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  1. I was referred to Bill Olson for my foot pain. I love that his approach is the whole body and not just the area that is hurting now. Taking the “all things are connected” approach was the best for my issues. I now have a better understanding about the human body and what we need to do to make it work as was intended.

  2. The physical therapy care I received at Therapeutic Associates from Bill Olson and his colleagues is the best I’ve ever experienced. For two years, I had pain in the sides of my legs and lower back. After trying medicines, other physical therapy, and rest with little improvement, I thought I might have to live with the pain for the rest of my life and never be able to rid myself of the problems.
    It was a happy accident that I found Therapeutic Associates. After about six visits and assiduously following the plans for improvement laid out for me, I am nearly pain free. In addition, I regained physical strength so that skiing again is total pleasure. I also got a psychological boost, relief and joy, from resolving the problems. I am very grateful to Bill and his staff.

  3. When my Emergency Room Doctor sent me to Bill Olson I had to use my left hand to raise my right hand to be able to shake hands. I spent ten months working with Bill and came away with an estimated 90% plus range of movement in my right shoulder. Now, years later, I have what feels like to me 100% range of movement in my right shoulder. What I liked best about working with Bill was his quick mind in figuring out what needed to be done and his flexibility in continuing to problem solve as we progressed with my treatment. I’ve done range of movement exercises since I was a young boy and continue to do them today at age 75, half of those exercises come from my days as a four sport athlete at Michigan State University and the other half come from Bill. I think of Bill as a consummate professional as well as a man that I both like and respect. Looking back, my time with Bill was fun because we made it fun. His lasting advice: CJ, you have to learn the difference between “good pain” and “bad pain” because your willingness to accept pain as opposed to knowing when pain is telling you to seek help is critically important. Bill reminds me of my linebacker coach at Michigan State who told me I had to learn the difference between an “owie” and an injury. Which reminds me of an old saying: There is a fine line between courage and stupidity. The challenge is to figure out which side of that line you are on and why. If I were to need help again the first person I would call is Bill and I have recommended Bill to every person I thought he could help. Bill is a good person doing good things to help people.

  4. I came to your PTs as a last resort to my neck pain and problems. I’ve been to chiropractors for years for my issues and never got improvement. I met with Charlie the first time and he listened and figured out my source of the pain immediately! Charlie is fresh out of his residency and very educated on the latest techniques. He really listens to you and adapts his treatment. He gave me all the tools to help myself. I’ve been going for a couple months and have improved so much he said I no longer need to come. I can work and do hobbies so much easier now! What I really like about this place is they care about you not just getting you to come back week after week to fill their wallets! I recommend Charlie and this PT to everyone. They’re awesome!

  5. I had a shoulder injury from yard work that severly reduced my range of motion in my right shoulder for over a year. I decided to start therapy with Therapeutic Associates in Spokane in September 2018. I worked with Charlie and within several months I was pretty much pain free and could dress, do yard work, and resume normal activities within a couple of months. Charlie was very thorough in explaining what was going on with my body and established a progressive plan and process that gradually improved my confidence to use my shoulder to its full potential. I also had several sessions with Brooke and she was also very thorough and helpful in improving my condition.
    Also, the reception and support staff were always friendly and helpful at every visit and every time I called.
    Thanks to all the staff at Therapeutic Associates on Spokane Fall Blvd and I would recommend anyone needing physical therapy to give them a try.
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all the staff…..

    Pete Casimir

  6. I have had well over 150 PT sessions lifetime and have had extremely good therapist and the past. But Bill Olson at the Riverpoint office is the hands down most knowledgeable competent practitioner I have ever met in my life. He was able to diagnose and treat a complicated condition that even my neurosurgeon did not recognize. Chapeau to you Bill Olson, thank you for all the many many hours of hard work to get where you are to help so many.

  7. These guys are not like any other Physical Therapist I have ever experienced, and with two major work related injuries in the past 4 years I have seen several! They use techniques that are non-invasive, drug free and they understand and address the mechanics of the whole body, not just using a musclulo-skeletal strength building focus on recovery.

