Rachael Rapinoe


My work with athletes consists of bridging the gap between performance work and performance outcomes. Integrating foundational strength, power and movement skill (agility & speed work) training, along with soccer-specific training will take your game to the next level. Every athlete needs to build a solid strength foundation, in order to generate the amount of power soccer requires to last a full game. Furthermore, without the ability to generate power, an athlete’s reaction time and movement skill (speed & agility) will be compromised. We train young athletes (boys & girls), collegiate athletes and women’s professional soccer players in all of these areas. There is untapped potential in every athlete, let us help you find it!


  • University of Portland women’s soccer team – 2004-2008
  • Won Division 1 National Championship in 2005
  • WCC honors, 2nd team + all-academic team 2006
  • All region academic team 2006
  • B.S. Life Sciences
  • Played professional for Stjarnan, FC (Iceland) 2010
  • M.S. in Health in Exercise, Portland State University (2018)
  • Co-founded Rapinoe SC 2015
  • Performance & Soccer Trainer 2015-present
  • University of Portland women’s soccer performance coach, January 2018-present

*Associate Provider