under John’s supervision. That tells me that he is a trusted and experienced Physical Therapist that others in training want to learn from.

    I went to John for neck pain, of which I am seeing quick improvement. I mentioned about lingering pain after having toe bunion surgery 1 1/2 years ago. John says he provides that type of treatment, so I am starting next week on him helping me in that additional area.

    And two final areas of greatness; John coordinates very well with insurance coverage and doctor referrals, and has a terrific front office that schedules appointments and calls my home ahead of time for a gentle reminder.

    Dan Beeghly

  8. Two crazy friends and I decided that 2011 was the year to run our first marathon, and it just so happened to be the 40th Anniversary of the Portland Marathon. What could be better?

    Training began in the early months of the year, accompanied by rain, wind, and snow. By summer, our Saturday training runs were up to 18 miles. Then in mid-July, my Achilles tendon had had enough and it cried out loudly, like an angry, baby T-Rex nipping at my heels. I needed to heal this injury quickly, and yet, after several weeks of training on the elliptical and bike (and I’m talking hours upon hours of spinning), I still could not outrun the baby T-Rex.

    NOT running was NOT an option! My friends and I had trained together for many months and hundreds of miles. We needed each other!

    Dilemma: How could I possibly recover with less than five weeks before Race Day?
    Solution: John Parr of Gresham Therapeutic Associates‼

    John, ever the optimist, decided that a few ASTYM treatments might be the answer to tame that pesky T-Rex baby and its gnashing teeth. I followed John’s exercise program at home and continued to train.

    Finally, on October 9, Race Day, I knew I had to prove to myself, my training buddies, and John, that we had made the right decision in attempting the marathon. A cool, misty Oregon morning presented itself as the perfect day for my friends and I to run 26.2 glorious miles. It was tough, grueling, fun, and exhilarating, but the best part – I experienced no Achilles pain whatsoever during or after the race, and I remain pain free today!

    -Nancy J

    This accomplishment was achieved with the help of John’s expertise, knowledge, and skills. Many thanks to Emily, Ericka, Kara, and Tori, but especially John, the miracle worker.

  9. John and his staff have made a believer out of me! After putting up with a painful Achilles heel and bone spur, I finally ended up with the choice of surgery or rehab. Well, twelve sessions at Gresham Physical Therapy have me walking with no pain, wearing shoes with a back, and seeing a definite decrease in the size of the bone spur. John showed me exercises I could do at home and explained WHY each was so important. He helped me heal and then strengthen my ankle. Sometimes information and support is the best means to getting well. A year ago I was just handed a sheet of exercises and told to do them. A specialist said it would probably be surgery but to give rehab a try. I did and will continue to keep doing my exercises and enjoying activities again, pain free. Thank you John!

    -Julie Z

  10. During the summer, I injured my lower back fairly severely (could not stand up straight and walked with great difficulty).

    John and Gresham Physical Therapy were able to get me back on the fairways again in just a little over a month with some great stretching and strengthening routines. The stretching is a daily regime for me now.

    I won’t say I’m playing like Tiger Woods….but I am enjoying golf once again. The office is a very friendly and comfortable place.

    Thanks John.

    -Doug S

  11. In four weeks of appointments, my son Bryan made really good improvement. His neck has been twisted since birth, but not anymore…now he is holding his head really straight. I am thankful for being sent to Gresham Physical Therapy. The staff is very good at what they do.

    -Marelkis C

  12. I wanted to thank John and his staff. With their help, I was able to complete my first Marathon. They were able to help me make it through the 4 months of training and stay injury free. I had back surgery 4 years ago and it was not a problem at all during the race.

    Thank you so much for all of your help.

    -Vince P

  13. After hurting my knee in a 4-wheeler accident 3 days into an 18-week marathon training program, I decided to see John at Therapeutic Associates because of their reputation and my tremendous past experience with him. I could not walk for about a week after the accident, and I was experiencing intense pain every time my knee moved. I was skeptical that I would be able to run the marathon, but since I was running for my 10-year old niece with Leukemia, I had to try everything I could to run for her.

    The exercises John and crew gave me helped nurse my knee back to health and I finished strong. I was truly amazed by their knowledge of the body and how to respond to everything thrown its way. I left each session with a succinct plan that was easy to understand, made sense to me, and worked. It was very apparent that I would not have been able to complete the marathon without their help.

    Ryan Weber
    Gresham, OR