Programs and Services

Physical Therapy Services

Acute Low Back Pain Care
If you have experienced low back pain, you are not alone. Approximately 80% of individuals will experience it sometime in their lives. At any given point in time, 1 in 4 people have low back pain that interferes with work, routine daily activities, or recreation. Although it is common, low back pain is often misunderstood and left untreated.
Manual Therapy
The term “manual therapy” refers to hands-on treatment of muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joints. Manual therapy encompasses a broad group of sophisticated techniques performed by hand and by uniquely trained physical therapists. These may include mobilizations or manipulations of soft tissue and skeletal joints. Manual therapy techniques aim to decrease pain and increase function.
Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Orthopedic Physical Therapy is the core of our practice and represents the majority of the services we offer. Physical Therapy, provided by a licensed Physical Therapist (PT), is a medical specialty that focuses on the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular dysfunction. Physical Therapists specialize in anatomy and physiology and are experts in understanding how movement, posture, and function affect the wellness of an individual.
ASTYM Treatment
Astym® treatment is a therapy that regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.), and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions. Astym® treatment is highly effective and even works when other approaches routinely fail.
Amputee Rehabilitation
We offer a specialized program to provide quality care for patients affected by limb loss by working with each patient individually and tailoring care to their specific needs. We are partnering with Evergreen Orthotics & Prosthetics to provide coordinated care at our numerous locations across Oregon and Washington. Our experts in Physical Therapy provide assessment and treatment of the whole person for functional restoration, prosthetic use, and pain management.
Bethany PT
Free Injury Screen
Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy is here to enhance your health and quality of life by ensuring that pain is not stopping you from enjoying the things you love to do. One way we do this is by offering a direct and free Physical Therapy screen.
Knee Osteoarthritis (Portland Region)
There are lots of ways that physical therapy can assist people with knee osteoarthritis, and it will vary based on the individual and likely involve multiple modes of treatment. Research supports physical therapist-supervised exercise, manual therapy, weight loss, and a variety of other interventions. If possible, it is important to try physical therapy before knee osteoarthritis is severe, because there is more potential for improvement and slowing down progression.
Motor Vehicle Accident Care
Motor vehicle accidents can have devastating effects on the body. It is not uncommon to see everything from whiplash and fractures to muscle strains and tearing. Physical therapy is important in helping those who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, as it helps to reduce stiffness and improve range of motion, while also aiding in overall recovery.
Pediatric Physical Therapy
Pediatric physical therapy assists in the early detection of health problems, in addition to the treatment of a variety of injuries and disorders/diseases that affect the muscles, bones, and joints. Treatments of children from infancy through adolescence focus on improving gross and fine motor skills, balance and coordination, strength and endurance, as well as cognitive and sensory processing and integration.
Pre & Post-Partum Rehabilitation at Oregon City Physical Therapy
The pelvic floor and abdominals go through a lot before, during, and after pregnancy and will affect the way we move throughout the day. We at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy are here to help you return to your optimal function and get you back to doing everything busy moms do!
Temporomandibular Dysfunction
Temporomandibular Dysfunction
Our Temporomandibular Dysfunction Program focuses on assessment, direct intervention, and patient education. The goal of our program is to decrease pain, improve posture, and maximize function of patients through efficient and effective delivery of outcomes-based physical therapy services.
Vestibular Treatment
Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation
Vestibular Therapy is specialized physical therapy directed at the vestibular component of the nervous system. The vestibular system uses information from the eyes, inner ear and extremities to help keep your body balanced. Sometimes, this information is incomplete or distorted, causing dizziness or a loss of balance. The purpose of vestibular therapy is to restore good communication between these sources of information and the brain in order to allow better balance or improve dizziness.
Other Physical Therapy Programs
  • Arthritis Therapy
  • Biomechanical Assessments
  • Body Mechanics Training
  • Fibromyalgia Treatment
  • Myofascial Release
  • Osteoporosis
  • Pre & Post-Operative Rehabilitation

Specialized Performance & Wellness Services

Oregon City PT - Facility
Adult Fit at Oregon City Physical Therapy
At Therapeutic Associates Oregon City Physical Therapy, we believe everyone should be able to participate in the activities and sports they love to the fullest. Adults are no exception, and our AdultFit Programs enable people to reach their goals in these areas. Whether you are a weekend warrior on the golf course or a part time triathlete, our programs will challenge you and make you a better athlete.
Sports Performance ORCI
Advanced Athletic Performance at Oregon City Physical Therapy
Our Advanced Athletic Performance Program is designed to challenge elite high school and college athletes and provide them the tools they need to succeed at the next level. The program will encompass a wide range of training to improve overall athleticism through combining speed, agility & quickness training (SAQ) with strength, power, conditioning and balance training.
Golf Performance at Oregon City Physical Therapy
Our Golf Performance Program is designed to give golfers the physical tools they need to perform on the course and take their golf game to the next level. A strong, balanced and functional body will help any golfer excel in the sport. Let us show you how to get your body in the best shape possible to become the best golfer you can be!
Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy at Oregon City Physical Therapy
Dreamclinic at Therapeutic Associates Oregon City Physical Therapy is your most trusted source for massage in Oregon City, offering Swedish, Deep Tissue and Sports Massages.
Movement Screens & Team Performance Testing at Oregon City Physical Therapy
We are dedicated to not only keep student athletes healthy and on the field but performing at the best of their abilities. To do this, we believe that knowledge of how the athlete moves and performs with testing that simulates key aspects of their sport is powerful to optimize performance. We have a comprehensive staff of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Strength and Conditioning Coaches who are trained to evaluate these aspects of movement and performance.
Nutrition Services at Oregon City Physical Therapy
Whether you are a physical therapy patient or you attend our fitness classes, proper nutrition is important to help you meet all of your goals. We have partnered with Guillory Nutrition & Wellness to help you with all of your nutrition, performance and weight management needs. Kayla takes time to get to know you and help you with a realistic plan that is specific to you.
Sports Performance ORCI
Sports Performance Programs at Oregon City Physical Therapy
Our Sports Performance and Conditioning Program offers Adult Fitness, Advanced Athletic Performance, Golf Performance, Weight Management and Youth Development. Find out More and sign up today!
Youth Development at Oregon City Physical Therapy
Our Youth Development Programs are designed to give developing athletes the tools they need to perform better in their sports. The program focuses on developing overall athleticism and is ideal for athletes looking for that edge over the competition.
Other Specialty Services
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Athletic Training
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Custom Personal Training Plans
  • Gait Analysis
  • Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)
  • Ski & Snowboarding Conditioning
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Work Injury Prevention Consulting