Frequently Asked Questions

Please arrive 20 minutes prior to your initial visit in order to complete the appropriate paperwork. Forms can be downloaded on this site to save time. Our office staff will be able to review your rehabilitation benefits quoted from your insurance provider. You will then be evaluated by a physical therapist to assess your impairments and current function. Based on this evaluation your treatment plan will then be discussed with you and you will also usually be started on a home exercise program. The initial treatment usually lasts 45 minutes.

Please bring your prescription from your physician and your insurance card. We can provide a gown or shorts, but you may bring your own appropriate clothing if you desire.

Every effort is made to allow you to keep the same therapist through your rehabilitation. You may occasionally have some ancillary staff assist in your treatment. Your physician will be sent a copy of your initial evaluation, and progress notes will be periodically sent to your doctor to update him / her on your progress towards your stated goals.

Therapeutic Associates Advantage Physical Therapy accepts most insurance; however you are responsible to know your insurance benefits, since this can vary depending on the plan.