Patient Stories

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  1. With sincerest thanks to all of the staff at Grants Pass Physical Therapy;
    Just to let you know that your care, knowledge and concern for my well being was not overlooked.
    From my pre-surgical visits to the rigorous post-op schedule…all appointments indeed, made my recovery expedient and pleasing to my surgeon and of course, myself.
    If one has not had the medical necessity to obtain physical therapy, keep in mind if you should need this service, pay attention to the therapists.
    Not only are they organized in their work plan for you, but they actually ask you what you can do, what are your limits, and goals. Of course it is not all powder puffed, you DO have to WORK and push hard, and if you continue with your exercise program at home, then all the better.
    So, again, thanks Pat, Chad and all of you,

  2. I thought that my shoulder would never allow me to resume my active lifestyle. I discovered that my therapy had not progressed after many months,as it should have with another Therapeutic Company. When the doctor told me that it may need to have a second surgery if another session of therapy did not work, I requested that I be sent to Grants Pass Physical Therapy. Thanks to the physical therapy that I received from TAI, I am able to not only hike and play as hard as ever, but I was able to avoid any additional surgery to unfreeze my shoulder. I am able to perform all of the many chores around the house, loading and hauling firewood, moving the creek rocks and repairing water lines, and working on any projects that may arise. I am now painfree and loving life, however I will not be participating in any more arm wrestling in my future, let’s just call it a lesson learned. I am forever grateful Marian, thank you.
    -Wanda P