Strength Training for Endurance Athletes at Portland PACE

Program Details

Focus Points:
Posture – Stability – Mobility – Elasticity – Balance – Power – Tissue Health and Recovery

Target Athlete:
Those athletes sensing that their performances (running, cycling, swimming) have suffered due to improper biomechanics and strength. Open to athletes of all abilities, this program will help build a solid training platform in the off season. If you are dealing with limitations on your training or consistent injuries this may be a good place to start for you.

Increase the potential of the athlete in training and performance by improving power and efficiency of movement.

Movements will be geared towards postural awareness and proper muscle recruitment to decrease the onset of injury and improve running efficiency and speed.

Class Structure:
Classes begin with a dynamic warm-up focusing on core activation, muscle preparation (using Trigger Point Therapy products), coordination, balance and mobility. The main portion of each session will incorporate exercises combining balance, mobility, power and speed.

Our Coaches

Becca Meierbachtol (click for bio)

Lara Stone (click for bio)

David McHenry (click for bio)

For more information please contact Lara or Becca at: [email protected] or [email protected].

Pricing and Upcoming Sessions

Price: $12 Drop In

Location: Portland P.A.C.E.

Visit our Events Webpage for details on upcoming sessions.

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