Patient Stories

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  1. I came into TAI for shoulder pain. After several weeks I learned exercises and how to reorient my body to relieve my pain and improve my posture, in turn improving the way I carry myself and preventing future problems. Thank you.

  2. Great experience and solved my shoulder problems – couldn’t ask for better help from the techs –

  3. Love them all, very helpful and kind. Going to miss coming. Thank you so very much for all your help.

  4. Patrick and Nick were great! Always patient and supportive.

  5. I had unknown rib pain for 2 1/2 years. I’ve been to multiple Dr.s and the chiropractor, with no change. In a few short months working with Anne, my pain is 95% gone. I would recommend this place to anyone with a prolonged injury.

  6. After injuring my shoulder during a football game, Therapeutic Associates helped me get it ready for my game the next week and then a full recovery

  7. I came to Therapeutic Associates because of an on the job knee injury, they helped me in regaining knee health through tailored care. Also the staff were very friendly and helpful.

  8. A wonderful experience here with great therapists. Thank you very much.

  9. Patrick & staff are amazing! I have chronic low back pain, and they have helped me to strengthen my core & back muscles. So kind, patient, & informative. I will be referring my friends & family to Therapeutic Associates Newberg, as they are top notch! Thank you, and God bless.

  10. Feeling so much better after coming into be seen by Patrick and Nick. Thank you both!

  11. From day one, Anne worked with me and every session I saw improvement. Her patient way of explaining all the exercises was comforting and encouraging. All the staff were helpful and friendly. Great experience!

  12. Anne Jeffery was amazing, very helpful and a great place all around.

  13. I had a great experience with Therapeutic Associates! All the staff was friendly and easy to work with. I came in with upper back pain and stiffness. Anne Jeffery did an amazing job explaining what was going on and practical ways to improve my strength and mobility. Thanks!

  14. I tore my rotator cuff and bicep at work. After surgery, Pat and the team here at Therapeutic Associates were awesome! They were caring and sympathetic to my needs. After three short months my shoulder feels so much better!

  15. I have had chronic temporomandibular joint problems for years and came in with a flare up from school stress. Therapeutic Associates helped to reduce my headaches and pain in my jaw. I appreciated their care, treatment, and customer service.

  16. Well I came in here not being able to walk and now I can walk and run and lift weights like I did before my injury. I thank Patrick for wanting to help me get back to my normal teenager stuff!

  17. Well this place did lots to help. Now I feel much better with helpful exercises. Thanks a lot!

  18. Pat and his team helped me regain the confidence in myself which was lost after my injury.

  19. I tore my rotator cuff and bicep at work. After surgery, Pat and the team here at Therapeutic associates were awesome! They were caring and sympathetic to my needs. After three short months, my shoulder feels so much better!

  20. Within a matter of 3 weeks Pat & his team helped me reach a level of competition that I haven’t been able to achieve in over a year!

  21. It was a great experience with loving care that got me stronger within a couple of days. I loved the athlete appeal being one myself and that aspect drew me in more to liking this place. The relationship that I built with the therapists and was able to connect very well with them being outgoing.

  22. Thank you Dr. Pat & helpers with treating my achilles tendon issues! Nice work!

  23. I came in with a hip injury that had bothered me to some degree or another for years. The best thing of working with Pat was that he not only helped me improve my strength and ease my injury, he also gave me the tools to continue improving and recovering. I’m so so grateful!

  24. Everyone is very professional and concerned for my improvements back to normal. Thank you all. It has been a great experience!

  25. I found Patrick and his staff to be caring, helpful, knowledgeable and a joy to work with. They helped me much. I highly recommend them.

  26. I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped me. everyone was so friendly and it was easy to understand what they were telling me to do to get the best results. Thank you Pat, Paul and Forrest for helping me achieve my goals – peace.

  27. Things don’t always go as you expect, but there is nothing like having a caring, supportive team guiding your recovery. Thanks!

  28. Over the past 2 years I have had three different issues, Pat has been great and he helped me work on building strength back. I am happy to be almost pain free. I am a lot more active now. Thanks guys!

  29. I came in with a jaw issue that was preventing me from doing normal things. Almost immediately I had relief and gained knowledge that I can use forever to stay healthy and pain free. Thanks!

  30. I had two problems: sharp bicep pain, and an achy knee with running. My PT has been great. My bicep issue is ~90-95% better, and the knee pain is ~95% better. I will continue the exercises at home, and I would highly recommend Patrick and his team!

  31. Broke my ankle and Pat fixed me up real quick! Back to hiking and backpacking within a couple months! Fantastic staff and atmosphere!

