Teryan Lund

Administrative Coordinator

Teryan Lund grew up in Oregon City and just recently moved to Molalla, Oregon. When she was in middle school, she played several sports including softball, soccer, volleyball, events in track and field, and even participated in the dance team one year. Volleyball became her passion and whole life as she entered high school and she began coaching her freshman year of college. She still coaches club volleyball at North Pacific Juniors Volleyball Club in Salem and occasionally coaches high school volleyball.

In 2017, Teryan graduated from Willamette University where she studied Exercise Science and Biology. While going to school, she volunteered at the Providence Milwaukie Hospital and worked a total of three jobs. Since graduation, she has been coaching two volleyball teams in Salem and settling down into married life with her husband and two pups.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with friends and her husband playing board games or frequenting favorite restaurants around the Portland Metro area.


  • Undergraduate: Willamette University, Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science

Special Interests

  • Medical Advancements (primarily in pediatrics)
  • Coaching Volleyball
  • Coffee

Q & A

What is your favorite Pandora Station?
Papa Roach Radio

What is your favorite Sport to watch? To Play?

If you could only eat one food or meal for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?
Macaroni and Cheese! I love mac and cheese so much. We always have at least one box in the house! I have always loved mac and cheese and don’t really have a good reason why.

What is your Starbucks order?
It varies from day to day, but you can never go wrong with a Grande iced caramel macchiato, stirred with extra caramel!