NPPT_Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Chris graduated in 1999 with his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the MGH-Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA, and developed into one of that area’s top orthopedic therapists. He transitioned to a Doctorate in PT in 2004 and became a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist prior to relocating here in Portland in 2009. Across his career he has helped rehabilitate athletes of all ages and abilities – novice through Olympian – across a range of sports, including triathlon, cycling, rowing, swimming, volleyball, track and field, and Nordic skiing. After 22 years of racing triathlons (including 18 Ironmen with a PR of 9:10 and 9 qualifications for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships), Chris has changed his focus toward cyclocross, all while battling Multiple Sclerosis. Contact Chris at: [email protected]

Articles written by Chris Ramsey

All About the Attitude; Pelvic Attitude, that is…

We’ve all heard about the importance of the “core” to performance and injury prevention. Today, we will arrive at a particular muscle of the core, but talk more about bones; specifically how pelvic attitude can force compensations throughout the entirety of the rest of the skeletal system.

Blog Posts written by Chris Ramsey

Brewers for MS: A Special Evening at DTNA - RAW vs MS

Friday, May 18th saw Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) host a special event to raise money for the National MS Society. It started as a conversation between me and a friend and award-winning home-brewer named Joe Edelen, and employee at DTNA. He had made a case of beer for me and put a custom label (my phoenix/scorpion) on the bottles.

A Look At 9 Days of Training - RAW vs MS

Here's a quick glimpse into what 9 days of training looks like for Chris Ramsey as he prepares for the Race Across the West. Saturday (5/5): 209 miles, 11:40 ride time, Beaverton to Astoria and back....

Tell Me About the National Multiple Sclerosis Society - RAW vs MS

Numerous people have asked questions about MS. What is it? Who gets it? Where does it come from? These are not short answers, if they even have answers yet. But one place you can find a lot of information on it for the newly diagnosed, oldly (can I say that?) diagnosed, family and friends of those diagnosed, and even health care providers for those diagnosed with MS, is the National MS Society.

Mental Toughness - Further Prepping for Success in 2018 - RAW vs MS

My RAW 2017 attempt saw success in many ways, and failure in at least as many. For better or worse, we humans seem to learn best from our failures. I hope to demonstrate the rule rather than the exception in 2018. Of all the things that went badly in 2017, the one thing that brought me a DNF next to my name took the shape of mental toughness. And specifically, the distinction between mental toughness and tenacity.

Choose Your Goals Carefully - RAW vs MS

Goals form the basis by which we measure success. Realistic or not, the goal itself determines the pathways we take in the attempt to obtain them. Today I want to talk about two of the basic categories of goals: Outcome and Process Goals. Understanding the difference might make the difference between success and failure in your next event - even when the result in the race itself remains un

The Significance of Fitness - RAW vs MS

I often quip to my patients that “if the benefits of exercise were instant, everyone would exercise.” Obtaining the benefit of exercise typically requires one to remain consistent for extensive periods of time - months to years. And cessation of that pattern fairly quickly results in losing those hard-fought gains.

What's in a Symbol - RAW vs MS

The Phoenix - the bird of myth which dies in, and is reborn from fire. In 2014, amidst a nearly year-long clinical depression, I realized that MS required me to become a phoenix. I need(ed) to find the ability to redefine who I was and who I could be. And it may well do so on a constant basis. In some ways this was similar to having an injury - something I’d dealt with regularly as a highly-competitive triathlete for 22 years.

Unfinished Business - RAW vs MS

The Race Across the West (RAW) is a 928-mile bike race starting in Oceanside, CA crossing 4 states, the Coastal Mountain Range, the Mojave Desert, and part of the Rocky Mountains. Racers have less than 4 days to finish. 2018 will again pair the mental and physical extremes of such a feat alongside the challenges of multiple sclerosis (MS) as Chris Ramsey toes the line for the second time with the goal of finishing both the race as well as raise money and awareness to finish MS.