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Meet Our Team

David V. McHenry, PT, DPT

Clinic Director | Physical Therapist
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Sports Physical Therapy
  • Certification in Orthopedic Manual Therapy

David graduated from Penn State University in 1999 with a BS in kinesiology and played quarterback on the perennial powerhouse football team. He earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Slippery Rock University in 2002. David’s practice specialty is strength and conditioning, and consulting with athletes, teams, and sports organizations throughout the US and Europe. You can contact David directly at: [email protected]

Lyndsay Provencio, PT, DPT

Practice Manager | Physical Therapist
  • Certified in Scoliosis Specific Exercise

Lyndsay graduated from Colorado State University in 2011 with a BS in Health and Exercise Science and a concentration in Sports Medicine. After multiple personal sports related injuries and discovering a passion for healing through movement, Lyndsay attended Creighton University to receive her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Lyndsay is inspired to treat the whole person, not just the injury, and has found a niche in working with athletes of all ages. Being an avid runner herself, she has a particular interest in working with endurance athletes and is currently undergoing specialty training in pelvic floor rehabilitation to better serve her clientele. Additionally, Lyndsay is BSPTS C1 certified in scoliosis specific exercise and has found a niche working with pediatrics and adolescents with scoliosis to improve overall posture with hopes of reducing spinal curve progression. Beyond her specialties in pelvic floor rehab and scoliosis specific exercise, Lyndsay has broad experience treating a wide range of orthopedic conditions.

A native to Colorado, Lyndsay is an adventure seeker who loves to hike, camp, and trail run. When the Portland rain hits, you can find her curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. She looks forward to providing you with the best individualized care possible to help you achieve your personal goals!

NPPT_Chris Ramsey

Chris Ramsey, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist
  • Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy

Chris graduated in 1999 with his Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the MGH-Institute of Health Professions in Boston, MA, and developed into one of that area’s top orthopedic therapists. He transitioned to a Doctorate in PT in 2004 and became a Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist prior to relocating here in Portland in 2009. Across his career he has helped rehabilitate athletes of all ages and abilities – novice through Olympian – across a range of sports, including triathlon, cycling, rowing, swimming, volleyball, track and field, and Nordic skiing. After 22 years of racing triathlons (including 18 Ironmen with a PR of 9:10 and 9 qualifications for the Hawaii Ironman World Championships), Chris has changed his focus toward cyclocross, all while battling Multiple Sclerosis. Contact Chris at: [email protected]

NPPT_JT Leidholt

J.T. Leidholt, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Golf Fitness Instructor

J.T. graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.S. in Sports & Exercise Science and a minor in Human Biology. While participating in collegiate baseball, he personally experienced the benefits of physical therapy. He decided to turn his passion for movement into a profession by earning his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine, with an emphasis in orthopedic manual therapy.

J.T. enjoys treating patients of all backgrounds and believes physical therapy should follow the narrative of resilience and empowerment that focuses on the entire individual, not just an injury or diagnosis. He utilizes various treatment approaches and truly believes movement is the key to feeling better and returning to sport/activity. As an avid golfer, he also enjoys providing golf screens and continues to undergo training through the Titleist Performance Institute. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist, J.T. also enjoys working with local youth sports programs to improve performance and reduce injury.

As a Colorado native, J.T. grew up in the mountains and enjoys all the outdoor activities Oregon offers and continues to explore in his free time. He’s always open to recommendations on new places to surf, camp, or play golf.

PACE - Aki Yoshikawa

Aki Yoshikawa, PTA

Motion Lab Technician | Physical Therapist Assistant

Being a judoka and wrestler, Aki found himself in physical therapy quite often during his competitive years. He quickly learned about the effectiveness of strength training and physical therapy and how important it can be to his health and performance. Pursuing these interests on an academic level, Aki completed a Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science and Wellness at Arizona State and a Associate of Science degree at Ohlone Community College as a Physical Therapist Assistant.

