Patient Stories

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  1. This is my 3rd go around with this clinic. First a right knee total replacement, then the left knee replacement and I just graduated from PT on my shoulder from a torn rotator cuff surgery. These people are amazing! Wyatt, Dan, and Cameron were great to work with. They were caring and paid very close attention to my recovery. I’ve referred about 6 people already and will continue to refer them. Thank so much to the whole team for what you’ve done for me.

  2. I just recently finished my third round of PT at Therapeutic Associates in Bothell…2016 (back), 2018 (ankle) and 2020 (back…again)! I can say that each of my experiences at this location have been amazing! Injuring myself in the middle of a pandemic this spring was probably not one of my finest moments, but I was thankful that Wyatt and his team remained open and available for in person therapy. Each visit consisted of a temperature check upon arrival…eventually progressing to wearing a mask at times when I was not the only one in the gym, and I always felt safe during my weekly appointments. I enjoyed socializing each week with other people outside of my quarantine household! Wyatt, Cameron and Daniel pushed me as I needed, and my recovery plan was a collaborative effort to get me back to where I was pre-injury. Wyatt and his team conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner, along with being friendly and down to Earth. Thank you to the entire team for all your hard work, support and encouragement during my treatment plan! I will miss our weekly chats and planking challenge!!

  3. After weeks of successful physical therapy at Therapeutic Associates following a total knee replacement, I subsequently ruptured my Quadricep tendon in the same knee. To be honest, after the second surgery I wasn’t sure that I would be able to perform physical activities at any level approaching normal again.
    Returning to Therapeutic Associates weeks after the tendon rupture Wyatt and his team of therapists gave me the confidence, protocol and a path forward that promised success if I followed their directions and did the work. Every time I arrived for my appointment, they had a schedule, exercises and therapy for that day that pushed me hard enough to show progress without pushing too hard. Never did I feel as if I wasn’t the most important patient there and that their focus was solely on me and my recovery.
    After months of intense therapy the recovery is complete. While the surgery itself was quite successful, returning to normal activities (hiking, biking, jogging and mountain climbing) can only be attributed to Wyatt and his team. I’m grateful for their work, support and encouragement that made the full recovery possible!

  4. I was extremely active before experiencing a car accident this past August and injuring my back. My interests include boating, swimming, weight lifting, snowboarding, jogging, hiking, camping, biking and so on. As a result of the accident, I could no longer participate in any physical activity for a prolonged period of time without experiencing pain and fatigue. When I came to Therapeutic Associates PT in Bothell, the staff assured me that I would be up and running in no time. Having just concluded my therapy, I can say that my experience at this location was nothing short of amazing! Each staff member conducted themselves in an extremely professional manner, along with being friendly and relatable. Most importantly, they know their stuff when it comes to physical therapy! A detailed recovery plan was developed with me at the beginning. Anytime I had questions about the exercises that we were doing, they were able to explain how it would help me with my recovery in specific terms. I would like to conclude this review by saying THANK YOU to everyone who helped me during this difficult time in my life! I enjoyed coming here each week and I am satisfied with the results.

  5. I really enjoyed my experience here! I felt that I was always supported and the specialists really cared about my well-being. I loved the overwhelming positive atmosphere and almost felt like I was part of the family! I saw a lot of improvement as I was given focused and accurate exercises for my condition. I am glad I chose to come here for PT and will definitely take you suggestions and expertise with me.

  6. “When I first came in post-surgery, I was emotional and worried that I would not return to my normal self, in relation to my foot. Ahmed put my mind at ease and assured me that if I put in the work I would see the results. i followed my daily/weekly exercise routines and saw results quickly. I am very satisfied with every aspect of my experience at CPPT. Thanks for helping me get full use of my foot back.”

  7. I feel stronger than ever! Thank you for my custom made program, made for me. I learned a lot about myself, and how i can get better with my day to day work out routine. I highly recommend you to all new clients. Thank you, you made my life easier.

  8. You all are fantastic. I actually look forward to coming because of how great the atmosphere and culture is here. Wyatt is a great PT and clinic director. The staff is amazing as well. I have been coming for yours because I continue to injure myself. I am sure I will be back after my next injury.

  9. Everyone was very professional, kind, considerate and engaged on helping me. They were friendly which helped to the hard exercises and keep going. I will always choose Therapeutic Associates for physical therapy and give my highest recommendation.

    -Discharged Patient

  10. Great! All physical therapists, exercise specialists, aides, etc. were wonderful. I really appreciated that they really took time to find out exactly what I needed to get better- how tightness in various joints and muscles were contributing and could be improved, and that they didn’t just blindly give me a list of one size fits all exercises like some other PT places I’ve been to did

  11. Wyatt and his team at Therapeutic Associates Canyon Park Physical Therapy are extraordinarily kind and helpful. They have made all the difference in me recovering stronger than I expected when I arrived.
    I dislocated my knee while fishing, and had to hike out about a mile to get help. That resulted in a tough injury to recover from. Wyatt gave me a thorough exam on day 1, and explained my situation in terms I understood. That helped a lot. From there Wyatt has helped me get stronger methodically, week by week, and has been amazing about answering every question or concern I have had.
    I am confident this is the best team in town to help people heal stronger from injury, and to gain skills about key exercises and healthy practices to maintain after therapy.
    Thank you Therapeutic Associates Canyon Park Physical Therapy for your hard work and dedication!

