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  1. Ever since my early days of growing up, I have always been an outdoor girl, enjoying all sports along with fishing, camping, hiking, etc. All that changed when health issues started facing me in my early 50’s, having 2 major pelvic surgeries back to back within 5 years of each other. It took a huge toll on my body and I ended up retiring 2 years ago from teaching and working with elementary and pre-k children for over 35 years. I had chronic fatigue, pelvic floor dysfunction, muscle/core weakness, osteoporosis, and a new diagnosis scoliosis. Along with that I was battling gluten/dairy intolerances which affect the whole body. I knew I had to take action on my health, so I joined a health program from my husband’s employer and was assigned a health coach who later referred me to a physical therapist, who specializes in Women’s Health Care Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. I began seeing Christina in the spring of 2018 at Therapeutic Associates – Hazel Dell where my pelvic muscles were so weak, along with my breathing capacity but I was determined not to quit and go forward on my journey of getting well!
    The treatment plan began, not only on my pelvic floor/core, but also my shoulder muscles and spine which will help with my scoliosis pain, weight bearing exercises and weight training to lower my osteoporosis bone density T-scores. With each visit, Christina approaches my treatment plan into a caring, supportive, individualized program, always “Cheering me on” and putting patient at No 1 priority! She has taught me so much about my body and I am stronger now and have more energy than ever before! The TLC care at Therapeutic Associates – Hazel Dell has been amazing! I highly recommend Christina for all women who suffer from pelvic floor dysfunction and muscle weakness. She will set you on the right path of healing! My journey continues but now I can enjoy my retirement dreams with my husband of outdoor adventures!