Patient Stories

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  1. I was in a car accident as a passenger. We were rear ended. Afterwards I couldn’t raise my arm off to my side more than 3 inches. They worked on it here for about 6 visits and now I can raise it above my head! They did wonders! It was a pleasant time as they worked on it also. We were at at a stop light and were hit by someone doing at least 40 mph. Seat belt is what caused the injury, but without it I would have been worse. This is a great group!

  2. I have just “graduated” from physical therapy with Josiah Faville at your South Salem location and wanted to tell you how I got my life back as a result of that therapy.

    Initially I was diagnosed incorrectly by two physicians and one chiropractor. This resulted in my being given incorrect treatment (exercises as well as manipulations) which only exacerbated my injuries and increased the pain level. I took 1800 mg of ibuprofen qd for two months and was reduced to sitting for long periods of time with ice packs. Previously I used the Nordic Trak 5x a week, walked 3 miles 5x a week and did some yoga. I am 74 years old. I had begun to believe that I would be in chronic pain the rest of my life.

    Josiah showed extraordinary expertise in correctly diagnosing the problem (two injuries, not one as previously thought): a bruised and inflamed gluteus muscle/bursa as well as torn hamstring(s) and he got me working. I started improving immediately. His patience, knowledge, and kindness throughout the two months of treatment encouraged me to work hard and the pain started slipping away. I am now back to using the Nordic Trak, walking several miles a day, and hiking. But I will continue the exercises and be prudent about avoiding certain activities for the time being.

    I am very grateful that you employ such talented and caring persons at Therapeutic Associates Inc. I will recommend TAI to my family and friends without reservation.

    With Much Gratitude,

  3. Hi Jeff, I am writing to thank you.

    Several years ago I came to you for treatment of knee and back problems. I was a reluctant if not a resistant patient. At the time, I weighed about 300 lbs and could do only a partial squat while hanging on to the counter. But you were accepting and non-judgmental. Somehow you helped me to believe I could be helped and exercise would help me. It is now some 8 – 9 years later. Thanks to you, and other health care professionals along the way, I have lost 160 lbs and become active and healthy. I exercise faithfully three times a week at a strength training and balance class. I recently changed to a more strenuous class where we do squats, lunges, kicks and work with weights and exercise balls; all without holding on to any supports. When that class ends I continue the workout on the treadmill hill program.

    I am living in Pennsylvania now and recently finished some physical therapy for headaches. That experience brought back memories of the care I received from you. I am writing this to you because I want you to know you helped change my life. If you are ever discouraged, know that at least one disinclined, perhaps oppositional, severely overweight patient listened and followed your directions. There is a happy, healthy senior citizen in Pennsylvania who owes you a debt of gratitude. Thank you

    Pat Shepherd

  4. I’ve seen Jeff and crew for many years for everything from a neck ache to shin splints. My doctor has seen the great results and became a patient himself. PT has changed my life for the better. I seriously injured my foot and it took almost a year to heal. Then I reinjured it. This time I went for PT right away. I was completely healed in 3 months!! They work miracles.

  5. I have a lengthy history of atypical shoulder problems that I had nearly given up hope of seeing resolved. Then I was referred by a PT friend to Valley Physical Therapy South and began treatment with Jeff Blanchard. I am so glad that I didn’t give up! I have more functionality and less pain than I’ve had in nearly four years. At some point each day I find myself comfortably performing movements that used to be painful, and I am again reminded of how far I’ve come and feel grateful for the treatment I received at this office.

    In addition to great care, I also consistently experienced excellent customer service at a level that is uncommon in medical care these days. Jeff and the rest of the staff conveyed a genuine concern and commitment to helping me. I am very thankful and would highly recommend Valley PT South without reservation to anyone who may be in need of physical therapy.
    -Natalie P

  6. The first day I walked into the office was difficult. “Walking” was the hard part, every step I felt pain. Then I met Scott Tisler PT,DPT, nice young man, polite & very knowledgeable. He had a intern following him who seemed eager to learn and together over a few months they helped me get back on my feet. Pain free.
    Scott is a great Physical Therapist, understanding, compassionate, and gives you just the amount of encouragement needed to push through towards recovery.

