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  1. I had 15 years of chronic back and leg pain, and was recommended to Andrew by a friend. I cannot believe that I am now almost pain free and can easily walk up to 5 miles a daily! Thank you so much to Andrew and his team!

  2. I was referred by my family physician to this company. I saw Victoria for 2 months and then saw Andrew. From the time I walked through the door and started treatment I was thoroughly satisfied with every employee and treatment I received. I highly recommend therapeutic associates NOT just for the excellent treatment but also the amazing team!

  3. The PT team at the West Linn location was better than any other remedies I had tried. The exercises and the diagnosis explanations were always on point. I now know how to manage my pain if it re-occurs and know they will be there for me if I need a “tune up” session. In the long run they have helped me learn what to do to prevent injuries.

  4. I recently hurt my shoulder by smashing into it. I told my doctor I needed a chiropractor. He said no, you need physical therapy. So I went to Therapeutic Associates in West Linn. I was treated by Andrew and Michelle. He is an expert. They know and care. I am delighted with their help. Could not be better.

  5. I woke up on a Sunday morning and was overcome with Vertigo, never had anything like this before. Looking down, looking up, doing sit-ups, almost any movement sparked an incident. After enduring two weeks of taking pills and needing to hold onto walls to avoid falling, my daughter-in-law told me a similar story a coworker of hers had. She saw Andrew at the West Linn location and was back to normal after 2 visits. I made an appointment and it could not have gone better. Andrew understood the issue, knew the course of action and did his thing. His thing was “curing” me. The next morning I thoroughly expected to get out of bed and have a repeat performance of the last 2 weeks (dizzy, spinning, lack of balance and headache). Nothing, zilch, nada…all back to normal. The total experience was amazing. First visit Andrew explained in language I could follow, what was going to take place and hopefully what the result would be. I have followed up with two more visits to make sure all is ok and now have “graduated” (no cap and gown). I was given printed sheets showing exercises to help me with my balance and hopefully keep me Vertigo free.
    I hope these words express my sincere appreciation to everyone at the West Linn location for their friendliness, making me feel at ease from the moment I “stumbled” through the door and their wholehearted belief they could help me. I also wanted to share this so anyone waking up some morning with a dizzying case of Vertigo knows there is someplace to go for help. ***** (5 Stars!)

  6. After several years of chronic neck pain I thought I was out of options, but Andrew and his team helped me relieve years of pain. Andrew did an excellent job explaining chronic pain and provided reassurance about the potential for my injury to heal. I am now able to participate in all of the activities I love doing without pain and it has been amazing! I am so thankful for the help of Andrew and his team!

  7. I recently finished rehab for rotator cuff surgery with Therapeutic Associates. Rehab for this injury was a 6-month long physically and mentally demanding trek, where I started out virtually disabled and had to slowly work my way back to use of my arm and shoulder. I had no prior experience with Therapeutic Associates and quite honestly decided on the TAI West Linn clinic in large part for its proximity to my home. Turned to be the best decision I could have made. I could not have asked for a better primary therapist and coach than Dr. Andrew Carlson – a consummate professional, incredibly knowledgeable and a lot of fun to work with. And I also have to give much credit to Dr. Victoria Bryson, the clinic’s director, who is not only a wonderful therapist in her own right, but also has created an atmosphere at the clinic whereby rehabilitation is relaxed, fun, caring and precise to a patient’s needs. At the end of therapy my shoulder was 90-95% back to normal strength and ability plus I had the tools and knowledge to regain those last few percent. Now, a few months later, I’m back to normal and doing everything I was able to do pre-injury.

    My surgeon repaired/reattached my torn tendons, but the care, training, coaching and encouragement I received from my TAI therapists got me back to pre-injury condition. I would strongly and enthusiastically recommend Therapeutic Associates, and particularly Andrew, Victoria and Michelle at the West Linn clinic, to anyone for their physical therapy needs. Thanks again everyone!

  8. This is the 2nd. time to see Victoria. She fixed my lower back issues after years of chronic lower back pain. I can say I am pain free and have been for 2 years. My daughter sprained her ankle and started working with Andrew he is amazing as well. She is now 100% and back to running again. You both are amazing and I would highly recommend you. Thank you – The Byrd’s

  9. I came to Victoria after she was recommended by a friend. I was in a car accident and had a shoulder injury. Victoria was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She was able to help me heal and get me back to all my activities, which including horseback riding, teaching, lunging, hauling hay, bedding bags, and grain bags. I live a very active lifestyle and I believe she helped me get back to pre accident condition and actually helped me improve the way I use my shoulders. I feel better than ever! Thank you so much!