  32. Pat and all of his assistants always greeted me with a smile when I came in and always made it their mission to push me hard in order to help me get better. I have improved a lot over the last 3 months and cannot thank everyone here at TA enough!

  33. No more headaches! Thank you so much, Pat, for taking the time to help untangle my back & neck and making me feel welcome & very well cared for! I appreciate you and your whole staff for all you do.

  34. Came to see Patrick & team after a lumbar fusion. The entire staff was amazing! Made me feel so welcome & comfortable from the second I walked in the door. Patrick listened to my story, complaints, & really tailored a plan that has gotten me back on my feet & feeling better than I have in years!

  35. I used to have headaches everyday and my back used to always hurt, but after I started going here my pains reduced 🙂

  36. Physical Therapy helped me get back to work at full health quickly and confident that I have a lower risk for re-injury.

  37. The staff is wonderful, caring and compassionate. This is the Place to come for All Things Recovery.
    Thanks so much for all you do

  38. My experience with the entire staff at the Newberg office was/has been “hands down” the best overall experience I’ve had with any physician office!! At every visit I was greeted with a sincere kind greeting and the PT treatment/ support by Patrick and staff made my treatment a pleasure but sadness to recovery because I really enjoyed my visits with this office. Extremely grateful to have had such great support and their knowledgable experience got me back into the swing of things, pain free! Thank you all!!

  39. I had a great experience with Patrick. I would recommend him to anyone!

  40. Patrick and Forrest are awesome. So kind and encouraging! Patrick really looked out of the box to try and help me get relief. I so appreciate his hard work and would absolutely recommend him to others.

  41. I came in after a shoulder surgery (I kept dislocating my shoulder doing random things like sleeping, high fives, etc). After physical therapy here (which has been great) I can finally feel secure (literally) doing things with my arm! Also the surgery helped too I suppose.

  42. Track has introduced me to a lot of great people who do nothing but share their knowledge love and support, and that is what the team here has done for me. Thank you so much and will keep in touch!

  43. I’m pregnant and I was having a lot of back pain. The exercises I was given to do helped me a lot with my pain. All the staff was very professional and so helpful. Thank you for everything. 🙂

  44. I was struggling with chronic pain in my shoulder for two years. Pat and the rest of the staff here made my road to recovery so much more bearable. I am so thankful that I chose to come to this clinic for my physical therapy! Now I have the tools I need to keep my chronic pain at bay!

  45. When I first came in I had just about given up hope that I would ever live a normal life again. The pain was so bad I could barely do anything. Paul not only gave me exercises to do to improve my condition, he also gave me hope. He took the time to talk me through what was going on with my body and why I would be okay. The staff here really care and I am so grateful for this experience.

  46. I have been having back pain since I was 16. When I was 20 I came to see Patrick because walking became impossible. Over the last couple years, I have had two knee surgeries and constant back pain. Even though I still hurt, I am so grateful for the things I have learned about my back, my knees and how to kick pain in the butt. -Thanks guys!

  47. I have done about 30 visits and every time felt encouraged to keep pushing and get better. They play music and are fun, while also pushing you to get better. Thank you guys for helping me get better and stay positive during a hard time in my life.

  48. Very patient, very professional and cared about how I felt. The exercises were easy and they make you want to do better – I’m on the way to recovery because they care – Thank you for your time, care and respect for me.

  49. I found the staff at Therapeutic Associates to be helpful and supportive with me, and helped me gain movement and mobility.

  50. Thank you for taking on a work in progress, yet again, to a series of unfortunate events, at times and dusting me off, setting me on my feet, while listening compassionately. You pushed me in a good way to give my best but also give myself a break when needed. Thank you again

  51. -Friendly and helpful
    -Progress satisfactory but hindered by preexisting knee problems (arthritis)

  52. I went to Physical Therapy for numbness and pain in my right arm. My treatment was excellent and now most of my pain and numbness is minimal. Patrick and staff were professional, friendly and very helpful.

  53. All employees at Therapeutic Associates are caring, great people. Making sure that the exercises were not causing more problems. They took great care of me and make it a great place. Will come back here for care again.

  54. I came to physical therapy because I had knee pain from an old injury and surgery. IT was hard to bend my right knee and walk longer distances. After several weeks of Physical Therapy I was able to bend my knee easily, walk stairs without pain and walk and hike again. I’m excited!

  55. The treatment and therapy I got really helped me. I can feel a difference in the way I do things that used to cause me pain.

  56. It took awhile for good results, but was well worth it. The guys and gals were very patient with me. The results were good and I am very thankful for them.

