Patient Stories

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  1. When I first came into Therapeutic Associates I was in desperate need of help. Someone to validate my pain, and support me without medical insurance. After 8 weeks of lots of pain and discomfort (including an ER visit), I was recommended to see a PT for my back pain due to Sciatica. After only 3 visits and 1 month of strict PT exercises, I went from unable to walk effectively, sleep, or exercise to happy and healthy! Now 6 weeks out, I am back to the gym.

  2. I am so grateful for Mark McLeod for seeing me on such a short notice as well as Haylie Dods for making it happen! Therapuetic Associates is such a positive atmosphere and they are driven to help you get back to a better quality of life!

  3. Started my journey here in a lot of pain, and with the help of everyone, I am able to do most things with much less pain. The atmosphere was positive and supportive and I always looked forward to PT!

  4. This was my first physical therapy experience and it was fabulous. Everyone was friendly, professional, and helpful. I made a full recovery and am better than before the nagging injury. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs PT!

  5. I am a retired nurse who had a very sore back. I am moderately active but experienced back spasms and was basically unable to walk, stand, or play with my grandson’s without pain. I was referred here by my NP and discovered Kirsten. She was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and caring. She loves her job and it shows! Thank you for having my back! 😉

  6. I am 81 and have been to TAI/Jim two times. One after I fell and hurt my shoulder. The second time for a bad arm/shoulder pain. Both times Jim was able to relieve pain and give me exercises to do. Choose TAI as they can help problems you have. I did not mind going for my physical therapy as Jim and staff are very friendly and nice. Convenient to get to with easy parking. More than highly recommend them!

  7. I found all of the staff at Wandermere Physical Therapy to be VERY friendly and professional. My therapist, Kirsten, was very good at pacing my therapy to my abilities and keeping me on a steady progression to improvement. She also was more than willing to answer my many questions with precise and informative explanations. Overall, I would rate Wandermere TAI as an excellent resource for any physical therapy needs one might have.

  8. This was my first PT experience and it was fabulous. Everyone was friendly, professional, and helpful. I made a full recovery and am better than before the nagging injury. I would highly recommend this office to anyone who needs PT!

  9. I have been going to TAI for a right knee replacement and reverse right shoulder replacement. Mark has been my physical therapist for both surgeries: he hlped me reach my potential. My appointments were functional and the staff were friendly and professional. I would recommend their services to those who need treatment.

  10. Thank you, Kirstin, for all your help getting my neck and shoulder pain and stiffness to a manageable state. With degeneration in my neck from vertebrae 1 thru 7 it’s an ongoing battle to keep the pain down. You have given me the knowledge and exercises to keep my muscles in my neck and back strong to help support the area to control the most of the pain.

  11. I’d like to thank Kirsten for faithfully working with me to achieve an even better range of motion on my shoulder following a rotator cuff tear. The goal was achieved with diligent progressive therapy and I felt comfortable every step of the way. We avoided surgery and I’m feeling stronger every day with the at home routine she provided. Best of luck in the future! 🙂

  12. I am not feeling pain anymore in my lower back and it is more flexible when I bend. I am able to move around more efficiently. Mark was attentive to my health concerns and was very efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you!

  13. I walked into the office bent over and in pain from back surgery. Jim worked on my back and prescribed exercises, which I followed. I walked out of his office a few weeks later erect and relatively pain free. I heavily recommend Jim’s group for your PT needs.

  14. This is my second series of sessions with TAI and both experiences have been outstanding! Just completed therapy for a knee replacement and really appreciate the diligence, experience, and expertise of Jim Moore — I’ll be back when I have the other knee replacement! Thanks for all your help!

  15. Several months ago I was diagnosed with a hip injury. I was certain, in fact adamant, that it was a bulging disc in the L4/L5 region of my lower back. I was wrong and thanks to PT Jim Moore and his professional wisdom I was convinced to follow my doctor’s recommendations and pursue Physical Therapy as a means to recovery.

    Jim started mE on a light regiment of exercises to help develop my core musculature that in turn would alleviate pain in my lower back and groin area.

    Within three sessions I was able to cross my right leg over my left keen where two weeks earlier that would have been an impossibility. After about six weeks of therapy Jim had me back to walking three and a half miles per day and participating in normal household and yard chores. I would be remiss if I didn’t give thanks to Jim’s wonderful support staff. So thank you for your warm and professional approach in helping me recover my mobility.

    Sincerely, Jim Stone