  10. Once again, Victoria has helped me to recover with her wonderful care and advice. Despite a COVID crisis and being just weeks from giving birth her treatments were excellent! Thank you!

  11. Victoria and Andrew were amazing treating me for my frozen shoulder. They had great knowledge and professionalism and you could see they cared about you and wanted you to succeed in your treatment. Their staff was great and easy to work with, I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks.

  12. After 56 years of Alpine skiing, I had my first serious injury while racing slalom on Mt. Hood in August. As a physician, I kept thinking it was minor and would get better on it’s own. After 2 weeks of trying to ignore the pain, I got serious and heeded the recommendations of a friend. I came to Therapeutic Associates for an evaluation and am so glad I did. Three and 1/2 months of rigorous therapy has now gotten me healed and ready for skiing again. I am stronger than I have been in years. Thank you Victoria, Andrew, and staff. You are the greatest.

  13. Andrew and Victoria were a terrific team for me . They were a tremendous help after my TKR (Total Knee Replacement). They are knowledgable, passionate and were committed to helping me through a tough surgery and rehab. Their encouragement and professional guidance and experience put me on the fast track to get back to a healthy and an active life. I highly recommend them and will go back to them in the future if the need should arise.

  14. My story is common, I’m sure. I’m 69 years old and active physically. I began having sciatic nerve pain. Therapeutic Associates was recommended by a friend. I couldn’t have been happier. Victoria was intuitive about my situation and in just a few weeks I was not just cured of my pain but more knowledgeable of what I need in the future. Thank you!!

  15. During the past several weeks I have had the privilege of being cared for by Andrew Carlson and the great team in West Linn. From the initial call, assessment and needed appointments, I have been handled with incredible kindness, attentiveness and professionalism. Throughout my journey, Andrew showed great communication and support to strengthen my ailing knee issues. My progress was steady and greatly improved my overall ability to sustain my daily activities once again. I will make every effort to follow Andrew’s regime to continue to improve my strength and future success as I “age”…once again, thank you Andrew and great team at West Linn Therapeutic Associates! My highest regards to this company and will refer others into their fine care.

  16. I went there unable to use my left hand due to surgery for a broken wrist. Not only did I have a full recovery, my scar was massaged which relieved the tenderness there. I then needed to work on a dizziness condition, which has resolved itself ahead of schedule. I was given constant encouragement, such as, “Good Job” and answers to all my questions. Love the staff there. They are the best.

  17. I saw Victoria for about 5 or 6 months to deal with pain I had as a result of my failure to rehab after my Achilles tendon surgery. My niece had gone to Victoria and had raved about her to me. I have had PT with other individuals and Victoria was a thousand times better than any other physical therapist I’ve seen. I also have back issues that I tend to ignore but Victoria pointed out that some of my pain was due to the combination of my tendon and Degenerative disk. Victoria gave me tools to deal with my issues and I’ve waited to test out the results. Last week, I went to Disneyland for four days and walked between 20,000 and 25,000 steps each day. Prior to seeing Victoria, 15,000 was my max and I’d be in terrible pain. As I walked through Disneyland, I would do some of the stretches she gave me and I didn’t have much pain. I was able to sleep pain free and really did amazingly well. Victoria’s skills are in rooting out the source of your pain and working though how to improve muscle function. You walk away with information on how YOUR body works. I’m grateful to have found her and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

  18. Victoria and staff were great! She was extremely knowledgeable and communicated wonderfully. She kept me informed on progress and was very thorough and explained things at a human level. I highly recommend West Linn Therapeutic Associates. I will be going back for sure next year after I have surgery on my other foot.

  19. Thank you Victoria for trying to realign my 88 year old body. I am enjoying more flexibility and less pain. Victoria, Mark, and Danielle are a great team and I’m glad to have found Therapeutic Associates.

  20. I had a total knee replacement January 2019. I came to Victoria Bryson because she was highly recommended. I never would have recovered as well without her expert knowledge of physical therapy. The staff was exceptional. I really can not say enough about my experience at Therapeutic Associates.

  21. I’m 78 years old and I had an ATV accident injuring my right shoulder. I had to have extensive surgery. TAI helped me recover in a shorter time than I expected. They knew just the exercises to do for my condition. My doctor was amazed by my quick recovery and I am now released to do whatever I want. I recovered in three months when it should have been six and I am back on my ATV!