  12. As a weekend warrior, I have had many opportunities to visit, from my knees, to my wrist and a few places in between. I’ve worked with Chris, Wyatt, Kevin, Ahmed, Alex and Ashley – regardless which PT I have seen I’ve always had the most rewarding experience. They are all knowledgeable, encouraging, and welcoming. They not only have helped me get back to the game quickly but they have all taught me ways to prevent becoming injured to begin with. They understand my mindset, and they know when to push me and thankfully when to hold me back.
    While no one likes being sidelined with injuries if you find yourself in that situation, I highly recommend you visit any of the wonderful Therapists at Therapeutic Associates in Canyon Park.

  13. From my first Pre-Op PT visit before I had my Right Knee Total Replacement surgery, I was confident that I had made the correct decision in choosing Wyatt Robinson at Therapeutic Associates Canyon Park Physical Therapy to help insure that I make a full recovery. Wyatt set up a plan to help me enter my surgery with the best possible potential to have a full and quick recovery.
    Wyatt was always available to answer questions and concern I had. The team approach that they use far exceeded my expectation and was a key factor in my recovery. Every team member’s knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism provided me with my best opportunity for success both mentally and physically on the long road of rehab.
    If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, live in or near Bothell and would like to make a full recovery I would like to suggest you go Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy. I did and it was the best decision I made after having a total knee replacement last July.

  14. I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and a couple of meniscus tears in my right knee. The best thing I did was to see Wyatt Robinson at Canyon Park TA. Due to fluid retention, inflammation, great pain and weakness, my range of motion was limited to around 100 degrees. Knee surgery was my very last option, so I decided to see a physical therapist.
    Wyatt’s knowledgeable intervention and his skillful therapy not only helped my knee, but also helped my lower extremities to become even stronger than ever. His supportive and fun team members made me feel very welcome at Therapeutic Associates. I looked forward to my appointments to see Wyatt and his friendly team members, and to spend time together during my PT session. Within a few weeks of therapy, my swelling and pain were reduced greatly. By about a month, my ROM reached normal or even above the normal range. With Wyatt’s knowledgeable intervention, my exercise regimen has become safer and more focused on my weakness in order to build balance. I am able to do all of my activities again without pain or trouble. I got my life back! Thank you Wyatt and Canyon Park Physical Therapy staff members!!!
    Masumi RN

  15. I came to TA with such a painful knee! Three long days at Disneyland didn’t help matters! At first I was hesitant about PT just because I didn’t think they could help solve my problem. The orthopedic doc, after imaging studies were complete, told me it wasn’t the muscles, ligaments, tendons or meniscus around the knee. A steroid shot helped for a very short time, but then my knee was worse. Desperately I came seeking help. In a matter of a few appointments Ahmed performed a miracle! The swelling was gone and I could bend my knee, climb stairs and exist without pain. I truly enjoyed our sessions. I appreciate his expertise and his great manner. He’s outstanding! I also enjoyed working with Alex, PT aide! My treatment plan will be ending even earlier than expected. I’ll never be an athlete, but now I can live my life and do long 12 hour shifts working at a hospital. Thank you to everyone!

  16. Dear Sarah
    I am coming up on the two year anniversay of my Uber Klutzy fall and damage to my left elbow and shoulder. Since moving to Colorado I have built upon your excellent treatment by becoming involved in a local fitness program. As you may recall I am older than dirt so there is little chance that I will be in competition with Arnold. However, by working with the exercises that you had me doing and some mild weight training, I now have a very good range of motion together with pretty good strength and control.
    Thanks for my arm.
    Tom Buchmeier

  17. I spent 3 weeks in Peru, including a 4 day hike on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, a challenging and rewarding trek.
    This is me at the highest point; the pass of Dead Woman Pass, 12,300 feet.
    -Wendy M

  18. I have a lower back problem which when aggravated makes it hard for me to walk and do anything active. At Canyon Park PT Chris and his assistant Kevin helped me get back on track doing some of the things I love to do. While going through therapy I found out about the Core Training Classes, which resulted in me signing my wife and I up for them. We are on our third week and really enjoy them. Thank You Guys!
    -Mike A

  19. As a result of a fall, my elbow and shoulder required extensive surgical repair and lots of hardware. After the surgery I was surprised to find that my arm atrophied and became almost useless within a couple of weeks. Fortunately my surgeon sent me to physical therapy. At Canyon Park PT, Physical Therapist Sarah Macomber and her assistants Kevin and Rose worked me hard and effectively for four months and the result was a nearly complete recovery. To say that physical therapy got my arm back is not an exageration.
    -Tom B