As a Silicon Valley native, Aki loves keeping up with technology and had the greatest times at school in his exercise physiology, and biomechanics labs. Traditionally, high end motion analysis labs have been restricted to researchers/students at Universities and professional sport teams. Aki is excited to work with a team that is making this technology available to the general public. He feels that it will benefit not only medical providers with additional information, but help people to understand their movement patterns or injuries.

Aki is a technician at the Therapeutic Associates Motion Lab.

Shirley Garrett

Administrative Supervisor

Shirley is the Office Manager, aka Queen of Everything, of PACE. Joining David when his Physical Therapy practice started in 2003, Shirley, formerly a stay-at-home mother of 3, took charge of the daily office operations of David’s practice. A serious motorcycle accident in 2006 gave Shirley a more personal insight into the patient side of physical therapy. She spent months under David, Shawn, and Kurt’s care, being massaged, manipulated, scraped, worked-out, and worked-over; eventually learning to walk again – without even a limp. Shirley is currently working on her BA in Business Administration. Contact Shirley at: [email protected]

Meet Our Service Partners

Kurt Marion, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist*

Born in Indiana, raised in Wisconsin, Kurt spent his after college years racing his bike and trying to find himself. Through his wife’s prompting, he started at a massage school in Colorado Springs, CO, and loved it. Making his way west he met up with Dave, and has been with PACE since the beginning.

Kurt’s focus:

  • the ACTIVE body
  • Sports Massage, treatment-based interaction
  • Utilizes Myofascial, Gua Sha, and Neuro-Muscular techniques
  • BS, Sociology, UW-Whitewater
  • Degree, Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy

For questions or to reach Kurt, contact him at: [email protected]

Online scheduling

For more information about massage therapy services offered by Kurt, click here.

* Kurt is an Independent Service Partner.

Wilfredo Benitez, MScN, M.Ed.

Nutritionist* On Pace Wellness

Will is a nutritionist and owner of On Pace Wellness. He graduated from National University of Natural Medicine with a Master’s in Nutrition Science in 2017 and began practicing right after graduating. Will believes that navigating the balance between nutrition and food is key for anyone working on enhancing their health. For nutrition optimization to be sustained, there needs to be a sound coaching process that involves nutrition education, realistic goal-setting, and establishing manageable nutrition and behavior adjustments. Will’s approach to nutrition coaching is one that relies on effective communication, nutrition education, realistic expectations, and sustainable change.

Although he does not do so exclusively, Will often works with athletes and those who enjoy or want to enjoy an active lifestyle, helping them to optimize their nutrition to elevate their performance and their health. Will also specializes in nutrition for injury recovery, helping athletes and non-athletes recover more efficiently from injury, surgical procedures, and symptoms that may be lingering from chronic inflammation.

Also a certified running coach, Will develops individualized training plans to help athletes train for their running goals.

Prior to becoming a nutritionist, Will was a school teacher in his home state of New Jersey. He firmly believes that education is important, which is why nutrition education is a core element of his overall philosophy. Will lives in SW Portland with his wife, Valentina, who will earn her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine in June 2019.

Visit for more information.

* Will is an Independent Service Partner.

Seth Watterson - Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy - PACE

Seth Watterson, DC


Dr. Seth Watterson is a Board certified Chiropractor with a background in health and fitness training. He practices at Bloom Natural Healthcare in NE, where he works with a host of practitioners in a multidisciplinary clinic. Seth takes his patients through all stages of healing – starting with chiropractic care, progressing towards functional movements, and finally, all the way through active rehabilitation. Fracturing his Lumbar spine as a student athlete at the age of 16 sparked an interest to study the spine. Through rehabilitative therapies, Seth was able to continue playing baseball while also following a passion for board sports. He traveled across Oregon and Washington on a semi-professional competitive Wakeboarding circuit by the age of 18.

Seth received certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a certified personal trainer and health and fitness instructor. He received his Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in muscle physiology, from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon in 2004. He went on to pursue his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Western States Chiropractic College. Seth also has practical experience in biomechanics and biochemistry. His work at various athletic events, from triathlons to gymnastics meets, adds to the team of professionals already found at P.A.C.E.