  22. Victoria Bryson saw me through my entire treatment for osteoarthritis of the hip. I began therapy for pre surgical and post surgical hip replacement. I was always confident that Victoria would provide exceptional care and guidance. I am now back to myself. I have regained my strength and function. I am completely pain free. That is a wonderful relief. I am grateful for her wonderful care.

  23. Thanks to Victoria Bryson. I have the exercise “tools” to keep my lower back in satisfactory control. It’s not easy when one has a chronic situation and Victoria’s thoroughness and knowledge of the “why” has been essential in understanding the variety of exercises. Her assistants are also helpful.

  24. Months ago I had lumbosacral strain, acute. I was in pain and very weak. My MD recommended I go to Therapeutic Associates for physical therapy. My therapist Victoria Bryson saved me from living in pain and got me off pain pills. She worked with me for months. I followed her instructions, worked at home every day and with her in her gym. Today I’m pain free, stronger in my core and feeling great. Victoria is amazing, kind and encouraging. I was so lucky to have her as my therapist.

  25. The therapists were very knowledgeable and highly skilled. The work we did repaired my knee and decreased the level of pain. Everyone was very welcoming and gladly answered my questions. I would definitely recommend Therapeutic Associates to my family and friends!

  26. I am so pleased with the results of the physical therapy and exercises that Victoria helped me with. My low back is so much better and my hip as well. I feel like a stronger woman. Life without excruciating pain is a blessing.

  27. My wife and I have both had our needs ministered to by Victoria Bryson. My wife had been plagued by back pain and spent many sleepless nights before putting herself in the hands Victoria. She found immediate relief from the pain and was given follow-up steps to assist her with her continued recovery.

    I have been likewise given healing treatment for several injuries that I have needed physical therapy so that I could get past the pain and discomfort with which I was afflicted. My first experience with Victoria’s expertise was when I needed to address the recovery from a fractured left knee. She helped me learn to walk, again, and to do it so the I could get past the pain that greatly restricted my ability to be mobile.

    We are both very grateful for her accrued training and compassionate demeanor that have helped my wife and I to enjoy our lives with less pain than we might have had to endure. We have felt good about recommending her to many of our friends, and will continue to do the same in the future.

    Evan and Susan

  28. I came to Victoria with a lot of pain. I wasn’t able to sleep at night. She solved the puzzle and has given me exercises to do to prevent future problems. I’m so much better now- and so thankful for Victoria and her expertise!

  29. I was referred to this office completely by chance because I asked my doctor for the closest facility to my house, not knowing any therapist. I’m so glad I have chosen to go to this one. Not only it is convenient, I walked a few times for appointments, but Victoria and Katelyn are so kind, helpful and always on point in treating every problem I had. Although I might look like a normal person, I was almost a wreck with problems with all my limbs and shoulder.
    I had a real bad experience with physical therapy 2 decades ago and decided it was just wasting time and money. Victoria Bryson has put my faith back on therapy by the way she treated me and listening to all my complaint on what is wrong with me,and finding the exact treatment I need and showed me all the exercise regiments I need.
    I can’t thank Victoria enough for everything she had done for me.

  30. I had already used Therapeutic Associates PT services for two previous problems I had before seeing Victoria Bryson for my hip replacement post operative PT. Victoria was by far the most knowledgeable and most professional therapist I had ever worked with. She has a keen eye for body mechanics and could readily identify what stretches and exercises would be of greatest benefit to my recovery. Moerover, she was able to explain in a very understandable way what each exercise was doing and how it would counteract the movement problems I was experiencing. Victoria was simply a great physical therapist as well as a pleasant person. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

  31. Victoria was my therapist, doctor, savior, consultant and guide to living and walking better. Faced with the choice of surgery or therapy for a torn tendon in my ankle after years of trying Good Feet products to no avail, I turned to West Linn PT. Glad I did- wish I had done it sooner! Victoria worked with me to repair the damage and gradually return to the golf course, my passion- golf! At first, I was doubtful but Victoria knows her stuff and by following her strict rehabilitation exercises my tendon healed and I am playing golf regularly just a few months later. Victoria is a PRO with an amazing personality, talking and laughing were common occurrences even amidst the pain. The combination of her skills, my endurance in doing the exercises, and my complete trust in her- we did it! Victoria is my Hero and I will always recommend her to people I know.

