Chris Ramsey

Physical Therapist

Chris graduated in 1999 with his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the MGH-Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA, and developed into one of that area’s top orthopedic therapists. He transitioned to a Doctorate in PT in 2004 and became a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist prior to relocating here in Portland in 2009. Across his career he has helped rehabilitate athletes of all ages and abilities – novice through Olympian – across a range of sports, including triathlon, cycling, rowing, swimming, volleyball, track and field, and Nordic skiing. After 22 years of racing triathlons (including 18 Ironmen with a PR of 9:10 and 9 qualifications for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships), Chris has changed his focus toward cyclocross, all while battling Multiple Sclerosis. Contact Chris at: [email protected]

Articles written by Chris Ramsey

All About the Attitude; Pelvic Attitude, that is…

We’ve all heard about the importance of the “core” to performance and injury prevention. Today, we will arrive at a particular muscle of the core, but talk more about bones; specifically how pelvic attitude can force compensations throughout the entirety of the rest of the skeletal system.