Patient Stories

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  1. Thank you to my physical therapist, Shane, and my co assistant McKenzie <3 <3
    Over the past months of Nov-Dec 2019 and Jan 2020 has helped me so much. It's also like "no pain, no gain" lol!! I will use all the exercise techniques that you showed me and helped me to get better. Thank you again Therapeutic Associates Tigard!

  2. I love Shane and McKenzie because they are so nice and friendly and helpful! I was in so much pain from my accident, and now I can move and do what I want to do!!

  3. Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, Tigard, is the best! I first started with Shane Durando in Sherwood. I was so appreciative of his Physical Therapy approach that when Shane was moved to the Tigard location I had the opportunity of being transferred to continue my PT with him! He was very patient, very knowledgeable, and had a push that was very gentle but necessary to help me with just what I needed. He helped me with great success in a very kind way. When he would increase my exercises 10 or 15 more he saw the look on my face and understood the words, “I don’t think I can.” His immediate response always helped me to try harder! Thank you Shane for just the right push. To this day I’m very thankful for all the time and patience you and McKenzie shared for me. I would highly recommend Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, Tigard! This is the best!

  4. Love my Therapeutic Associates team. They are so supportive and encouraging. Setting new personal records and all with much less knee pain. Wall ball sits went from 38 seconds to 1 min 37 secs! Thanks for the confidence and cheerleading. <3

    I am new to the area and needed a physical therapist after having major spine fusion. A friend was insistent that I see Chris Hoekstra at Therapeutic Associates. I did further research and now after being with him for months, he is by far the best PT I’ve had in 17 years. He tailors your program to you as an individual. No generic approach. Let me be your friend – your search is over. You’ve found Chris Hoekstra!

  6. I came in for my shoulder that’s been bugging me and they have been amazing. It really feels like they know what they’re doing, and they’re so outgoing it makes it a pleasure to come in. I would definitely recommend.

  7. I first came to Therapeutic Associates Tigard with little confidence in working out after a knee injury. Shane and McKenzie were welcoming and so helpful with getting me back in the swing of things. I would highly recommend them.

  8. I was having issues with a reoccurring hamstring injury. Shane and McKenzie were awesome in helping me work through the problem. I was thrilled to be able to run a 10k without worrying about pain. And I placed 2nd within my category and got a personal record! Thank you!

  9. As an athlete and coach, experiencing an injury can take its toll on you not only physically, but emotionally. My experience with Dr. Shane Durando and his team has been nothing but positive. The physical therapy and education behind his methods make perfect sense and have attributed to my recovery. The process has been nothing but satisfying physically and mentally.

  10. I had a hip flexor injury and I could almost not walk for a few days after. I decided to go to a doctor and they recommended PT. I decided to go here and after 2-3 weeks I am back to heavy weightlifting and competitive sports! They also gave good exercises to continue on for my shoulders and I have bench pressed way easier without shoulder clicks or pain.

  11. I came here after my 3rd concussion and was frustrated with it being my 3rd. Coming in here I received a lot of help and was able to recover very quickly!

  12. I have seen Leah from day one of my recovery. She has been so incredible with helping me work through managing being a mom of two, working full-time and still managing my own potential to recover. The knowledge she has and shares with you as to what and why things are feeling a certain way is so incredible. She really listens and focuses on the day to day issues and helps come up with solutions. Leah really makes you feel she is really invested in you while she’s with you. Leah cares and listens to the bumps along the way, when you could be better one week and worse the next, due to life not letting you focus on recovery. One of the best things about Leah is she passes no judgement on your progress, just pushes you to do better next time. Leah’s love for her work truly shows in every visit. There are not enough thank yous in the world for all the help, push, and knowledge you have given!

  13. Shane and McKenzie have been a great help with my knee, very encouraging when the going gets tough. They are supportive on bad days and listen carefully when I complain. With their help and teaching I am learning so much about how my body works and how to stay off the pain scale.

  14. Therapeutic Associates is a fantastic Physical Therapy office. Chris was super to begin. I have been working with Shane Durando who is excellent. He’s patient, kind, but knows when to push. He has a wonderful personality and I feel I have made so much progress because of him. He cares about his patients.