Motion Lab Running Assessments

If movement matters, then the measurement of movement is imperative.

Our Motion Lab is equipped with industry leading technology and measurement equipment to assess your gait with the purpose of preventing injury and improving overall posture and function. These services are available to everyone, from the recreational runner to top athlete.

Our Running Assessment Team

David McHenry PT, DPT

Motion Lab Director
Clinic Director – Therapeutic Associates PACE
Lead Physical Therapist & Strength Coach Nike Oregon Project

Aki Yoshikawa PTA

Motion Lab Technician
Physical Therapist Assistant

Running Assessment Packages

Medical Package

If you are a runner and are dealing with an injury, or pain provoking issue while running, your insurance might cover a biomechanical running assessment and intervention program. This would start with a 1 hour evaluation from one of our running specialists. If medical necessity is determined then your next visit will be in the lab getting the full biomechanical running assessment. Following that would be 1 or more sessions with one of our running specialists to address biomechanical contributions to your injury as well as manual therapy and exercise based interventions.

3 visits minimum – may be covered by medical insurance.


Performance Package

Take your training to the next level! 

  • Day One of this package includes an hour with one of our running specialists for a full clinical evaluation of strength, flexibility, joint function, movement mechanics and tissue vulnerability followed by 1.5-2hour comprehensive biomechanical running assessment in the Motion Lab.
  • On Day Two of this package, you will meet with your running specialist in our Motion Lab viewing room for the data Interpretation and Development Program customized specifically for you from the DIERS testing results. This will include a strength and conditioning prescription to address your particular weaknesses, inflexibilities, tissue vulnerabilities and biomechanical inefficiencies.

The cost of this package is $750

Follow-up sessions with your running specialist (1 hour) – $180ea



Sample Assessment Data

4D Motion – Posture View

High Performance Lateral View with Tracers and Angular Measures

High Performance Posterior View with Tracers and Angular Measures

High Performance Pelvis Rotation and Drop Measurements

4D motion (walking test, shows a representation of spine when walking)

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