Monica Mabee

Front Office Coordinator

Monica was born into fitness, always exploring, trying new activities, and enjoying the challenge of pushing the body and mind.  She embraces living a healthy lifestyle…possibly with a glass of wine or two!  She thoroughly enjoys visiting her family in the Bay Area where she was born and raised.  Growing up she trained in ballet, tap, jazz and modern dance, as well as being a competitive softball player.  Now living in Oregon for over a decade, she fills her time with getting lost in nature while backpacking, running, and teaching Pilates at a studio in Lake Oswego.

Monica works as the liaison of the clinic, communicating with Physical Therapists, Clinic Staff, Patients, Insurance Companies, Contractors, and our Reginal Office.

In addition to help manage the Lake Oswego clinic, she became a certified IM=X Pilates instructor in 2015, and received her Advanced certification in the Spring of 2016. This has been a great source in helping our patients during their rehabilitation.

Monica loves being part of the TAI Lake Oswego family and promoting a healthy, active, and fun lifestyle!

Q & A

What is your favorite Pandora Station?
Michael Franti. more peace and love.

What is your favorite Sport to watch? To Play?

If you could only eat one food or meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
All varieties of cereal.

What is your Starbucks order?
Americano. Straight to the point. Does the job.