Patient Stories

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  1. I was living with shoulder pain for nearly 1 year. My family Doctor referred me to Therapeutic Associates for therapy. The staff was awesome. The Doctors of Physical Therapy were awesome. I was discharged in 8 weeks pain free. Thank you.

  2. A year ago I was unable to walk any distance without limping. The pain was not manageable. Now, after two knee replacements and a hip replacement I can walk without pain, go up and down stairs, and play on the floor with grandchildren. I am grandma 2.0! My husband and I are planning biking trips in Europe. Thank you!!

  3. I want to share my experiences with Therapeutic Associates of West Kennewick. Approximately three years ago, I thought I maybe a candidate for knee replacements. For years (presently in early 70’s) I had suffered with knee pain primarily while sitting. My orthopedic surgeon provided alternatives of either injections in the knees or physical therapy. I opted for the therapy. Within weeks I found the pain was gone.

    Immediately upon being discharged for the knee issue, I tore a hamstring while riding my bicycle on a 50 mile ride. The pain was so acute that I couldn’t put weight on the leg. In fact, trying to walk 20 feet to the Therapeutic Associates front door was a chore. I knew if I fell, I would be unable to stand. Once again within a few months I recovered from this injury and was provided exercises to strengthen the knee/leg muscles.

    Most recently I was suffering from migraine headaches. Headaches had never been a problem previously. From the time I got up to bedtime the headaches were present. I thought the problem was associated with a pinched nerve since I had difficulties turning my head to the left. After evaluation, it was determined my problem originated from my back on the opposite side of an injury of six broken ribs (from an injury of 1 1/2 years ago) while riding my motorcycle off-road in Colorado. Once again through exercise, I no longer have the headaches and can turn my head in both directions.

    Therapeutic Associates has allowed me to remain active so that I can enjoy an outspending quality of life. I am a believer in physical therapy and highly recommend Therapeutic Associates of West Kennewick! Don H

  4. Losing weight is not easy for me by any means. The more I looked at the scale the less motivated I got. But over the last 6 months I’ve lost 6 inches around my waist. Being able to run a 5K, then a 10K, the half a marathon and then a ½ ironman has kept me motivated to train. Getting accountable for my exercise is what made me able to stay training. I involved people in my goals and progress. Aaron’s training and nutrition plan, accountability and follow up kept me on track to reach my goals. As part of my training plan I worked out with my friend so I couldn’t miss my workout and my wife pushed me when I got lazy. Setting goals, getting a personalized plan, being accountable, and choosing activities I enjoy have been the keys to my success.

    – Brian

  5. Thank you Ken and team. I feel great and stronger than ever! You taught me how to exercise and regain my strength after a hospital stay and arm injury. I am so grateful. I will recommend you!
    -Debbie B