Low back pain - glutes- bethany ptWhen feeling low back pain (LBP), have you ever considered that your Glutes could be causing, or encouraging, the trouble? Most people don’t generally think of this as a possible cause, but your Glutes, if tight, can be and often are causing a nasty little pull on your back.

The Glutes are actually made up of three muscles: the Gluteus Maximus, Minimus, and Medius. All are working throughout walking and daily activities, but they are also holding hip and low back structures in ideal alignment and need to remain strong. There are simple exercises you can do at home to stretch and strengthen.

GLUTE STRETCH (seen in picture):

Start sitting at the edge of a chair or your bed with both feet on the floor.
Next, rest one ankle on your opposite knee, making the letter four with your legs (see picture).
Then lean forward while keeping your back straight. You should feel a comfortable stretch in your backside. Hold for a total of 60 seconds. You can break the time however you would like. For example, 4 sets with a 15-second hold.

An alternative to this position is simply lying on your back with both knees bent and feet flat. Bring one knee toward your chest, pulling behind your knees with your hands or a belt. Hold this for 60 seconds as well. Perform these stretches on each side.

Tune in again soon for exercises that STRENGTHEN the Glutes, as well as other great tips!