Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. I first came to Therapeutic Associates of Oregon City with knee pain, which I’d had for more than a year. I couldn’t walk more than a mile without pain and swelling, and I was terrified that, at age 40, this was my new reality. Matt worked with me to help me gain strength and mobility as well as help me see the possibilities for the future. He was patient and helped me understand everything I was doing, how it all connected to my overall health and well-being, and changed the way I thought about my future possibilities. I saw improvement steadily and set a goal of walking a half-marathon in the future. Less than 4 months later, I did it! I don’t know that I would have thought I could do this without Matt’s encouragement and help in therapy, and I’m grateful to have my strength and mobility back.

    I saw Matt again after I had minor surgery on my wrist, and I had the same excellent experience. Therapy isn’t always fun or easy, but Matt and his staff are encouraging, patient, knowledgeable, and flexible, customizing your therapy to your needs. Even though I live further away now, I would return to see Matt again if I had any PT needs!

    – Jennifer Roberts

  2. I first met Matthew Rogers at Therapeutic Associates in Lake Oswego. He was helping me with a rotator cuff problem. We instantly connected. Just as he was getting ready to discharge me, I broke my shoulder. Of course, I went right back to him. A few months later, Matt opened his own clinic in Oregon City. Even though he is now located farther away, I knew that I only wanted him to be my therapist. I have gone to other physical therapists in the past, but no one as conscientious as him. Matt is knowledgeable, understanding, sympathetic, and highly educated. I never felt like I was just a patient. I was someone that Matt truly cared about. His office staff is always courteous and efficient. They value your time, and don’t over book.

    My husband also went to Matthew for PT and was happy with the results.

    – Lynn Wagner

  3. My time at Therapeutic Associates Oregon City Physical Therapy was integral in rehabbing my ankle following a severe sprain last year. I spent a few months struggling to find a physical therapist that could actually help with my injury. I wasn’t seeing any progress with the therapists I was working with. I will never be able to thank Matt and Ryan enough for rehabilitating my ankle back to 100% and also training my body in a new, unique way that challenged me and provided quick results. The rehab, along with performance training, is a unique approach that I would recommend to any serious athlete who is returning from injury or wanting to take their athletic ability to the next level.

    – Brad Tinsley

  4. One year ago (October 2012) I fell off a ladder, fracturing both heals at the same time. I had Orthopedic Surgery to pin all the fractures back together and was sent to Physical Therapy to work with Matt Rogers, PT, DPT three months later. Upon arrival at Therapeutic Associates, I was still wheelchair bound and unable to apply body weight to stand or walk. Over the following 6 months I transitioned from wheelchair back to walking independently. Through hard work and the guidance of Matt and his staff, my range of motion, strength, balance, and stamina was returned to the point where I was able to return one year later to the Hells Canyon Wilderness to hunt again! I attribute my recovery successes to the expert care and therapy provided by the knowledge and dedication of Matt.

    We are proud of Kirk and he is a true example of success with Physical Therapy!

    -Kirk Hanson