    When I first started my recovery journey with Dr. Bill Olson, I had been released by L&I to go back to work full time, no restrictions and no partial permanent disability even though I could not fully use my injured leg, was in constant chronic pain in my back and right leg, and was only able to stand and sit for short periods of time. My first appeal denied, I started seeking help through my doctor who wasn’t sure why I was still having all this pain, didn’t see anything “wrong” with my knee yet he wanted to give me steroids, anti-inflamnitories and painkillers, which I won’t use. He did agree that physical therapy “might” give me some relief so he gave me a list and sent me on my way. I called Therapeutic Associates Spokane because my doctor had said they have a more holistic approach. I will never go anywhere else!! Dr. Bill listened to me carefully, had me point out each area and situation that caused my pain, and was able to diagnose the injury immediately. The first treatment let me know I was in the right place. Although painful at times, they address the cause of the pain and restrictions instead of masking the symptoms. While the medical doctors, and I saw 5 different ones and one was a surgeon, had no idea what was causing my knee and leg pain and would only offer injections, pharmaceuticals or surgery as my options; Dr. Bill located the dislocation and fixed it in 2 visits. I have regained full range of motion in my knee, have little to no pain and can even do squats again and get down on my hands and knees to play with my grandkids!! We are now addressing my lower back issues and chronic headaches, passed off as age related and unrelated to the accidents with L&I and 6-8 medical doctors saying my only options once again are pills, injections, burning nerves and surgery….WHAT??

    Every treatment at Therapeutic Associates Spokane PT gets me closer to my goal of being fully functional without the pain, cane, walker, wheelchair or surgeries that doctors were predicting for my future. Thank you Bill, Morgan, Dana, Mary and Chris for your wisdom, compassion and commitment to true health and wellness. My life is significantly more productive and enjoyable and I look forward to a full recovery through your amazing approach to whole body wellness.

    – Sandy Shore

  8. Bill Olson and the staff at Therapeutic Associates have been incredible! I rolled my car over 10 years ago and have stayed very active playing sports, rock climbing, running, and hiking in addition to my very active job as a physical therapist at Sacred Heart. But I kept having very annoying flare ups of my back and neck pain that would limit me in my work and play. Bill narrowed down to the root of the issues and helped to teach me how to better manage my symptoms. I appreciate the intensity of the interventions which helped me get back to sport faster! I highly recommend Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy!
    – Jenny J

  9. In 1959, I was a U.S. navy Guard Mail Petty Officer aboard a Destroyer in the South China Sea. My job as a courier was operating covertly with the Army of the Republic of Vietnam Special Forces (ARVN) delivering documents to and from the French Military. On one mission, in a brown water river boat near Hue, we were ambushed. The motor stalled. We were told, “Over the side!”. While underwater, I was wounded in my lower back. From 1960, I lived on pain pills, settling on a cocktail of Oxycodone, Valium, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories. Every few months, I would be in a hospital emergency room with perpetual scrips for morphine. My primary doctor retired in 2016. My new Primary, Peter Glanville PA-C, wanted me off Oxycodone. He sent me to Bill Olson at Therapeutic Associates Spokane Physical Therapy. After three visits, Bill found a tear in my connective tissue where I had been wounded 50 years ago. This tear was allowing some of the soft tissue to push through the upper layers, causing my chronic back pain and referring pain into my right thigh. With his gifted hands and extraordinary knowledge of the nervous system, he plugged the herniating tissue back in. I have been pain free since and no longer take any pills for pain.

    – Glen G.

  10. I am a 68 year old woman that has undergone 5 spinal surgeries and am fused across most of my spine. I have been in and out of Physical Therapy most of my life. I was referred to TAI-Spokane PT almost two years ago. I planned on undergoing the usual Physical Therapy protocol: an evaluation and some exercises. I figured that I would go to several sessions and then move on as I have done so many times in the past.

    I did receive an evaluation, exercises, and so much more. They are manual therapists at TAI-Spokane PT, and have worked on my fascia using the FDM approach for two years. They have been able to relieve so many of my chronic pains. When I began with them I had nerve pain in my hips that ran down my legs, my lower back felt like a stiff board, I had a lot of pain in my wrist, and so much more. Many of my original problems have been eliminated or at least minimized. I am still amazed that I continue to improve in my function. Most of these are problems I had for years and I assumed I just needed to live with them.

