Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. I was a gymnast for over 13 years which came with many injuries. My career ended August 2018 when I tore my ACL. It was a rough injury to deal with, but with the support and help of Kevin and the team I am on my way to being 100% healed. Back to working out and feeling like myself.

  2. I really enjoyed working with all the staff at T.A. I was given clear boundaries on what I could safety do as my injury was healing. I was able to ask my questions during my rehab and I received helpful information. I enjoyed the exercise app that helped me remember to do my exercises at home.

  3. I put off going to PT for years…why!? After a few weeks of PT I was already feeling a huge relief from pain. Kevin and his team were great, took the time to listen to my concerns and made sure I was always on the right track to improve. So glad I saw the light and came to PT! Thank you!

  4. Following a rear end car collision, I suffered whiplash and soft tissue strain. I was referred by our physician to Kevin at North Creek Physical Therapy. I found Kevin to be professional, personable, and knowledgeable. He quickly assessed my condition and assigned at-home exercises to preform between sessions, as well as completing the therapy needed in office visits. Thanks so much Kevin for your expertise and care. I will not hesitate to return if needed for any future physical therapy needs.

  5. I arrived at Therapeutic Associates with severe pain from over-straining my hip flexor muscle. I had been dealing with my issue for two months before seeing Kevin for my issue. Within 14 visits, I have fully recovered and am back to running again. I am so thankful to have found the team at Therapeutic Associates. The entire staff are so amazing, friendly, kind, and courteous. Special thanks to Sammy for setting up my appointments and assisting in my recovery, shout out to Chloe for her support, and hats off to the best PT in the business! You guys are so great, thank you so very much.

  6. Needing physical therapy with a busy work and family schedule can be a challenge. Kevin, Sam and Chloe were there to find times that work well for me. Their flexibility helped me improve mine.

    Greeted with smiles, patience and clear manageable treatment made pain relief painless for me. Kevin is not only caring and considerate, he is most of all knowledgeable as a provider. I would welcome injury again if my rehab was back at Therapeutic Associates in North Creek. They are awesome.

  7. I came here for my right knee replacement recovery after surgery. I had really good service, worked out really hard, and am 85-90% normal. I’m excited to start running and doing more sports and activities. I had really good service from Kevin, Chloe, and Sammy. I will recommend this clinic, it’s one of the best!

  8. I aggregated an old back injury while building a walkway and could barley move. I found Kevin on the Therapeutic Associates website and I was very happy as I had worked with him before at another facility. As expected, Kevin with his associates have gotten me back on my feet in a short time. I would definitely recommend Kevin, Sammy, and Chloe for all your physical rehabilitation needs. I won’t go anywhere else!

  9. I had a left hip replacement in March. Have come to physical therapy for 24 visits. Before therapy I could not walk up stairs with my left leg. I can now go upstairs like a normal person, and walk. Kevin and his staff are great and really listen to your needs and adapt the work outs for personal issues and limitations. The online app is great too!

  10. I tore my ACL completely on December 19th, 2016. I had surgery January 10th and came to Kevin after because my brother recommended him. He is so nice and welcoming. I was scared and confused and he helped guide me to recovery and was great with answering questions. I also met Chloe and Mary who are PT aides. They’re both so sweet and talkative. They all make PT fun. They let me choose my music and I became a part of their PT family. I’m super sad to leave, but so grateful and happy I chose them to help me with my recovery. I can’t wait to ski again. Thanks Kevin, Mary and Chloe.

  11. I come to North Creek Physical Therapy due to being involved in a motor vehicle accident. I suffered neck, shoulder and lower back injuries. I started feeling a difference after my first session. The exercises they had me do were very helpful. I even find myself using them all the time, especially when I am at work. The thing I loved the most about North Creek Physical Therapy was Kevin and Sammy were very professional and at the same time very nice and caring. They catered to your every need. I will recommend any of my family members and friends to go to North Creek Physical Therapy for their physical therapy needs.

  12. I came in with a knee injury from running that I’d been dealing with on my own for too long. Kevin taught me exercises and “tips and tricks” for doing at home. My flexibility is MUCH greater and my knee MUCH more functional! He individualized his treatment plan to my lifestyle issues after getting to know me. He and his staff create a very positive and inspiring environment – thank you so much!