We’re excited to announce that Maria Matson PT, DPT, has completed a 200 hr alignment-based yoga teacher training program to become a Certified Yoga Instructor as of December 2017. Through this teacher training program, Maria demonstrates the ability to:

  • Teach yoga in a way that is safe and accessible to all, especially those who may have physical limitations and/or current or past injuries.
  • Incorporate yoga principles rooted in anatomy and biomechanics to patient care to augment functional outcomes.
  • Provide hands-on patient specific modifications and adjustments to accommodate the needs of patients of all abilities, both new and experienced in yoga.
  • Develop an individualized home exercise program that incorporates yoga principles to improve healing, strength, flexibility, and endurance.

If you’d like to learn more about how¬†how yoga can help complement your physical therapy treatment, please contact our clinic to speak with Maria.