PACE - Aki Yoshikawa

Aki Yoshikawa, PTA

Motion Lab Technician | Physical Therapist Assistant

Being a judoka and wrestler, Aki found himself in physical therapy quite often during his competitive years. He quickly learned about the effectiveness of strength training and physical therapy and how important it can be to his health and performance. Pursuing these interests on an academic level, Aki completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness at Arizona State and a Associate of Science degree at Ohlone Community College as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

As a Silicon Valley native, Aki loves keeping up with technology and had the greatest times at school in his exercise physiology, and biomechanics labs. Traditionally, high end motion analysis labs have been restricted to researchers/students at Universities and professional sport teams. Aki is excited to work with a team that is making this technology available to the general public. He feels that it will benefit not only medical providers with additional information, but help people to understand their movement patterns or injuries.

Aki is a technician at the Therapeutic Associates Motion Lab.