    The therapist explains that their work is like peeling an onion. They begin with the outer layers and as I improve they are able to go on to the next deeper level, and I continue to improve.

    I ride horses, ski, garden, and practice yoga. I know that I need to keep moving. My therapist and I have set a goal to keep me as functional as possible for as long as possible. I am grateful to have stumbled on TAI-Spokane PT and this type of manual therapy. It has improved the quality of my life.

    – Linda D

  11. After years of living with chronic shoulder, back, and foot pain I had resigned myself to being unable to do many of the things in my retirement that I had always hoped to do. I couldn’t walk for any distance without pain, or lift my right arm without shooting pains through my shoulder and for over 20 years one shoulder was at least an inch lower than the other shoulder. I just assumed that all of this was just an unfortunate part of the aging process. I did not seek treatment. Then, in December of 2016 I began to experience an unexplained feeling like a severe sunburn in my midsection. I was referred for physical therapy. Bill Olson explained that areas of scarring from prior surgeries and injuries were affecting the way my body worked together and contributing to both the acute burning pain and the chronic pain. As he has given me treatments and a program of exercise I have been amazed at the tremendous relief from both the acute pain and the chronic pain I have lived with for years. I can move my arm freely, have no pain when walking, I have almost no back pain at all and my shoulders are even! If I hadn’t experienced this amazing relief I would not have thought improvement this dramatic was even possible. I highly recommend Therapeutic Associates Spokane Physical Therapy at Riverpoint.

  12. I was referred to Bill Olson by my pediatrist for recurring acheilles tendon pain. Bill was amazing, I have had some major injuries over the last 15 years and have constant pain, every trip to a doctor was the same, we really can’t find anything wrong and none of your symptoms are related!! Bill did his fabulous and complete assessment and asked me many questions? Do you have pain here, do you have this symptom, do you have this problem? I finally didn’t feel like I was crazy!!! Bill informed me that he found problems with my lower neck due to an old injury that were causing all my other symptoms and pain and that they were all related to this injury. He has been treating me for a few months now and I feel so much better. I drive 3 hours each way 2 times a week for my beloved treatments! The most important thing Bill has given me is that I should be listening to my body and that all my pain is real! Everyone at the clinic is fabulous!!!
    -Sally T

  13. I broke my ankle in the fall of 2008 and since then I’ve had 6 operations, my last one being a subtalor joint fusion, I’m only 25 years old. I’m known in the area as a “Tough Case” due to the nature of my injury for how old I am. I’ve been told many times that there’s not much more anybody can do to ease my pain and gain comfort.

    I’ve seen many doctors and physical therapists during the course of my injury and healing and while some care was satisfactory, some of it was not. What I thought was physical therapy wasn’t doing much for me, until I was referred to Bill Olson. Bill seriously changed my life. First of all he is a genuine human being with a real concern and care for his patients. I was and am very gracious that he took me as a patient in this seemingly tough case and he gave 100% to me every visit. Bill looked at the big picture, not just my messed up ankle, but my knee, hips, and lower back. All of which were having problems of their own due to the poor way I walked. This was all new to me, I would never think to work on somebody’s back when they have ankle problems, but this was just what I needed. Exercises and stretches to strengthen the rest of my body so I would be able to walk better. Bill also took time to talk with my doctors to figure out the best plan of action, something no other physical therapist had done for me before. I’m so incredibly blessed to have been referred to Bill, without him my progress would not be nearly as positive as it has been.
    The rest of the staff is also incredibly nice and accommodating. It’s so comforting to walk into physical therapy and know immediately that you’ll be greeted with kindness.
    I would recommend anybody, with any type of injury to Bill Olson.
    -Heidi H

  14. I broke my arm two years ago and went to another physical therapist. After treatment, I was able to use my arm.

    Cleverly, I broke my arm again this year in a different location. I had moved to Spokane and was lucky to find Bill. He was very thorough in his evaluation. He determined although we had to strengthen my arm, the weakness additionally stemmed from a neurological problem in my neck that prevented me strengthening my arm. His approach and continual review is miles above the other therapist who only treated the obvious injury. I feel that with Bill’s approach I will be able to not only gain strength in my arm but my entire back and be able to have much more endurance than before we started.

    I will be using my endurance to keep up with my dog when we are running dog agility events.

