Pediatric Sports Rehabilitation

Your young athlete is injured…What are the next steps?

It can be challenging to determine the difference between an injury that will heal on its own, or one that needs medical care. It can be equally challenging to know the right place to get help; do you go to the pediatrician, urgent care, specialist or a physical therapist?

The simplest way to look at it is:

  • If a child is sick – see your pediatrician
  • If they are hurt – see a physical therapist
  • If it is an emergency – ER or Urgent Care (preferably one that is appropriate for your child’s age – with infants and toddlers, we recommend a children’s hospital if possible)

Therapeutic Associates Lake Oswego Physical Therapy - Parent Testimonial

Getting your child to the right health professional as quickly as possible helps save time, money, and suffering

There is evidence that shows that the sooner an adult can be seen by the right medical provider, the better the outcomes with less time and money wasted. Children are no different, but they do have additional complications such as communication. It can be difficult for kids of all ages (even teenagers) to articulate what they are feeling. This is where we can provide value as we use movement and hands-on testing to find out what is causing your child’s pain.

Our PT’s can help you understand

What is causing your child’s pain/injury, educate you/your child about how their body works, what to expect, what the best plan of care is, and when they are ready to safely return to sports and/or their normal activities. We work with your pediatrician utilizing our state-of-the-art medical records system, so they are involved with your child’s care.

We have the professionals and atmosphere to help you and your child get back to being active as soon as safely possible

Therapeutic Associates Lake Oswego Physical Therapy - EForceWe are not your typical Physical Therapy clinic; we are a multidisciplinary wellness facility and have the resources to help kids/youth athletes with injuries through safe return to sports. We champion a long-term athletic development model with our youth performance partners EFORCE who can help your child move better and play sports at their highest potential.

The EFORCE Mission is to holistically develop the total athlete, both in and out of the competitive arena. By utilizing the core principles of the widely recognized Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD) in all programs, EForce ensures optimal growth for all participants.