MeToo Fitness

MeToo Fitness

Eric Lider has over 30 years of coaching and training experience which he brings to his MeToo Fitness strength and conditioning programs. These unique fitness classes originated from the success of the LOHS track and cross country team’s strength program, which dramatically helped reduce injuries and improve performance. When parents saw what their kids were doing, they asked for the same opportunity. The class is research-based and physical therapist supervised to meet the needs of all levels of fitness, from beginners to those who are seeking to take their fitness to the next level.

All classes begin with a dynamic warm up and embrace full body functional exercises to improve overall strength, core stability, flexibility, cardiac endurance, balance, and agility in a safe and FUN environment. You will find no machines here, because they are not functional for everyday activities or athletics. The class utilizes spin bikes, kettle bells, free weights, agility cones/ladders/hurdles, medicine balls, Swiss balls, etc.

MeToo Fitness participants are also offered a low-cost physical screen by physical therapist Shawn Dailey, DPT of L.O. Physical Therapy. The goal of this physical screen is to identify areas of dysfunction in the body from past injuries, lack of activity, or other job/life factors that may be limiting the ability to enjoy a healthy, active lifestyle. The information gained from this screen is used to help MeToo Fitness clients reach their goals safely and with maximum effectiveness.


Adult Fitness Classes:

9:30 AM – Mon & Wed
5:30 PM – Mon & Thur


  • First class is FREE
  • $12/session for package of 20+ sessions
  • $13/session for package of 10-19 sessions
  • $15/session for drop-ins or packages of 9 or less

Children with Special Needs Fitness:

5:30 PM – Tues


  • $20/month