Contact Seth at: [email protected]
To schedule an appointment with Seth, please visit:

* Seth is an Independent Service Partner.

Becca Meierbachtol

Coach/Trainer* FRESH Performance

Becca graduated from the University of Portland with a Bachelor of Science in Life Science. She played on the Women’s Division I soccer team at the University of Portland, where the team clinched the Division I National Championship in 2005. Becca was awarded Most Inspirational player during the championship season. Her continuing education includes a diploma from the National Personal Training Institute where she not only gained a well-rounded knowledge of personal training, but she continued to develop her passion for helping people become stronger and happier. In 2011 Becca started FRESH Performance, where she continues to work with a variety of different athletes, including the Oregon Ballet dancers, individuals from the Portland Thorns women’s professional soccer team, and the Portland STAGS men’s professional ultimate team. Becca is now ACPT certified and can be reached at: [email protected]

* Becca is an Independent Service Partner.

Allison Pelot

Coach/Trainer* Pure Energy Wellness

Allison began her career in holistic health by first spending 15 years as a competitive gymnast. Her passion for teaching soon grew and lead her to pursue an exercise science degree from Georgia State University, while working part-time as a gymnastics coach and fitness professional.

After the birth of her two beautiful boys, she soon discovered the state of her health had drastically changed. She began to question her experience of modern medicine and how it was working for her. Soon after, she started to become fascinated with holistic practices and how the body has great potential to heal itself naturally.

This lead her to study master-level courses in holistic health, nutrition, exercise science, and rehabilitation with the CHEK Institute in San Diego, CA. By learning how to gradually change her nutrition and lifestyle, she was able to overcome asthma, digestive problems, and chronic inflammation by simply changing what she ate and how she moved.

Feeling personally empowered by her experiences, she began sharing her knowledge with clients, and as a result, formed Pure Energy Wellness in 2004. Allison has now been a fitness and nutrition professional for almost 20 years, and her experience with each client has shaped her practice to become what it is today.

“I love connecting with people, helping them feel better, providing them with tools they never knew they had, and developing self-awareness around food and movement.” Allison Pelot

Offering One-on-One, Small Group training sessions and Nutritional Coaching. Contact me today to sign up!


B. S. in Exercise Science – GA State University

  • CHEK Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach Level 1, 2 and 3
  • CHEK Exercise Coach

Scientific Core Conditioning | Scientific Back Training | Advanced Program Design | Equal But Not The Same – the science and art of training females

  • Movnat Certified Trainer
  • Gymnastics strength training

*Allison is an Independent Service Partner.

Amy Lennon, DC


Amy graduated from SUNY Buffalo in 86’ and came to Portland to earn her Doctorate in Chiropractic in 91’ at UWS. As a provider she uses tools drawn from decades of gained knowledge through experience of nearly 30 years in practice. She uses a mesh of movement-evaluation measures & hands-on palpation to help dissect flaws & adaptations in her patients ability to control their load, as they move through their world (during sport, sitting, gardening, stumbling on a path, etc).* Rarely is the painful spot, the problem spot. She understands the complexities of injury, both clinically and personally having had significant spinal injuries herself acknowledging the importance of maintaining movement for mental health & to swiftly identify new goals and motivations. Hearing from and treating the whole-person is paramount and one of the reasons she is grateful to her chiropractic education, having had in-depth training on, and the legal freedom to use the broad scope of practice she possesses. As primary care in Oregon, she can request an MRI or the necessary lab work that will help achieve an accurate diagnosis; she can easily tackle nutritional evaluations and prescribe nutritional advice or refer for specialty examinations. Although trained in chiropractic, she is very discerning about the use of force with regard to manipulation which puts fearful patients and providers at ease. Observing other movement specialists has been a regular pastime of Amy’s, collecting many hours learning from others: chiropractors, surgeons, physiatrists, PT’s, yoga & crossfit teachers, and more. Over the years she has accumulated a substantial & multidimensional referral base and believes that co-treating with trusted providers brings a new layer of intelligence to unified care, benefiting the patient and the providers through common learning & mutual respect.

