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  1. After an extremely traumatic spine injury (degeneration, scar tissue, herniated discs and subsequent arthritis) I was forced to have lumbar spinal fusion surgery last year. Unfortunately, there were serious unforeseen complications and nerve damage; post-surgery I was unable to walk and the pain was excruciating. My surgeon recommended physical therapy with Therapeutic Associates. With Nick and Amanda’s extensive expertise, compassionate guidance, patience and kindness I knew I was in the right place. They carefully created a personalized exercise regime for my specific needs. From my first session I was set on my way to reclaiming my life and feeling better. They showed me how to safely build strength and balance and I did indeed learn to walk again and rebuild muscle tone. The results have been amazing and my surgeon is thrilled with my progress thanks to Nick and Amanda. Once again I feel a sense of happiness and confidence. I realize and accept that this exercise program will be ongoing, and it’s up to me to keep it up now and into the future, but the results are priceless! The entire staff is a joy to know and work with and I highly recommend them! Thanks so much!

  2. I’ve recently completed therapy with Nik, due to nerve damage in my feet related to sciatica nerve pain prior to spine surgery.
    My personal experience/outcome of therapy was of most importance to me in my walking ability, focused on regaining my strength, mobility and balance.
    Nik went above and beyond, advising me, his professional knowledge and insight to my condition, inspiring me! Nerve damage improvement in the feet is a slow recovery process.
    A plus to my therapy which improved the feeling in my feet was a deep tissue massage via special tools.
    I appreciate the extended PT Sessions requested on my behalf, pursuing my utmost positive improvement. And, the exceptional, professional and friendly atmosphere of Sellwood Therapeutic Associates!
    Thank You, Nik and your entire staff for your Expert PT!

  3. Hi
    I have been visiting Nick a couple of times during the last 5 years. Every time I was taught something useful and actually went on using it and remembering every thing.

    Nick is very knowledgeable and I feel very comfortable when he treat my injuries.

    thank you Nick.

  4. My daughter just started seeing Nick for the second time due to soccer/training related injuries. He successfully helped her navigate through chronic knee pain earlier in the year and now she is receiving PT for an acute foot injury. My daughter trusts him, likes his personality, and enjoys his efforts to inform her about her injury and the process of PT. He’s not just running her through the therapy cycle but educating her on her injury and how the body responds. We have already seen positive results and I would recommend Nick to anyone seeking a professional and personal PT experience.

  5. Nick did an excellent job fixing chronic shoulder pain that had been nagging at me for several months. He worked with me each week and adjusted my exercises as my shoulder healed and the pain reduced. My favorite thing he told me was “your exercises are your medicine”. Now I have the exercises to ensure my shoulder stays healed and working properly. Many thanks to Nick and the team!

  6. I came to see Nick after working with several other PT’s over the course of 20+ years of chronic pain. I thought PT could give me a little relief but I wasn’t incredibly hopeful. I felt as though I’d hit a wall with my improvement and was resigned to living with and managing my pain. This is the great part…my experience with Nick was different than any other PT I’d worked with in the past. Nick has vast knowledge of the human body and how it works/ wants to work… coupled with an ability to clearly translate this knowledge to his patients. Nick also works like a detective, carefully deconstructing patterns and blockages in the body to asses the right exercises for your particular healing and walks with you through, step by step to educate you on the most effective way to implement the exercise. His goal is to make sure you understand the issue (s) and get how the exercises will bring you back into balance. I had many “light-bulb” moments with Nick and went all in on his treatment plan. I did my exercises several times throughout the week and over time, saw BIG, life changing, pain alleviating results. Now that I no longer see Nick, I still do my PT weekly and my pain is now 70-80% less. I feel fortunate to have worked with Nick and his staff and will forever thank him for vastly improving my quality of life. Nick’s integrity and true concern for his patients is exceptional and I highly recommend his services!

  7. I had been suffering from Chronic Lateral Epicondylitis. I had several injections over 2 years for the pain. I finally got an MRI, the doctors told me at this point surgery was the only solution but that the procedure is not always successful. I came to Nick feeling completely discouraged. I was in extreme discomfort, feeling depressed and did not think Physical Therapy was going to heal me. I WAS WRONG! After seeing nick the first time I could feel a difference, I could hardly believe it. Nick has great knowledge. I continued my treatment twice a week for 1 month. On my 4th week I was not in pain at all, I felt a very positive and my life had changed. Nick is truly amazing! I will now believe in the power of Physical Therapy. It has been 6 months and I feel great. THANK YOU NICK!

  8. I’ve just completed treatment by Nick Wilkins for 2 conditions: i) left Achilles tendinopathy , and ii) limited range of motion and weakness in my right knee (post-surgical). Outcomes following therapy, which included ASTYM technique, greatly exceeded my expectations. I am now pain-free in my Achilles and have achieved greater strength and range of motion in both flexion and extension in my knee that I have not had since major surgery approximately 35 years ago. Nick also provides excellent education with respect to home case, as well as in-clinic therapy. I highly recommend him.

  9. I came to Sellwood Physical Therapy with a back injury that left me out of work and with extreme difficulty walking. Within a couple weeks I was noticing improvement and my pain had significantly decreased. I have been able to learn about what is happening to my body during every stage of healing and have developed a very active approach to learning and healing. All of the staff are amazing and honestly made me feel safe, welcome, and at home through this journey. I found myself looking forward to seeing everyone during my visits and will miss everyone terribly. I cannot speak higher of Nick and his staff. They are all truly the best I’ve ever encountered. I’m so grateful, thanks so much from the bottom of my heart.

  10. Thank you for your support and helping me understand why my knee hurt. You explained why my knee was doing what it was doing, what it was, and gave me advice on how to make it stronger. I healed quickly and was back to gymnastics better than ever with new knowledge about injury prevention.

  11. A huge thank you to Nick Wilkins for a new quality of life. It is such a delight to walk in the snow with my husband and be free of both neck and back pain. Nick has helped me to know how to better take care of myself and with my few daily exercises I have been able to remain pain free. Nick took the time to carefully go over those things that I needed to do to reduce my pain. Even after a relapse from overdoing it while cross country skiing, after a few visits I was pain free again.:) Even though we are from Hillsboro my husband and I joyfully drove to his new office in Sellwood because he has helped us so very much. We feel so very blessed to have found such a friendly, caring, knowledgeable Physical Therapist. THANK YOU!!

  12. I enjoy being active, but was in constant discomfort from my lower back and referred leg pain. It was hard to sleep or sit for even a few minutes without discomfort as well. I waited longer than I should have to seek help, hoping that my back would recover on its own. It took some time and work, but the manual therapy and the exercise regime that Nick Wilkins gave me have completely relieved my pain. Nick helped me address some of the root causes of my back pain by strengthening and stretching exercises. An added bonus is that I’ve regained a level of flexibility and function in bending and reaching that I haven’t experienced in years.
    Thanks Nick!

  13. The quality of care I have received at Therapeutic Associates is far superior to the care I received from other physical therapists. In particular, I have turned to Nick Wilkins for numerous issues (back pain/sciatica, knee pain, neck pain). Nick is always able to pinpoint the issue and treat it at the source. His manual therapy in combination with his assigned exercise regimen was always critical to relieving my pain and strengthening my body. I can’t express how grateful I am for him and his excellent level of care. I am a mother of young children and Nick has helped me get back to feeling comfortable and fully functional in order to keep up with the demands of life.