Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. I had my left knee replaced in 2016 and have had to have it manipulated three times since the initial operation. After my recent manipulation I was referred to Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy/Fairwood for my follow up PT. The care I received at this facility was far superior to anything I had received in the past. I received individual attention and encouragement and I have experienced better results than I could have hoped for. I especially want to thank my personal therapist Andy and his co-workers Corina and Ryan. You guys are the best! I have graduated from the program and I will miss you.

  2. I want to take a few minutes of your time to tell everyone about my positive experience with the Fairwood TAI team, and especially Nichole. I was referred to her for treatment on a lump on my plantar fasciitis. Some injury must have caused the lump mid-arch, and it hurt mostly in the evenings. This and loosening up my “rock hard” calf muscles when running over a mile, was my immediate goal. My longer term goal was to challenge my 25-29 year old children into finishing the Eugene OR half marathon with me. I had three months of time to be ready. Nichole treated me with ASTYM treatments on my foot and calf. She also evaluated the biomechanics of my running style to determine what was going wrong. She developed a three month treatment plan, and helped me relearn how to distance run. I met my challenge goal of finishing ahead of my children, and even beat my PR time by 15 minutes! Not bad for a 60th birthday present and weekend. Best to Nichole and her team!

  3. Physical therapist Ruthe Graham, massage therapist Brittney Christophe, and staff (Jonika, Lisa, Dane, and Ale) at Fairwood Physical Therapy are great – professional, competent, caring, helpful, supportive, and very friendly. My expectations were exceeded many times. There energy is positive and fun.

  4. My experience with Nicole Smyth Macaluso and her staff at Therapeutic Associates Fairwood Physical Therapy has been nothing short of amazing! After a significant dislocation and break of my left ankle, my othropedic surgeon recommended Therapeutic Associates as a place in which to begin my physical therapy. I chose the Fairwood location as it was in close proximity to my home. What a wonderful choice it was for me!
    Nicole along with Brittney and Lisa, made certain that my visits (and I had many) were productive and pleasurable. Throughout my appointments, Nicole explained in detail the purpose of my exercises and what I should gain through this therapy in terms of flexibility,strength and balance She consistently reviewed my home program as well, making the needed changeds to ensure my further progress.
    When I began my therapy, I seriously questioned just how I would ever walk without a struggle again. I am happy to say that I am continuing to make progress both through physical therapy and home exercises. For this reason, I am eternally grateful to Nicole for her expertise and attention in making this on-going recovery possible.
    If you are considering therapy, I strongly urge you to give Therapeutic Associates Fairwood Physical Therapy a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed in the staff and their care. Thank you!
    -Nancy I