Background: Amy has been faculty at UWS on and off since 1992, initially as Director of Womens Health and more recently with classroom instruction and in Outpatient Clinical settings. She has 9 years of clinical experience working with GYN MDs in routine well-women’s health and has participated in research on women’s health. She has experience as an expert witness in court, has developed with her husband/business partner, a very successful private practice of 26 years and has also acted as the on-site provider for many soccer, track, and triathlon events (including the IRONMAN).

Personal: Amy has spent decades running both recreationally and competitively. She has participated in marathons and triathlons, & surprised to have placed in a few, and throughout her life has participated in other sports; earlier playing volleyball & softball, then ultimate frisbee and most recently triathlons again. Now she is re-learning her physical limits with more gentle approaches to movement. Her most courageous highlight was moving to South America with her family and trusting her practice and home would survive without her. They did! She loves spending time with her husband and three children, traveling, hiking, working out and practicing meditation. She works several days a week at HawthorneChiropractic, alongside an energetic and talented team. She greatly enjoys the camaraderie and strength with movement approach here at PACE and is so grateful and excited to collaborate even further in the future.

Certifications: FAKTRE, SFMA, Biomechanics-ART, ART, Graston, Shacklocks Neurodynamics, McGill, etc

Contact Amy at: [email protected]

* Amy is an Independent Service Partner.

DeShawn Fontleroy

Coach/Trainer* Proforce Athletics

DeShawn Fontleroy, USATF L1, USAW Sports Performance Coach, FMS is the founder of Proforce Athletics. He specializes in problems of training, including the role of strength training, sprinting, and jumping ability in athletes’ physical preparation. He has facilitated lectures and seminars concerning the theory of sports training and helped professional hockey, football, and MMA athletes develop explosive power and jumping ability. His programs are also compounded and melded with sport psychology and sociology of sport.

Contact DeShawn at: [email protected] or visit his website at:

* DeShawn is an Independent Service Partner.

Jeff Tedder

Coach/Trainer* Solid Core Training

Jeff is the owner of Solid Core Training. He is a Cycling, Strength, and Conditioning Coach and has a wide-ranging athletic background in several competitive sports, including Cross Country, Track, Baseball, Softball, and cycling. He is currently committed to primarily cycling and has been competing for the last 10 years in the Northwest, doing Road Racing, Time Trials, Criteriums, and Cyclecross. Dedication to his athletes is something he is very serious about, and he takes pride in being a very motivating coach, both in class and working individually with athletes. He coaches several Sports Conditioning classes and Cycling Interval classes at Portland PACE. Jeff is also a Hammer Nutrition Product Specialist. He stocks and sells Hammer’s complete line of products and educates athletes with Endurance Fueling programs for training and racing. Contact Jeff at: [email protected] or visit his website at:

* Jeff is an Independent Service Partner.

William Balogh


“It is my honor and privilege to help others access a greater level of self-expression through the physical self. I have spent 10 years of my professional life dedicated to the exploration of physical fitness and strength in many different avenues. It is my work and craft to aid others in their exploration as well.

The majority of my work stems from or is attached to the field of corrective exercise. You are only as strong as your weakest link, and that is where I start. My current work and focus is centered around training the body via barbell and/or kettlebells while intertwining vinyasa style yoga into a method that I call Sequence and Strength.”

Please feel free to reach out: [email protected]

* William is an Independent Service Partner.

TP Brown

Coach/Trainer* Elite Sport Performance

TP is the owner and Head Strength Coach of Elite Sport Performance. Elite Sport Performance is committed to designing and implementing effective, efficient, and functional training programs to maximize each client’s athletic and physical potential. We aim to provide unparalleled training for athletes as well as individuals pursuing the goal of reaching their maximum potential – mentally and physically.

A Portland native, TP graduated from Grant High School and went on to play college ball at Alabama A&M. After college, TP worked in the NBA and AFL, and for the last 8 years he has coached High School Football in the Portland area.

