All running assessment services utilize the revolutionary motion capture system, Optogait. Optogait allows for precise motion capture capabilities, including information on contract time, flight time, different phases of contract down to the thousandths of a second. Optogait testing has become a mainstay in the biomechanical testing of many of the best runners in the world, including all the Oregon Project athletes that have partnered with PACE.

For questions or to schedule a running assessment, please contact PACE:

Phone – (503) 283-8133
Email[email protected]


Data and Interpretation – $175
Gathering the data will take 30-45 minutes and then the good stuff happens; interpretation to tell you what it all means! Our team works with many of the best runners in the world, gathering pertinent data and then interpreting it to allow that information to better influence training decisions. One of our performance specialists will spend 45 minutes with you going over the data, interpreting what it means and highlighting the areas that might need attention to better optimize efficiency, minimize injury potential and lead to better performance.


Running Evaluation – $240
Your running assessment will include:

  • A whole body functional movement screen, from discrete to gross motions, that has been clinically established in both recreational and elite level athlete models.
  • A video analysis and review where your form/technique is referenced against ideal models.
  • A comprehensive and individualized program including explanations, pictures, and videos of a variety of specific interventions for strengthening, flexibility, and movement drills.
  • Evaluation and recommendation of running shoe types.

Our system recommends follow up sessions to review your program’s effect, modify or progress exercises, and establish your ability to take control of your running optimization. This opportunity is primarily for runners who want to get better at running. So help take handle on your own potential, and let our experience guide you towards your goals.

**$120 for additional follow-up visits (45-60 min) of re-assessment and re-tooling your personalized program.**

Elite Running Evaluation Package – $375
Get what the pros get! This is the full-meal-deal, data gathering, interpretation and then a formulated intervention strategy to strengthen your weaknesses, create flexibility where you have tightness, improve running posture and mechanics, improve efficiency and performance optimization. 90 minutes will be spent with one of our Physiotherapist performance specialists providing specific interpretation of information, doing a comprehensive clinical assessment and then outlining a personalized program to address everything that is found during the discovery process.

**Includes two 45-60 minute follow up visits of re-assessment and re-tooling your personalized program.**

Remote Assessment
Do you need some fine tuning on your running form but don’t live in Portland? We’ve got your covered! This was not previously a package that we’ve offered, but one that we’ve been asked many times to provide and have done so with surprising success. This puts a bit more of up-front workload in your hands as we’ll ask you to send a series of videos doing a handful of functional activities (single leg squat, single leg hopping down a line, kneeling rotation, etc) and videos from front and rear of you running on a treadmill at different speeds. We’ll also ask you to fill out a questionnaire since we won’t be able to have a conversation with you in real life. The entire process for you will take about an hour, collecting videos and answering information, then it’ll be in our hands for interpretation and to create a personalized intervention strategy. Much of this work will be done using a shared drop-box account, where you can drop videos and submit information and we can share documents back to you.

Initial data collection, interpretation and phase one intervention process – $200

  • You’ll get video interpretation of running mechanics and areas we hope to address
  • PDF documents outlining your personal exercise program with videos and pics of each drill
  • Additional information (when appropriate) educating you on other pertinent areas to focus on.

Follow up modification to your program – $135

  • Additional data collection, interpretation and modification to intervention strategy

Email [email protected] to coordinate your remote assessment.