Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. For a couple of decades I have had BPPV (benign paroximal positional vertigo) and found no relief. But Tiffany Jenson has been trained in the Epley Maneuver and has worked with me for several years now. She is an outstanding physical therapist, and according to my ENT doctor, she is one of the best in the city. In addition, I have back problems and Tiffany has helped me with various procedures for that condition. Even my husband has been helped with his back problems. In addition, the staff at Therapeutic Associates Downtown are helpful, competent, and extremely friendly. This is one of the best medical facilities I have ever been in. There is no place better for physical therapy. In every category, it excels. This place has my enthusiastic and heartfelt recommendation. I would never go anywhere else.

  2. The P.T.’s and staff are not only professional, knowledgable, and concerned, but are also fun, friendly, attentive and accommodating. I am satisfied with my therapy treatment. I have been a patient at both facilities and I highly recommend Advantage P.T. to anyone who asks!

    Diana R.

  3. What an outstanding facility. They know how to take great care of you. My exercises were explained to me and I was monitored on all my progress. I would love to use them on a daily basis – forever.


  4. I have worked with several of the therapists at Advantage P.T. and they all ROCK! As an active and athletic individual, I especially appreciate the fact that they can help me heal my injury without radically changing my active lifestyle. Plus they make me laugh!

    Carol B.

  5. Advantage P.T. has made such a difference in my life. I have 100% recovery after shoulder surgery because of the excellent care provided.

    Karen O.

  6. A comprehensive history was taken, listening and questioning before beginning treatment. Expressing care and often explaining reasons for pain or discomfort. I especially appreciated the explanations devoid of jargon. Over the course of eight visits I have gradually realized greater flexibility and relief from pain.

    H. F.

  7. Healing involves a positive environment and Advantage Physical Therapy is a place of true healing. I was greeted by a professional and compassionate staff that created an atmosphere of competence and caring. I was treated with the utmost respect and concern, was promptly seen and time was given to address my questions. I went in with a shoulder problem and thanks to the quality therapy I received I am able to resume my physical activities. Advantage Physical Therapy is a wonderful facility.

    Ginny L.