Patient Stories

Review us:
  1. Therapeutic Associates has helped me twice. They have helped with me to have better mobility and gave me exercises I can keep doing to keep me going. I appreciate their caring and dedication.

  2. Kyle really helped me understand my pain and what to do to make it better. The office staff is lovely and the PT assistants were so helpful! Thank you!

  3. I had shoulder surgery and came her for physical therapy. I worked mainly with Kyle he did an amazing job on getting my right shoulder which I use for everything back up and running I felt like he pushed me to get better but was also gentle and easy to work with. I had a great experience at therapeutic associates and now I am able to play basketball and volleyball and ride my bike with no pain!

  4. McCann had a great experience with ken call and his team. Mac broke his arm and wasn’t able to straighten or bend it all the way. He went to physical therapy where he enjoyed the staff. They made working out his arm fun. He gained good muscles mass as well as good flexibility in his joint. We really enjoyed our experience at therapeutic associates!

  5. I came to TAI to help strengthen my back which is basically a mess due to old injuries, arthritis both RA and OA, scoliosis and a few other things I can’t pronounce. After finding that pain management injections didn’t work, they helped me develop an exercise regimen that I do daily that makes movement so much easier. I have gone from not being able to stand or walk any length of time or distance to being able to stand and walk as much as I want – and I want a lot. I’m thrilled with the difference PT has made for me. I have confidence I can continue living an active life despite my age – I’m a “mature” woman. They have been patient and encouraging and I happily recommend them for the benefit they can give.

  6. I used the services of TAI to rebuild muscle strength and regain confidence after double partial knee replacements. The staff worked with me to ensure I could do exercises at home and/or on my own without complicated or expensive equipment. I appreciated Ken’s attention to “functional” therapy, i.e. working to build the muscle capability to perform the activities I actually want/need to perform in my normal life — not just a series of activities requiring the use of their equipment.

  7. I was referred to Therapeutic Associates from Tri City Orthopedics for physical therapy to strengthen my right shoulder due to a torn tendon, as a substitute for surgery. I was seen by Ken Call who discussed his recommended treatment. His evaluation recommended a series of exercises starting with red stretch bands, graduating to green bands based on increasing mobility and strength. After 6 treatments, he released me to continue on my own since mobility had increased signicantly and soreness nearly disappeared. Ken and the staff were very friendly and helpful. I will return in about 3 weeks to discuss further strengthen exercises.

  8. I am a 69 year old man who over the years has visited Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy West Kennewick for recovery of a knee replacement, a lower back injury, and shoulder surgery recovery. During the process, I have gained total confidence in all of their therapists. Through the superb leadership of Dr. Kenneth Call, I have witnessed a few therapists in training, advance to their Doctorate level. If you are in need of exceptional physical therapy, you need not look any further. I offer my compliments and highest recommendation for you to seek the services of Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy West Kennewick.

  9. I came in barely able to get out of bed and constantly taking pain relievers to deal with low mobility and intense pain in my upper back. I left able to do push ups, with my mobility back, and am no longer needing to use any pain medicine. Thanks to the amazing team at TAI!

  10. My doctor referred me to the West Kennewick Therapeutic Associates to help with foot pain. This was the third doctor who referred me for PT at Therapeutic Associates and my third time working with these Physical Therapists. On each occasion, the therapists did a great job of helping to relieve pain or to speed up recovery following surgery. I have visited a number of PTs over the years, but have never returned for a second time to any of them, so it’s saying a lot that I keep returning to the West Kennewick Therapeutic Associates. Kyle and Ken are both excellent listeners who worked to understand what I needed and then employed effective strategies to meet my needs. Their knowledge and skills are extensive, making them therapists who really made a positive difference for me. I will definitely return should I need PT in the future!

  11. I was living with shoulder pain for nearly 1 year. My family Doctor referred me to Therapeutic Associates for therapy. The staff was awesome. The Doctors of Physical Therapy were awesome. I was discharged in 8 weeks pain free. Thank you.

  12. A year ago I was unable to walk any distance without limping. The pain was not manageable. Now, after two knee replacements and a hip replacement I can walk without pain, go up and down stairs, and play on the floor with grandchildren. I am grandma 2.0! My husband and I are planning biking trips in Europe. Thank you!!

  13. I want to share my experiences with Therapeutic Associates of West Kennewick. Approximately three years ago, I thought I maybe a candidate for knee replacements. For years (presently in early 70’s) I had suffered with knee pain primarily while sitting. My orthopedic surgeon provided alternatives of either injections in the knees or physical therapy. I opted for the therapy. Within weeks I found the pain was gone.

    Immediately upon being discharged for the knee issue, I tore a hamstring while riding my bicycle on a 50 mile ride. The pain was so acute that I couldn’t put weight on the leg. In fact, trying to walk 20 feet to the Therapeutic Associates front door was a chore. I knew if I fell, I would be unable to stand. Once again within a few months I recovered from this injury and was provided exercises to strengthen the knee/leg muscles.

    Most recently I was suffering from migraine headaches. Headaches had never been a problem previously. From the time I got up to bedtime the headaches were present. I thought the problem was associated with a pinched nerve since I had difficulties turning my head to the left. After evaluation, it was determined my problem originated from my back on the opposite side of an injury of six broken ribs (from an injury of 1 1/2 years ago) while riding my motorcycle off-road in Colorado. Once again through exercise, I no longer have the headaches and can turn my head in both directions.

    Therapeutic Associates has allowed me to remain active so that I can enjoy an outspending quality of life. I am a believer in physical therapy and highly recommend Therapeutic Associates of West Kennewick! Don H

  14. Losing weight is not easy for me by any means. The more I looked at the scale the less motivated I got. But over the last 6 months I’ve lost 6 inches around my waist. Being able to run a 5K, then a 10K, the half a marathon and then a ½ ironman has kept me motivated to train. Getting accountable for my exercise is what made me able to stay training. I involved people in my goals and progress. Aaron’s training and nutrition plan, accountability and follow up kept me on track to reach my goals. As part of my training plan I worked out with my friend so I couldn’t miss my workout and my wife pushed me when I got lazy. Setting goals, getting a personalized plan, being accountable, and choosing activities I enjoy have been the keys to my success.

    – Brian

  15. Thank you Ken and team. I feel great and stronger than ever! You taught me how to exercise and regain my strength after a hospital stay and arm injury. I am so grateful. I will recommend you!
    -Debbie B