Patient Stories

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  1. Fitness is my life! I am an instructor, trainer, and sports model, and as we all know, being a mother of 3 can be the most challenging of all (most rewarding of course). It is essential that I have my health! You can only imagine the anxiety I felt when I threw out my back – unable to do much more than lay in bed! As soon as Darin heard I needed help, he offered me his first availability the next morning! I was a new client, which can be a little nerve-wracking, but not only did Darin make me feel extremely welcome and comfortable, I knew immediately he was well trained and very knowledgeable of how to help heal me as quickly as possible.

    I left feeling great physically – educated on how I could help myself, and an immediate response with any questions following my visit. Thank you Darin!!!


  2. My quality of life would be tremendously decreased if it weren’t for Darin Borter. I discovered Darin ten years ago, at which time I was in extreme pain and could barely walk. Since then, he has worked with me through several surgeries and illnesses and helps me with my ever-changing chronic pain. Aside from the physical therapy itself, Darin helps me with my personal fitness program, which requires changes based on my health during any given time. He is also my go-to person for all things physical, offering a wealth of information on fitness, exercise, nutrition, and managing chronic pain.


  3. Darin Borter and the team at Southwest Portland Physical Therapy are excellent. They know their business, are friendly, and work with you to obtain positive results.

    -John D