Patient Stories

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  1. I highly recommend the estimable skills of Physical Therapist Devin Langaker at Therapeutic Associates North Lake PT. I’ve just finished 3 rounds of therapy (over 14 months), first to strengthen my knees for Total Knee Replacement surgery, then to rehabilitate first the right , then the left. Devin went beyond “bending and flexion” to stretch and open my hip flexors. Big change. He assessed my walk and gave me corrective instruction to change my gait and improve my posture. He looks at the whole body functioning and spots the changes of habit that will have lifelong effects. Devin encouraged me to push past my comfort level to make more progress. I did not get a pass for being a 75-year-old woman! I’ve had a lot of PT and this was the best I’ve ever had! Thank you, North Lake PT, for being well-run, organized and only hiring great people. But mostly, thank you to Devin Langaker for his skill and discipline and for getting married last year so I could hear all about the wedding prep!

    – Carole Crew, Haller Lake, Seattle, WA

  2. Dear Bart and all staff,

    Thank you very much for your good attention to me, your kindness and good work. Now I feel better.

    Sincerely, truly, your patient,
    – R.L.

  3. Dear Chuck:

    Thank you for the expert and caring treatment you and your wonderful staff provided me before and after my recent Total Hip Replacement. In only six months, I am doing things I haven’t been able to do in years.

    Throughout the entire process, I felt you were a key member of a team dedicated to helping me regain maximum function with minimum discomfort. Rather than keeping me on an artificial timetable, your experience and thoughtful approach evaluated me at each appointment, and worked from there. I was slower to recover in some ways, faster in others.

    It meant a great deal to me that you asked what I wanted to be able to do. When I said I wanted to ride horses and garden, you developed specific exercises to help me accomplish those activities. You knew what muscle groups had been compensating for my hip and coaxed them to relax or work, to support me in all my activities. Practicing the exercises with you gave me confidence to continue them at home and to be aware of how I should move, both to maintain flexibility and to gain strength.

    I have been a patient of yours now through one injury or another, for well more than a decade. Its well worth it to me to drive to your office, even though its often not convenient. I know that during my appointments you will be completely present and focused on what it will take to get me moving again. And that you have a deep, broad toolkit: ultrasound, ASTYM, heat, cold, manual manipulations –gained through decades of education and experience.

    Six months ago today I got a new hip. I have completely normal gait and get stronger every day. While it’s true that I have had to do the work, you taught me the skills to accomplish the task. Please feel free to have potential patients contact me. I’m happy to talk with them about the caliber of your work.


    Diana Kramer