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Portland Motion Lab - DIERS 4D Motion Analysis

Movement is medicine, and our ability to accurately measure it is imperative if our intention is to fully optimize it. Gone are the days that we need to rely on “eyeballing” movement or using 2 dimensional low-fidelity motion capture from a tablet to make rough assumptions about 3-dimensional movement mechanics.

The Motion Lab, built on the revolutionary 4D Diers motion capture capabilities, brings motion analysis that has previously been reserved to research institutions and high performance sports organizations, to our clinic.

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DIERS - Full Motion Analysis - Portland - Motion Lab - 4D MovementIn the never-ending pursuit of better capturing, calculating and quantifying movement, the Portland Athletic Center of Excellence (PACE) has entered a strategic partnership with Diers Medical. Diers has already proven to be an international industry leader in high fidelity 4D movement capture,
being used extensively across the globe in hospitals and research institutions to fully and accurately capture spinal and full body kinetics and kinematics.

The integration of a Diers movement analysis system in to the Motion Lab will provide us access to invaluable and comprehensive data that is needed to develop your treatment plan, as well as measure and map your progress.


  • Pioneering 3D-Technology
  • Radiation-free evaluation
  • Fraction of the cost of MRI and X-ray
  • Covered by insurance
  • Simultaneous measurements of spine, legs and feet
  • Validated and reliable


3-Dimensional Spinal Modeling: The ability to measure the 3 dimensional static position of your spine, as well as what happens within a few degrees of accuracy at each vertebral level while walking or running.

3-Dimensional, Full Body Motion Capture: Utilizing 4 high speed cameras and strategically placed body markers, we are able to accurately measure your body as it moves.

Foot Pressure Mapping: Our high-speed treadmill, built on a platform of pressure sensors, allows us to both measure your static plantar foot pressure as well as your foot pressure and motion mapping while walking or running.

EMG: Electromyography is a technology that allows for the assessment of muscle and nerve function during static (standing) and dynamic (walking and running) activities.


AT Still Paper: Appraisal of the DIERS method for calculating postural measurements – an observational study. Click here to view

Betsch Motion Analysis: Evaluation of a Novel Spine and Surface Topography System for Dynamic Spinal Curvature Analysis during Gait. Click here to view

Comparison Frerich Open O: Comparison of Radiographic and Surface Topography Measurements in Adolescents with Idiopathic Scoliosis. Click here to view

Motion Reproducibility: Evaluating the Reproducibility of Motion Analysis Scanning of the Spine during Walking. Click here to view

Barefoot Motion OJTR: Comparison of Barefoot vs. Shod Gait on Spinal Dynamics Using DIERS Formetric 4D and DIERS Pedoscan Systems. Click here to view



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