  32. Victoria literally changed my life. My MD referred me to her clinic for a left hip joint capsulitis and right shoulder pain. My shoulder had been “frozen” for 30 years and my hip troubling me for just as long. I practiced for 20 years in primary care, along with and receiving treatment from many PTs, MDs, acupuncturists, chiropractors, psychologists, ect. During my career I also attended many experts seminars on the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Yet I have NEVER met a clinician capable of Victoria’s diagnostic accuracy. Victoria’s sophisticated understanding of biomechanics, her clinical expertise, allowed me to walk out of our first visit with a greatly reduced pain level, while others had deemed my pain as “intractable”. Following her recommendations and exercise plan, I have in a few days recovered a level of function I never thought was possible. Victoria has been consistently very supportive, encouraging and exhibited a level of professionalism I rarely encountered in 40 years of professional life.

  33. On Thursday March 8th, I suffered an immediate and painful muscle spasm in my lower back. Thankfully I was able to get into see Victoria the next day and began my P.T. to speed my recovery. Today I am without pain and Victoria has given me specific stretching and strengthening exercises to keep me in good health. She’s skilled and compassionate. Very grateful for her.

  34. I came to see Victoria Bryson in so much pain I was sure there was no hope I could ever get better. Medications didn’t work, and I was fearful that physical therapy would make my condition worse. Victoria was so patient, and compassionate and met me right where I was. She cried with me, encouraged me, but most of all, cheered me on as her knowledge of my issues and methods of recovery ensured that I would fully regain movement and live pain free. I will highly recommend Victoria to everyone I meet who is discouraged in his/her pain management efforts.

  35. Due to the compassionate care and direction of Victoria Bryson of Therapeutic Associates, I walk better and have not fallen. Victoria was able to see what was wrong right away and gave me the right exercises. I now have tools for life to stay strong and prevent future falls.

  36. I am so grateful for Victoria and her team! I started PT barely able to walk a mile without severe pain, and after my first visit, the pain began to subside. What a blessing to be able to hike 12 miles with my family in Montana this summer, pain-free! Thank you for all your determination to help my leg heal.

  37. I came to Victoria Bryson after being diagnosed with a torn rotator cuff. Surgery was recommended. Victoria said we could work it so no surgery would be needed. She was right. After 5 months, I am so much better. My shoulder is stronger and I have less pain. I tried a different P.T. before Victoria with no results. I would highly recommend her. She loves what she does and it shows!

  38. I have had back issues for the last 14 years. I went to chiropractors for years but it was just a Band-Aid. Never had I considered Physical Therapy and my doctor suggested it so that I could start exercising again so that I could lose unwanted weight (vicious cycle). I could not lose weight because it hurt to exercise. My doctor referred me to Victoria Bryson. I was going to just pay cash but Victoria and her staff were able to get my insurance to pay for most of my visits which I never expected. I started treatment in December and noticed a night and day difference. She is amazing and I can now run on a treadmill again, work on my core, and feel stronger. I have nearly zero lower back pain. Thank you Victoria!

  39. Victoria at the West Linn clinic was amazing! When I first saw her, I would lay awake crying at night from pain no doctor could help me resolve. Victoria was compassionate and patient and positive while also helping me re-train my body to a point where today – I AM PAIN FREE 🙂

  40. Victoria Bryson was VERY patient and obviously well trained in dealing with my Achilles injury that I suffered on May 19, 2017. I wanted her to put a Band-Aid on my injury, but she convinced me that I needed to follow her instructions if I wanted to heal the injury. Initially, I wanted to hurry thru treatment, however, I followed her instructions and I am very grateful that I did!

  41. Last Summer, I seriously injured my spine and got a referral to WL Phsical Therapy. What a god-send. Over a period of two+ months going twice a week and doing my customized exercises routinely my condition cosistently improved With the injury corrected, I was able to join Orange Theory and take my fitness to new levels – something I haven’t been able to do in years. None of this would have been possible without the specialized plan and compassionate care that Victoria and team provided!

  42. Victoria Bryson and Dr. Rask (in corvallis) are the only two actual doctors worth their degrees in the state. Victoria is so professional it is delightful. No “insular superiority complex” found in Oregon. No, “i know better than you” nonsense. Victoria will actually re-examine what she’s explained to better help you understand.

    There. She’s the best physical therapist I’ve ever had. And I died. Twice.

    Good luck finding anyone better.

  43. Victoria is a very professional, expert therapist with your health and recovery as her priority. The facility is world class with both wide open and private areas depending on your needs. I already have referred other patients to her many times. She’ll be an awesome guide in your path to recovery