  57. They were really nice about everything and were funny too. They gave me a variety of exercises for my foot, not only for the short term health of it but also for the long term health.

  58. My legs got really stiff and affected my skating and my day to day life, but then I went here and they helped loosen my legs up so I’m not in pain anymore.

  59. When I cam in I could barely move my arm my shoulder hurt so bad, but with the help of PT here I am now at full duty again at work.

  60. I was experiencing numbness, tingling with weakness in my leg. I came to Therapeutic Associates for my physical therapy. Within a few weeks, my symptoms had greatly improved. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly, and worked with my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Therapeutic Associates to all my friends and family.

  61. I cam in a couple months ago unable to run due to achilles pain. I’m so grateful to Pat and his team for their help in getting me back to running. I have a race coming up in a few weeks and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them!

  62. Paul has been very helpful- I feel so much better than I did before and right after surgery. Additionally, he’s very pleasant to work with and everyone on staff has been very pleasant and friendly. Thanks to all!!

  63. Patrick is wonderful! He treated my daughters Achilles injury and he got her feeling so much better in a relatively short period of time with his treatment plan. My daughter truly enjoyed coming here and Paul is also awesome to work with. Wonderful crew here. I highly recommend Patrick and his staff!

  64. Patrick and his team were wonderful! I came to them after a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) and I saw great improvement within weeks. They are a very knowledgable group and I would recommend them to anyone in need, even if it is something small. Thank you for all your help!!

  65. When I first came to visit Therapeutic Associates I had no idea what to expect. After just 2 sessions I could already feel the nerves and tendons loosening and muscles re-activating in my Rt. foot. By the end of my PT I was thoroughly impressed with how fast and targeted the healing process was. Thank you Therapeutic Associates- I’m ready to go back to work in full stride!

  66. It was amazing. I really like it.

  67. The staff here has been amazingly helpful. Everyone has been attentive and compassionate helping me to recover as well as my injury has allowed me to. Thank you!

  68. I mostly appreciated the encouragement from Patrick to continue working past the pain to get full movement and use of my knee.

  69. With the help of Physical Therapy I was able to walk and return to normal day activities pain free. All the staff was a pleasure to work with.

  70. Great therapy- patient and caring staff. Recommend to young and old 🙂 Nice to be able to say I am pain free. Thanks!!

  71. This place is amazing. All the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. I would gladly drive an hour to come to them again for Physical Therapy.

  72. I came to see Patrick while waiting for a surgery date for a herniated disc in my thoracic spine that was putting pressure on my spinal cord. The surgeon told me not to expect P.T. to help a lot, however, after four months I was told I would not need surgery because the symptoms had improved so dramatically, and the pain, which surgery couldn’t address, was also decreasing steadily. I can’t recommend Patrick and TAI Newberg highly enough.

  73. I had insertional Achilles Tendinitis. With the treatment I received I was able to recover to be ready for my track season and saw a lot of improvement with my tendinitis in a short amount of time. -EW

  74. The staff was great. Very helpful. They helped me with the issue I had with my elbow.

  75. Came in right after my right hip replacement for therapy. They told me what was needed, and we went through the process. They were very knowledgeable and worked to get me in better shape. Thank you!

  76. I was really surprised how much better my back pain was after meeting with Patrick in just a few treatments. I can now do many of my favorite activities again with out pain. I would certainly go back to Newberg Physical Therapy if needed.

  77. Came in with foot pain which prevented me from enjoying my favorite hobbies. My referring Dr. was considering surgery with a lengthy recovery. My PT appointments got me all fixed up with no surgery. Staff was detailed, caring, and very easy to work with. Scheduling was a breeze and I had no problems with my insurance company. Great, knowledgeable staff, who are evidence based. All you could ask for in PT.

  78. I had a great experience here. The staff and especially Patrick has been very patient and knowledgeable. I feel much better in a fairly short amount of time. We can recommend this office very highly.

  79. I felt that the people here truly cared for my improvement and showed me useful techniques to better myself. It means a lot to have clinicians who care deeply for their patients.

  80. Pat (of Newberg Physical Therapy) was recently having a baby with the help of his wife. He enlisted Scott (of Forest Grove Physical Therapy) to come to Newberg and cover my appointments during his absence. Scott provided the same wonderful therapy sessions I had come to expect from Pat.
    I appreciate that dedication to maintaining my therapy schedule.

  81. The Newberg Office seems to be a very friendly and happy workplace. Pat is knowledgeable and energetic, and he explains in understandable language how his recommended treatment will help with my problem.
    -Larry R