PACE Performance Lab is powered by Steve Merz from Output Performance Optimization

OutputPerformanceOptimization_LogoThe Performance Lab at Portland Athletic Center of Excellence provides bike fit, running assessment, high speed motion capture and other performance optimization services to help take you to the next level within your sport. We serve elite caliber athletes, young developing athletes early in their sports careers, and individuals aspiring to enhance their active lifestyle. The PACE Performance Lab services are provided in a state-of-the-art environment with technology from gebioMized, Optogate, Dartfish, and Purely Custom. If you want to improve your athletic performance, our services are for you!

For bike fitting and cycling analysis questions, please contact Stephen Merz:

Phone – (843) 991-0387

For running assessment questions, please contact PACE:
Phone – (503) 283-8133

About our Performance Lab Specialist

PACE_MerzSStephen A. Merz

A cycling industry veteran and an endurance athlete with a background in sports performance solutions and cycling technology. Over a decade in the endurance sports industry, a dynamic and detail – oriented analysis professional. Works with clients from varying disciplines on a daily basis, provides accurate data, comprehensive analysis and equipment solutions for athletes and sports professionals. Specializes in optimizing and improving the primary human systems & pathways involved in endurance athletics. Previous relationships with vendors and top clients such as; Trek Bikes, USAT, and Cyclologic of Scottsdale. Holds multiple certifications from the leaders in sports performance analysis and continued education in strength and conditioning. Establishes long-term relationships with clients that result in increased ROI and proven results for elite level athletes and enthusiasts alike.  “Combining a scientific approach to the understanding that every athlete is unique, is at the heart of performance analysis.”

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