DeDe Lamont, LMT #7609

Licensed Massage Therapist

DeDe Lamont’s background in fitness training has helped to mold her work as a massage therapist into a unique style of her own. She carefully assesses each client to determine where a muscular imbalance may exist, which in turn may be causing pain. Whether it is the weakness of a particular muscle, a postural problem, or a muscle spasm, DeDe strives first to uncover the cause of the pain. Then through massage, she works to normalize the soft tissue, improve flexibility, and restore proper movement patterns. Her final step, as a fitness trainer, is to provide strength and conditioning exercises to help guide the person to optimal physical health.

DeDe’s special areas of interest and expertise are deep-tissue massage, chronic pain management, injury rehabilitation, relaxation massage, strength training, flexibility training, cardiovascular exercise advice, and sport-specific massage and exercise programs.


  • Bachelor of Science, Baylor University, 1992
  • Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 1997
  • Graduate of East West College of Healing Arts, 1999
  • Continuing Education by the Rolf Institute