Patient Stories

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  1. I started at TAI about 3 years ago for ongoing pain in my hip and leg. It was soon discovered I had 3 cysts on the spinal cord. So now 4 surgeries and 3 years later the problems have been resolved and I am pain free.
    But the 3 years and surgeries with physical therapy was a hard time. TAI stood beside me all the way – educating me as to the cause of the pain, then through a process of therapy and support to regain muscle strength, flexibility and getting to a pain free life.

    I am grateful to Adam Wachter and the rest of the staff. Everyone is always cheerful, supportive and concerned about my progress. The environment is one that is fun and helpful and everyone is friendly and always smiling.
    Thank you to everyone – especially Adam who has worked so professionally to help me get back my positive quality of life.

  2. Adam Wachter is a miracle worker. And one of the most knowledgeable, patient, perceptive, insightful people I have ever met – and he is a great, great guy! I injured my Achilles a year ago, but did not seek treatment for a few months. By the time I met Adam, I was in bad shape. He immediately knew the problem was my right hip and he sent me to a great orthopedist, who replaced my hip 6 months ago. Adam patiently guided me through my rehab (despite my impatience!) and I now feel great. If you have a physical problem, go see Adam and follow his guidance. He is the best!!