All of TP’s experiences working with athletes gave birth to the E.S.P. methodology:
Prepare mentally and physically, to Perform at a high level consistently, and to Prevail on and off the field, court, and in life. Work ethic, determination, and desire characterize an ESP Athlete.

Contact TP at: [email protected].

* TP is an Independent Service Partner.

Pat Geraghty


Pat’s training methods are derived from the disciplines of exercise science, physical therapy, and yoga. His clinical work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy at Kwan Yin Healing Arts Center East and his background as a former Division I collegiate baseball athlete at the University of Portland guide his approach. Pat is currently a human anatomy professor at the University of Portland and yoga instructor at Root Whole Body in Portland, OR. He also spent 2 years working with the University of Oregon Ducks track and field and cross country teams. Training sessions include therapeutic and strength-building sequences utilizing kettle bells, barbell work, asana (yoga posture) and body weight exercise. Sessions are beneficial for recreational movers and athletes alike. He wants to thank Michael McMahon of Portland’s Moving Mountain Institute for an ongoing collaboration that deepens a creative appreciation for connective anatomy and the art of healing. Lastly, he feels so fortunate to continually have the opportunity to study with Sarah Robinette, a student and ambassador of the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar.

* Pat is an Independent Service Partner.

Bob Williams

Bob Williams


Bob grew up in Eugene, Oregon and competed at the University of Oregon from 1963-1967. He continued to be mentored by Bill Bowerman for many years following. Bob uses the same coaching principles and practices of overload and adaptation that he was taught, as well as the latest in sports science to provide the individual athlete with a blue print for success.

As a competitive athlete, Bob was the 1967 PAC-8 Steeplechase Champion and an All-American in 1967 in the 3000 m Steeplechase. He also competed in the 1968 (5th) and 1972 USA Olympic Trials in the Steeplechase.

Bob has been the Assistant Track and Cross Country Coach at Concordia University since 2010. In that time he has coached eight NAIA All-American Men and Women runners from 600 m through 3000 m, the 3000 m Steeplechase, and an 800 m National Champion.

Among some of Bob’s accomplishments as a coach over the past 40 years: 14 men and women to the USA Olympic Marathon Trials; 10 State High School Champions from the 800 m to 3000; one athlete to the 4th fastest 800 m runner in the USA at 1:47.6 (2009); another athlete to an American record of 9:49.43 in the 3000 m Steeplechase (2001); and yet another athlete to a National USATF 1st place.

* Bob is an Independent Service Partner.

Becca Moros

Becca Moros


Becca is a seven-year veteran of professional soccer, having spent two years playing in Japan, and winning championships in four out of seven seasons. Becca is a graduate of Duke University, where she was captain of the women’s soccer team her senior year. She played on the US Youth National Team and is a lover of international soccer. Becca is passionate about the technical and tactical sides of the game, and she enjoys teaching kids these elements, as well as helping them learn life lessons through sport.

* Becca is an Independent Service Partner.

Molly Cameron

Coach/Trainer* Portland Bicycle Studio

Molly Cameron founded Portland Bicycle Studio in 2001 and has been fundamental in the growth of the passionate and diverse culture of bicycling in Portland, Oregon. She manages professional athletes and developmental cycling programs; creating jobs and opportunities for women within endurance sports. With high standards and a commitment to giving back to the community, she believes in doing everything to support grassroots, fun efforts while nurturing athletes who are pursuing an elite career.

A career that spans European World Cups and Classic Cyclocross races, the very first UCI races in Japan and China, multiple professional and single speed championship titles and a world of racing experience across the globe. As one of the most influential cyclocross riders of the era, Molly has been influential in developing and refining standards and technology from braking and shifting systems, tread patterns and tire materials, bicycle geometry, clothing design and material.

With extremely high standards and attention to detail, Molly offers this experience and expertise to her clients and athletes to help them achieve excellence.

* Molly is an Independent Service Partner.