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High School Outreach

At Oregon City Physical Therapy, we are constantly looking to bring an elite model of care to the high school student-athletes in the area. Our outreach program has been designed to correct some of the shortfalls of the traditional sports medicine model followed at the high school level. Our sports medicine team consists of physical therapists, athletic trainers, and sports performance specialists working in conjunction with medical doctors who are dedicated to a superior model of care for high school student-athletes. The principles that guide our programs are commitment to comprehensive care, communication, and student-athlete and parent education. These are aspects that we think any sports medicine team needs in order to be successful. We have implemented the tools and resources to put these principles into practice.

To our staff, comprehensive care means looking at each individual student-athlete as a whole and helping them to make changes that will improve their health, performance, and outcomes on the field of play. Not only do we treat injuries as they arise, but we take a proactive approach to injury prevention by identifying movement dysfunctions before they become an issue. Each student-athlete who works with our team receives a free Athletic Movement Screen which quantifies strength, movement symmetry, and postural stability. We are also able to provide concussion baseline testing and post-concussion care to Gladstone High School student-athletes through the use of the ImPACT concussion management technology.

We are also happy to provide sport-specific performance testing to our teams. This allows coaches to gain insight into the level of athleticism of their student-athletes and how they compare to others within the team as well as nationally. Results can be used to point out individual student-athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. By removing the subjectivity of analyzing their student-athletes, coaches are able to better tailor their training and practice programs.

In the future we are looking to join resources with professional coaches in the area by providing sports camps for student-athletes. By doing this, we are able to enhance the normal sports camp experience with professional biomechanical movement analysis and injury screens.