Paul Wilson

Physical Therapist

Paul graduated with his Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Pacific University. Throughout his time in physical therapy school, Paul worked as an adjunct Athletic Trainer for Pacific University in Forest Grove, using his skill set to assist collegiate athletes return to sport after injury and providing medical coverage for sporting events. During his education at Pacific, Paul was the sole recipient of the Lellelid Endowed Scholarship, which was awarded due to his commitment to service while maintaining a strong academic standing. Prior to this, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training from Azusa Pacific University, and was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award for his exceptional academic and clinical performance. Throughout his undergraduate education, Paul had a leadership role with an organization providing physical therapy to children with disabilities in Mexicali, Mexico, and spent much of his free time serving in Mexico. During this experience, Paul developed a working competency in the Spanish language.

Paul is passionate about working with his patients to alleviate their pain, while preventing re-injury. After hearing their story and goals, Paul performs a thorough physical therapy examination to create a personalized treatment plan based upon their specific needs. Paul strives to empower his patients to do what they love at their highest level of performance, using hands-on treatment techniques and manual therapy, addressing movement impairments, and creating individualized therapeutic exercise programs.

Paul enjoys working with patients with a variety of musculoskeletal injuries and people of all ages. His background as a Certified Athletic Trainer has given him experience working with athletes of all ages. Paul enjoys working with the athletic population to not only manage injuries, but also for improved performance and injury prevention.

Paul is committed to clinical excellence, and plans to focus his continuing education on manual therapy, treating the injured runner, and movement assessment. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, hiking, backpacking, running, camping, cycling, weight lifting, traveling, and enjoying all the beauty the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Articles written by Paul Wilson

Trail Running: Prepare for the Challenge

While running on trails, the angle and location of one’s foot contact is more variable, increasing the demand on the musculature that stabilizes the foot, knee, hip, and trunk. Adding in exercises that challenge these stabilizer muscles, while strengthening the muscles that propel us forward is a great way to improve performance and decrease the risk of injury.

Blog Posts written by Paul Wilson

Does Running Lead to Knee Arthritis?

As a Physical Therapist, I often have friends and patients ask me: Is running bad for my knees, or will running lead to developing arthritis in my knees or hips? Like any other sport, running requires some prerequisite strength and mobility for proper performance. However, it appears that in general running does not lead to arthritis, but actually may help prevent arthritis in the knees and hips.

Blog Post Calf
Calf Pain with Running?

Calf pain after running? I recently strained my calf while running (likely from adding in to much hill work too quickly), and this is how I started treating my calf my own calf to get back to running quickly.

Strong & Healthy Shoulders

Here's two no equipment needed drills to help develop strong, stable, and healthy shoulders.

Forest Grove Blog - Paul Wilson
Upper Back Tightness

Our Physical Therapist Paul Wilson demonstrates two stretches for upper back mobility. The thoracic cat/camel and open book.

Running Warm-Up

What does your running warm up look like? Every runner should have an efficient way to prepare their body for running prior to heading out on a run. Here is a quick running warm up designed by Paul Wilson PT, DPT, ATC to help engage some of the most important muscles for running prior to your run. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Kettlebell Exercises for Runners & Hikers

Kettlebells can be a great strength training tool that can be used to challenge balance and control while also increasing strength and performance.