Patient Stories

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  1. I’m pain free! I even rode my horses today without pain! Six weeks ago I was in severe pain and my wife was putting my shoes and socks on my feet for me because I couldn’t do it myself. I couldn’t bend over, sit, walk, or sleep without horrible pain!

  2. My doctor wanted to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon. Since I had physical therapy a number of years ago with good results I wanted to try physical therapy. When I was referred to Therapeutic Associates I had limited range of motion in my left leg with constant pain of 6 to 8, and frequent pain spikes when walking of 10+, which would make my leg buckle. I could not walk without fear of falling. With treatment physical therapy treatment, I am now pain free, no pain spikes, my range of motion has increased tremendously, and I can walk without fear of falling. I am extremely pleased with my results. Thank you!

  3. I was sent to Sutherlin Physical Therapy for rehab on my back surgery. As usual, my back was stiff and sore from the surgery, so they started me off with minor stretching and walking exercises. My balance was difficult to achieve, because I had been favoring my left leg for so long. My physical therapist had me concentrate on using normal walking patterns for short periods of time. After a few sessions, my back soreness was going away and my strength was returning. As I continued to increase my walking and step exercises, the pain in my left hip seemed to increase, as well. I explained the situation and after watching me attempt to walk in a straight, normal fashion, my physical therapist felt that here was more to the injury than previously diagnosed. He suggested that we stop rehab until my hip was x-ray’ed.

    I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon and after looking at my x-ray and giving a motion test, he determined that my hip was trashed. There was absolutely no hip cartilage left and it was bone on bone. I now have a date planned for hip replacement. I appreciate that my PT understood that there were multiple structural issues going on in the same area and stopped his treatment. After my surgery, I will return to Sutherlin Physical Therapy to have Mark assist me in my rehab. We are fortunate to have a Therapist of this caliber in our small town.


    Mark Dwight
    Winchester, Oregon

  4. Started treatment with 8 out of 10 pain each day. Ended with 1 out of 10 pain or no pain in shoulder. I learned how to take care of my shoulder and continue to improve range of motion.

    – Barry H.

  5. Very professional. Taught me exercises to better my symptoms and to avoid surgery. Would refer to anyone needing physical therapy.

    – Sheila R.