    Two thumbs up to Scott Tisler and kudos to all the staff at Valley Physical Therapy.

    Recovery is “Awesome”
    -Kim S

  7. The entire staff is excellent and shows true compassion and caring. Jeff Blanchard and Josiah Faville provided the best PT I have ever received.

  8. This is the best I’ve felt in 10+ years! You guys made a huge difference in my life! Kudos to a great staff.

  9. I really liked the individual attention my son received every visit. His physical therapist, Josiah, really knew him and that made my son just want to work harder. I’ve talked to friends who’ve had physical therapy recently and their experiences were not like ours. At the site they went to, a physical therapist had 2-3 clients going at a time! My friend said she didn’t feel like the therapist really was focusing on her. Only on how many clients the facility could go through in an hour! I have recommended Therapeutic Associates to anyone I can because it truly was the best experience we could’ve asked for. 🙂

  10. Hi Guys,

    Thank you so much for all of your help. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the treatment, advice, and support you have provided, especially in the past year.
    As you know, a year ago things weren’t looking so great. Many people thought I would have to give up running. I wanted to continue to run and you guys helped me do that.
    As of today, I have accomplished my two major goals for 2012. The first was to comfortably complete the Portland Half-marathon (the PR was a bonus). That was a huge one. The second was to do an event each month, which I accomplished today at the Holiday Half. This year I have completed 15 events, including six half-marathons.
    Even so, the road to recovery has not been an expressway, and you were still with me through the setbacks. I injured my other hamstring during a bootcamp session (you know, cross-training to avoid injuries!). Two weeks later, I injured my “good” Achilles at the Corvallis Half-marathon. You helped me continue to train through treatment for these injuries. While it wasn’t fun to have to cut back, I didn’t have to go back to ground zero.
    While it’s not running-related, I should also mention that I am now able to sit through meetings much more easily. Before treatment, I couldn’t sit very long without being in pain. I had to stand up frequently. I had to try to sit where I would minimize distraction from constantly needing to stand, which didn’t always work. I can now remain seated through almost all of my meetings. Sometimes if a chair is uncomfortable I need to stand, but it doesn’t happen often.
    You have helped make 2012 a great year. What you do is very important and very appreciated.
    I hope to never need to see you again! (meant in the best possible way!) I hope all of our future interactions are only for good things, but it’s nice to know you are there.


  11. Turning 40 was a bit like a kick in the behind! Gradually I found myself less able to exercise and do my regular activities without experiencing pain. I began seeing Josiah to help me get past some pain that was keeping me from running. He accessed where my weaknesses were and we set out to strengthen them. The exercises I was given were very specific to my needs and they made a big difference! I am now returning to running! I am also returning to Josiah to systematically go through my other complaint areas. I have been working through wrist pain that seemed to flare when I lifted weights and back/neck pain that has been a reoccurring issue for me. With each of these issues, Josiah has patiently instructed me on strengthening exercises, management techniques and how to avoid re-injury. I may not have a choice about getting older, but I do have a choice in how to handle the problems that may arise with age. I’m thankful to Josiah for helping me and teaching me so I can get & stay active and be pain-free again!

  12. After a few months as a “new” masters swimmer, I developed increasingly severe shoulder pain. I needed to get better, but didn’t want to quit swimming. Josiah was fantastic in not only helping me rehabilitate, but encouraging me to swim without re-injury. My previous experiences with physical therapy were so different than I received with Josiah. Not only did he not hurt me during therapy, but after each session I could feel the improvement. Thank you Josiah for helping this old, new athlete remain active and in the water.
    -Michael K