Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. Laura Evans is a wonderful PT. She has a solution for every ache and pain that I present to her. I am so happy that I don’t have to just live with pain.

  2. Laura & Tony have done an awesome job of encouraging me to pursue maximum mobility in several areas. Through their help, I have eliminated a chronic painful muscle spasm in my leg, gait, elbow & chronic neck pain. I have the exercises & tools to make ongoing improvement and maintain my flexibility and mobility.

  3. I went to TAI because my shoulder was bothering me, waking me up at night, etc. There was no injury – just increasing pain over time. I also had a nagging knee strain from running that wasn’t getting better. Neither injury was catastrophic, but both were interfering with my daily life. They did an assessment, thoroughly explained what was going on, why I was hurting, and we started on a PT plan – a combination of office visits and a home plan via a handy app. It was really easy to do either at home or at the Y. My schedule is a bit erratic so that meant I came in all days and at different times. This gave me an opportunity to work with just about every staff member. They were all professional and genuinely concerned about my physical well-being, focused on restoring my aches and pains, and regaining my quality of life. 6 weeks later and I am in maintenance mode with both issues resolved! I’ll keep doing the PT on my own but will return if any other concerns arise. I couldn’t be happier with the caring, personalized service I received at Therapeutic Associates!

  4. Sherwood Therapeutic Associates and, in particular, Victoria, were fundamental in helping me recover after an accident. Everyone at the facility was exceptional and my sessions with Victoria made me feel confident that my injury was healing properly. She explained every exercise (while also preforming them herself) and how it would benefit me. She knows what she’s doing and was a real joy to work with.

    – Allison

  5. Thanks Laura, you were terrific. Hope I do not need to see you again, but if I do, you are my go to person.

    – Jack

  6. I can’t express how happy I am with the treatment and service I received. Dan and Laura were great! My shoulder has never felt so good. I am extremely excited about being able to play catch with my son and daughter without pain. I am so glad I came. Thanks so much.

    – Ben Lapp

  7. How wonderful it is to leave today with the success of therapy in my knee replacement. Laura Evans is one of a kind. Her patience and compassion is beyond words. Dan inspired me like a coach with the “You can do it – it just takes time.” The warmth and feeling of how important you are as a patient makes you want to succeed in your goals. Thanks to all. The girls at the counter are so sweet too. Janet and Sylvia were spectacular and make you put a smile on our face even though it might be a tough day for you. Words cannot express my gratitude and praise for everything.

    – Barbara DeClue

  8. My experience with Sherwood PT and Laura was very positive. I never felt rushed and the session was one-on-one and felt like the therapist really cared about me and my progress. Everyone that works here were all so nice.

    – Joan Malane

  9. Thank you so very much for helping me get back to “normal.” You are so kind and gentle and I appreciate all you did. Thanks!

    – Mary Herman

  10. I have been working with the Therapeutic Associates program for 3 years and have experienced huge progress. When I started out, I felt nearly crippled with extreme knee pain. Since starting PT, I have gone from not being able to stand or walk for more than 30 sec-1 min to exercising 4-5 days a week in addition to PT with no pain. The pain that used to keep me awake at night is no longer there. I have not arrived but have hope of future opportunities due to the personal attention of this clinic. The people who work here know their business and are very personable. I love Victoria especially!!

    – Debbie Patterson-Ogawa

  11. I saw Laura for TMJ and Plantar Fasciitis. She healed me! She is gifted. I learned exercises and tips that I did not know even with hours of scouring the internet. She is so funny and personable too. Everything is great about this place. Thank You.

    – Shannon Aguilera

  12. Thank you very much Dr. Laura and Krista – You were terrific. After I felt down and couldn’t get up, I thought I’d never walk again. Thanks to you I can, and better than ever.

    – Isabella Santori

  13. Thank you so much Victoria! You are such a nice, genuine, and caring person. I had such an amazing experience here with you and your team. I can’t thank you enough for everything that you’ve done for me. Hopefully I won’t be back.

    – Adam Sadek

  14. Keep coming back, it Works!

    – Roger

  15. You guys helped me so much. Special thank you to Victoria, my PT. You were wonderful to work with. Thank you for giving me the tools to “fix” myself.

    – Anonymous

  16. I had a “snapping hip syndrome,” but after five visits with Chris, I have significantly improved function. Thanks.

    – Anonymous

  17. Great experience. Staff was great. Made me feel comfortable and answered all questions. Great job. I had a quick recovery. Also my thanks to Sam. Great person. I would recommend you to anyone needing help.

    – Anonymous

  18. Laura is amazing! The experience I had with her has been wonderful. I will recommend Sherwood Physical Therapy to everybody. I have never been this happy with a service before. You rock!

    – Anonymous