Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. I have been to Steve and Drew on multiple times in the last few years. My problems have been from back surgery to having both knees total replacements. I could never ask for better care. They treat me like family. They are vary good at knowing about different persons problems and how to treat them. I would tell everyone to go to them. You will get the best care anywhere.

  2. My name is Jim Stanphill. I’m 56 years old; I still love being active outside, working out and playing sports but after I ruptured my patella tendon this part my life seemed doubtful.
    I started physical therapy at Central therapy about two weeks after surgery, with a lot of stereotypes in my mind. I believed it would involve a lot of pain and mental beat downs, after all, that was my experience with in sports. Yet, all the staff were encouraging, caring and very helpful. They really care and do the work with a smile. I always left my sessions feeling empowered and encouraged.
    Dr. Nikki was very knowledgeable and innovative with her approach. She used therapeutic devices I never knew existed. She taught me that I didn’t need to kill myself to make progress and other things I thought I knew but didn’t regarding PT training.
    When I started two weeks post surgery, I had no range of motion In my knee or strength in leg to raise or lower leg; but now I have 110 degrees in my knee. I can use any piece cardio equipment in the gym, including the bike. I still have additional goals in my healing progress but I will continue to follow the guidelines set out for me by Dr. Nikki and am confident I will achieve them. No doubt, God blessed me through their care.
    Thanks again Central Therapy, keep up the food work!
    God bless you!