Patient Stories

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  1. I just want to thank Ryne and the entire staff at Juanita Physical Therapy. Everyone there is great, and they work to meet your goals and expectations. The progress made to my shoulder far exceeded my expectations, as well as my surgeon’s expectations during our latest follow-up. Thanks so much helping me get back to working order ahead of my surgeons schedule!!!
    -Kevin W

  2. Everyone here is so great, truly! You all were so welcoming and made me feel comfortable immediately. I’d never done physical therapy before so I didn’t know what to expect and in the end it helped me tremendously! I had major lung surgery in July and spent a month in hospital. I had a lot of fear about my own body whether I could move again without it failing me. Thank you Ben for listening to all my fears and concerns and making me feel safe again in my own body. I’m walking my dog and socializing a ton more. No more hiding in bed in fear. Thank you, thank you!!
    -Mary S

  3. I had a wonderful time working with Ben and Ruth. I didn’t know how much p.t could help if you do what’s suggested. I have gained a lot of knowledge and new skills to enhance my back health from now on. They have a excellent team at Jaunita Physical Therapy and I would recommened them anyday. Ben is a awesome person and made me feel welcomed. Thanks Ben and Ruth!!!!
    -David G

  4. I had a fantastic experience with Ben Kingan. I feel better than I’ve felt in years, he showed me that my posture is a big part of my problem and showed me ways to help correct my posture, along with some exercises i could do at home. I thoroughly recommend Ben Kingan to anyone who needs physical therepy. I also recommend the neck pillow and the foam roller, both of which have changed my comfort level immensely. Thanks Ben, you rock!
    -Kaitlyn S

  5. Had a really GREAT experience with Ben Kingan, my therapist. My health is back to where I was before I had to seek treatment. Thank you Ben! 🙂
    -Marcelina O