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  1. I think I always knew it would be important to keep moving, keep those muscles working — but somehow, along the way, I cut back on going to the gym and cut back on walking. Next thing I knew, I was 80 years old, in pain, and weak almost everywhere … legs, hips, back, shoulders. I had trouble sleeping, and getting out of bed, I couldn’t bend over to tie my shoes or pick up things that had fallen to the floor, I couldn’t get things from high or low cupboards, I had trouble getting into and out of my car, and much hip and leg pain when I drove more than just a few miles. I was a mess! Now … a few short months later … thanks to the wonderful staff at Therapeutic Associates … I am pain-free, and deeply committed to what is now my own exercise program, designed to go the distance with me. Jennifer was my therapist and was so very skilled, tuning in to my slightest need, or change – and her warmth and encouragement kept me dedicated to the program and eager to attend my appointments. The entire staff works as one, and I can’t say a big enough thank you.

  2. I started Therapy after my Knee Replacement in September. First of all I was so excited to be able to have Physical Therapy in my own town of Scappoose.
    I have had Physical Therapy in different towns before on injuries and surgeries in the past, and I have to say this is the Best.
    The staff is very encouraging, friendly and caring. My Therapist Jennifer was such an encourager it made me want to go home and work on those exercises to get the knee moving and strengthed.
    I was actually sad on my last day. But thanks for the motivation to get it done.
    If you need Physical Therapy and live in the Scappoose, St. Helens area ,I highly recommended these wonderful people to help you to get the job done.
    Thank You Jennifer and the rest of the staff.

  3. Well, I was back again. This time it was my knee. In the past it’s been shoulder, lower back, tennis elbow, hip, even therapy after heart surgery. I’m sort of falling apart. Fortunately, not the same problem twice. Each time Olya and Jennifer perform their magic and I get better. Sometimes I think, “that’s not going to work” … but it always does! They’re the best and I’m thankful that they’re right here in Scappoose!

  4. My several experiences at Therapeutic Associates in Scappoose have all been very helpful to my physical recovery. Their staff are friendly and accommodating and their practitioners are expert and highly trained as well as talented in the application of various treatment techniques.
    I will not hesitate to return if it is necessary to take advantage of the care and knowledge that the whole team exhibits. I recommend this office to anyone in need of expert physical therapy and good customer service.

  5. I have used Therapeutic Associates after two surgeries and a back injury. Olya’s breadth of knowledge and skilled techniques are remarkable! I would not hesitate to recommend her.

  6. I can’t thank Olya and her team enough for getting me back to the activities I enjoy. I’m 70yrs. old and over weight, but still live and active life. I enjoy shotgun sports, bow hunting, and fishing. My doctor said it would take me nine to twelve months to recover. Now after three months of therapy I’m back shooting again.” If you get to those appointments and do the workouts at home you to may have a faster recovery.” Pain free and loving it. Don

  7. I have been to visit Olya at Therapuetic Asso Scappoose several times over the years. I continue to return because of the excellent care I receive. My last visit was to do rehab for a knee replacement. It was a challenge for me. Olya was so understanding and supportive. It really mattered to her that I get better. That support coming from her just made me work harder. She is very professional, yet warm and friendly too. I felt so comfortable in her clinic that I actually enjoyed going to physical therapy. She loves her work and it shows. Olya is very knowledgeable and I learned a lot from her. I have recovered but still do many of the exercises. I wouldn’t consider going to anyone else and have referred her to my doctors and friends. Thank you Olya. You are the best! Debbie S

  8. Therapeutic Associates in Scappoose is incredible . I had a series of treatments there this year and also a few years back (different body part then)…Olya is so caring, knowledgeable and professional; She will find the best treatment to make you feel better.
    I am so thrilled to not be in pain, and I highly recommend Olya, you will not be disappointed.

  9. Thank you to Olya and staff for donating all the window coverings for our Habitat for Humanity house in St. Helens. The family was thrilled to be able to decorate their new home! I appreciate your generosity and your commitment to the community.

    As a patient, I can attest to Olya’s magic healing hands and her incredible knowledge of the human body. Love you all at Scappoose Therapeutic Associates!

  10. *Awesome defined: Olya & staff are authentic, caring, and professional. More-so, they have an excellent education and understanding of treatment methods and modalities that are effective and cultivate healing/rehabilitation.


    Lisa S

  11. Having such a high quality therapy facility in a small community as Scappoose is a boon to its residents. Through the years, just about every major part of my body has benefited from the skills of the therapists at Therapeutic Associates. Their compact, yet functional facility is staffed by highly trained, sincere, and courteous individuals. I would highly recommend anyone seeking physical assistance, seek out this centrally located facility.

    – DP

  12. Thank you Olya for the physical therapy treatments you provided for me these last few months. I enjoyed your friendly staff, Carson & Drew, as well. Thank you for the timely appointments and the clean, safe environment of your facility to conduct the sessions. I didn’t realize physical therapy sessions could be so fun. Especially enjoyed the putting competitions and basketball hoop shooting to improve my strength and balance. If I have physical therapy sessions necessary in the future, I’ll come back to you.

    Thank you for taking care of me.

    – Michelle F

  13. About nine years back I had prostate surgery, after which I had severe muscle and nerve damage and feared I may never be back to my old self. My surgeon recommended that I try out physical therapy, but I was hesitant. Soon enough I realized that physical therapy may be my only option, so I decided to try it out. My doctor set me up with Therapeutic Associates in Scappoose. Olya Kurkoski is a fantastic physical therapist and I was feeling better even after the first few weeks. I am now functioning back at about 90% and couldn’t be happier. Not only is Olya great at what she does, the entire staff is very welcoming. I would recommend Therapeutic Associates Scappoose to anybody I know.

    Thank you so much,

    Warren D.

  14. It’s very important to me to continue my active lifestyle, so when I injured my lower back for the second time in a short period of time I went to see Olya Kurkoski at Scappoose Physical Therapy. Typically, my active life includes yoga, kickboxing, gym workouts, white water rafting, camping, gardening, hiking, rollerblading, and my favorite winter sport, snowboarding. I also have a full-time job as a department manager. My back pain was stopping me from doing the things I love to do. Olya gave me a thorough assessment of my physical strengths and weaknesses and immediately targeted in on the problem areas: L4-5, S1. She determined which exercises I could do to strengthen my core and she taught me stretching exercises to relieve the pain. She had great suggestions for reducing inflammation, and when I needed it the most, she treated me with manual therapy to loosen muscle tightness. Olya shares with her clients her in-depth knowledge of the muscles, ligaments, and bone structure of the human body. I learned a lot from her and continue to progress in my recovery. I recommend Olya to anyone who wants to stay active, strong, flexible, and pain free.