  15. Bill Olsen is my hero! Bill is one of the most dedicated and caring health professionals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. He is known as the one physical therapist who takes on patients that other medical professionals cannot help. I truly feel that Bill has given me my life back after years of back and neck pain, and chronic migraine headaches. For years I struggled with neck and back problems that doctor’s and other physical therapists could not resolve. I finally got to the point that I thought I was going to be in chronic pain for the rest of my life until I was referred to Bill for help. At the end of my treatment with Bill, I felt like I returned to being the person I used to be. My headaches were 100% gone, numbness and tingling sensations that I had in my arms and legs were 100% gone, and I was back to working out and functioning at a high capacity.
    Thank you Bill! I owe you a debt of gratitude for the rest of my life for the care that you provided!

  16. On two occasions over the last two years, I sought out the physical therapy expertise of Bill Olsen to treat low back, neck, and right arm pain that had not been successfully resolved in sessions with other physical therapists. Bill treated my symptoms not as isolated problems but in relationship to the broader picture. He treated the three problems holistically and provided a clear home program for me to use to work towards resolving my symptoms over time. Bill was excellent about answering questions and was not threatened when asked to explain why he was doing the treatments and manipulations that he utilized to address my pain symptoms. The treatments provided decreased my pain symptoms and enabled me to return to outdoor activities that had been limited up to that point. Bill was open to collaborating with other health care professionals involved in my care, providing input by phone or email as well as responding promptly to my calls with question and concerns. I would highly recommend Bill Olsen for those who would benefit from his areas of expertise.
    -Bridget C

  17. I came to PT reluctantly, only after a myriad of other treatments, both Western and Eastern, had failed. I had a good PT in Seattle but needed someone who would think outside the box, evaluate my asymetry and prescribe a treatment that would work. On the recommendation of a friend, I found Bill Olson. Bill is nothing short of brilliant. Unlike any other PT I had ever encountered, he does a careful diagnostic on each visit and manually fixes what he can and prescribes a thoughtful and effective home-care regimen. On most occasions, Bill’s manual work cured what ailed me in one or two visits. On other occasions, follow-up was required. Bill has restored me to health and activity, having successfully treated me for lymphedema (caused by cancer treatment), leg pains, back pain and shoulder pain. Bill is focused on the spine and all the various systems of the body which rely and contribute to good spine health. Bill diagnosed and successfully treated problems which orthopedic surgeons had not figured out. Only hyperbole could do Bill’s work justice. Bill is the finest PT I have ever encountered and his patients are incredibly lucky.
    -Jeannie G

  18. I am a 45 year old mother of two who sought treatment with Bill Olson, PT, when I dislocated my right hip during an exercise/dance class. Although my hip was the trigger event, I have had problems with my back and neck since my 20s (with severe flare ups a couple of times a year), and was left with permanent tingling in my right thigh following the birth of my two sons.

    Mr. Olson addressed and resolved all of these issues. Different from other physical therapists, chiropractors and massage therapists I had sought relief from in the past, Mr. Olson conducted a comprehensive evaluation before launching into treatment, adjustments and the dreaded at home exercises.

    He ascertained and addressed the cause of my pain and misalignment rather than automatically going to the pain site for manipulation. Mr. Olson is sophisticated in understanding how the body works as one organic system. He is heavy on hands-on manipulations which, after a couple evaluative sessions, provided me immediate relief. He was also careful not to barrage me with those at home exercises. As our treatment relationship progressed, he was mindful of removing some at home exercises and introducing replacement exercises in order to address my body’s improved health.

    Mr. Olson is a very good teacher and taught me how to locate my core abdominal muscles (which I couldn’t even identify for at least three sessions – men, you’ve never had babies before – so don’t laugh.) Part of that teaching was demonstrating to me that if I tightened a little here, stood a little like this, brought my neck in this direction, my strength improved. It seemed liked a magic trick at first but it was simply Mr. Olson using his high skill level to teach me how to hold my body so as not to reinjure.

    So Spokane, you got Bill Olson. I hope you take note of his arrival, appreciate him, go to him, get healthier, enjoy life more, and live pain free. Seattle lost our very finest.

    Respectfully Submitted by Ellen Chestnut